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Sade okoya2When the story of “Alice in Wonderland” was written, Sade Okoya, the last and most favourite wife of Eleganza boss Alhaji Akanni Rasaq Okoya, the Aare of Lagos, was probably not born then. But today, Sade is living up that inspirational story of all times. It is a known fact that the Eleganza boss dotes on her like a mother hen would dote on her little chicks. What is not known is the degree to which she controls the old man who is gradually becoming weak and feeble.

At the 70th birthday party of the Lagos business tycoon’s first wife, Alhaja Kuburat Okoya, Sade proved to all and sundry that she has come of age compared to her status when she was newly married to Alhaji Rasaq Akanni Okoya ten years ago and during the 60th birthday of the same Alhaja Kuburat. Then, Sade was nowhere to be found as she had not really established herself. Give it to the Okoyas, it would be very hard to any other family in Lagos to beat the flamboyant levels at which the Okoyas organize parties. In 2003 when Alhaja Kuburat celebrated her 60th birthday, the party was the height of frivolity.

It would be recalled that the chosen green, black and gold ankara was given free to all guests while they were adequately taken care of with lots to eat and drink. The event, way back since 2003 will always linger on in the memory of those that attended. As written earlier, our beloved Folasade was, at that time new in the Okoya clan and we also scoop that even some of the children of Alhaji Okoya used to send her on errands. Those who were in control of the Okoya estate then were his younger sister, Wosilat who got married to Lagos top politician, Demola Seriki and Okoya’s favourite daughter, Biola. However, not many in the Okoya clan knew that the University of Lagos graduate had her plans in her heart and she surely worked towards them. Gradually and steadfastly, Sade built her strong base. She spread her tentacles so fast that most members of the Lagos social circuit could not believe how fast she took over from both her senior mate, Kuburat Okoya, the favourite child Biola Okoya and Wosilat Okoya, Alhaji’s only sister.

One of the tactics recently used by Sade Okoya to show everyone in the Okoya clan that her level has changed and that she is no more the little Sade of 2003 is her cajoling of Alhaji Rasaq Okoya to attend the marriage ceremony of Zainab Folawiyo’s daughter knowing fully well that Alhaja Kuburat’s 70th birthday gig was just 24 hours away from the marriage date. At the wedding event, Sade and Alhaji Rasaq danced vehemently to musical tunes to the extent that Alhaji Okoya got really tired and could not attend his first wife’s party. It was indeed a rude shock to the entire members of the Okoya dynasty. The venue of the party was the family’s estate in Lekki and even though he was said to be hale and hearty, he refused to show up, leaving the children of the first wife to entertain the dignitaries. At that same party, the ever flamboyantly looking Sade proved her worth as far as power dressing is concerned. Towards the end of the party, she strolled in, sporting what looked like Chiffon pleated skirt and a sleeveless top and attempted to sing a popular Yoruba folklore song for the celebrant, but ended up messing the song up. Guests wondered aloud if she truly could not sing it or intentionally came to psychologically torture her senior mate, Alhaja Kuburat. The general feeling in the hall was that Sade was the reason why their husband did not attend the party. The guests, however, concluded that it was Sade who convinced Alhaji Okoya not to release enough fund for an elaborate party of his first wife, knowing that she (Sade) would feel embarrassed if Alhaji professes his deep passion for Alhaja Kuburat.

It could also be recalled that before the recently celebrated 74thbirthday party of Alhaji Rasaq Okoya, which was combined with the traditional marriage ceremony between one of Okoya’s daughter and a former governor of Oyo State’s son, Sade made it clear to all members of the Okoya household that she was in charge of planning this two-in-one party. So she strictly gave out invites to top dignitaries and high society ladies. Sade took sole responsibility of every logistic, attending to the needs of the crème-de-la-crème of the society who graced the event.

At the social scene, Sade has easily warmed her way into the hearts of the bigwigs in the Nigerian social radar. Talk of the likes of the Ojoras, Folawiyos, Asemotas, Adenugas, Dangotes, Tinubus, Tejuoshos and even the not-too-outgoing Fashola family. Unlike in the past Okoya parties where all members of the Okoya clan would invite their various guests and attend to them variously, Sade has ensured that nothing like that happens again as she has practically stopped every other person from inviting anyone. The children were more or less spectators at the party as they sat down like programmed robots and watched helplessly as this one-time Ojuelegba big babe rewrote the norms and traditions of their family. Sade, being a strategist, has also extended hands of friendship to most of the society matriarchs who used to be close to the eldest wife, Kuburat. She knew she had to have these women on her side and this she thoroughly proved at the birthday party of the Eleganza boss. She ensured that they were all taken good care of and she also indirectly made them all realize that while they might still retain Kuburat Okoya as their acquaintance, she is now the new power bloc in the Okoya family. It was also very interesting to see how the property mogul held her in very high esteem. She was also in control of Alhaji’s movements during the event. As usual, she wore a very expensive jewelry. Aside from Olori Adetutu Balogun, the wife of FCMB Group chairman, Otunba Subomi Balogun whose yellow diamond necklace was eye-catching, Sade’s multiple-layered gold jewelry was beyond description. Sade, who was once based in Shitta, Surulere area of Lagos now lives big as a first lady. And of course, the fear of the most stunning wife of Aare of Lagos is the beginning of wisdom.

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