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It is as if the battle line will never seize to be drawn between political godfather, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and President Muhammadu Buhari. Current situation in the country attests to this. The two politicians are obviously not in good times if information at our disposal is anything to go by. We gathered that few weeks back, Bola Ahmed Tinubu paid a visit to the Aso Rock Vila for reasons best known to him, but it is certain that the purpose of the visit had many things to do with the way President Buhari was treating him and his cohorts.
It was obvious that during the presidential campaign across the country, Bola Tinubu spent huge sums of money with the aim of recouping his money after Buhari’s victory. However, on becoming the landlord at Aso Rock, Buhari vehemently refused communicating with Tinubu hence the genesis of their alleged frosty relationship.
One vital issue that showed that Buhari was not ready to listen to Tinubu is the crisis rocking the senate which threw up Bukola Saraki as the senate president. Tinubu believes that the lackadaisical attitude of the president led to the emergence of Saraki which by extension is causing the crisis within the senate up till this moment.
Tinubu, we learned, has not been too happy with the president and he was alleged to have at one point told the president that even if he’s not interested in the second term he should at least not destroy the party due to his I-don’t-care attitude.

Another important topic is about the series of appointments of the president which favoured those on the side of the president more than others and when it was glaring that if given the chance the president would sideline the Tinubu faction which prompted Asiwaju and his gang to visit the president and he was told in one point that they all laboured and spent huge amount of money for the success of the election.

Buhari, we gathered, told them that he was not in any way treating the party stalwarts with disdain. This assertion did not go down well with them and they told Buhari that they were sick and tired of the way he’s handling the affairs of the party.

After lots of deliberations, Buhari succumbed to the superior argument of Tinubu and his gang and promised to look into the issues raised by them especially as it concerns the leadership of the senate which might have accounted for all the backtrack of the president as it affects issues relating to the party and senate

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