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ABJAG4One of Nigeria’s ambassadors of the Big Brother Africa fame, Uti Nwachukwu is in the news again. The handsome dude, who delved into the entertainment world after his conquest of the biggest African reality show, is currently enmeshed in a blackberry message that is seriously causing rancor amongst his fans. Global News, as a thoroughbred and investigative magazine decided to neither believe nor dispute the comment of Uti. This is because the message, according to our deep research does not look as if it supported or opposed gay men.

This is the summary of the message sent by Uti, “This is the year of the homosexuals! This is the year where all gay men will rise to the top of their professions and various callings! This is the year where all known and reputable Batty men (Jamaica’s term for gay men) will have their sins forgiven and their uplifting perfected in the name of the Lord! This is the year that all communities will watch the Lord wipe away the sins of the gay community and bless their finances on a scale unprecedented.”

So, it is surprising that as various prominent Nigerians ushered in the New Year with a lot of social media messages of goodwill and hearty greetings to family and friends, our own gorgeous Uti Nwachukwu decided to post this message, which seems unusual of him. The ever stunning and sexy BBA All Stars winner decided to send out a very long and detailed BBM message to everyone on his BB.

If the likes of Williams Shakespeare were to give that scandalous BB broadcast a title, the literature guru might have labeled it “Sin Is Sin”. This undisputed emphasis of Uti’s message was his trying to justify his sexual preference which has become the hottest topic of discourse on the social scene. He started out by attacking a lot of his friends who he believes have betrayed him by telling the world that he is gay. He is maintaining that they are hypocrites who have not taken out the log of wood in their eyes yet are seriously trying to take out his. Even though he did not mention names, those who know the parrot-talking Uti know the people he was referring to.

Uti, who cruises around in Range Rover Sport Jeep and live in highbrow 1004 Estate on Victoria Island is known to have more boyfriends than girlfriends. This must have spurred people’s decision that he may be allegedly a gay. Uti, according to sources is in the habit of ranting against his friends or ex-friends and this did not really surprise most people because it is something he says to everyone. However, what gets a lot of people upset is Uti trying to justify certain kinds of sin; definitely he was being very careful in the leg. So while trying to call everyone a sinner, Uti said that a sin is a sin no matter what one did. He further insisted that a very ‘casual’ sin such as greediness, covetousness and other flimsy sins were same with any other grievous sins. He said people should get down from their high horses and stop acting like they don’t commit sin. In fact Uti dedicated most part of his BB broadcast message to stressing the fact that whatever sin he is being accused of committing is on same wavelength as those committed by others who like to act holy and point fingers.

So desperate was Uti Nwachukwu that he began to draw from the Holy Bible to make clearer his point. It was indeed very uncalled-for and an exercise in futility as that broadcast message is the hottest topic of discourse amongst a lot in his clique, friends, fans and even foes. Uti went further to state that this is the year where his type will be forgiven by God and that the forgiveness of the Lord will be accompanied with a huge financial breakthrough that will leave the hater, gasping for breath which made some people to wonder who his types are. So many people who received this very unintelligent and half-thought-of message on their BBM felt offended especially when he began sounding like a theologian. Some feel if you need to make a point about your sexual preference, it is better to exclude God and the Bible from it as we all know that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of their unrepentant homosexual sin, amongst others. It is a mockery on Christian faith for one to begin to say that sin is sin. Murder, homosexuality, bisexuality are not the same with malice-keeping and the rest small scale sins.

Having  said that, it is always best to call a spade by no other name but a spade. Since there has been a very hot and messy debate on Uti’s bi-sexuality, 2014 should be that year where our ever stunning and super fabulous Uti will eventually dazzle us with a girlfriend, at last to shame his critics about his sexual identity. We mean a real one not some red carpet girlfriend as some male celebrities are used to doing. Uti is any woman’s desire, so this is the  best time for Uti to shut anyone up by getting truly together with a lady and making her feel like a real woman.

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