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It is not a surprise that the recently concluded presidential election in Nigeria was won due to the spending ability of each political party. Prior to the election, it seems that Nigeria had adopted the two party system due to the fact that the APC and PDP were the only two parties that keenly contested for the election bone to bone, shoulder to shoulder, power for power and above all, money for money. The APC, having in its fold, moneybags like the national leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha, Bukola Saraki and other financial gurus were ready to tackle the ruling party which has President Jonathan as its leader. Of course, the president sits on the national money, but the APC made him realize that whatever he can spend on the election, they are equally ready to face the task. However, it was revealed that while the APC leaders were spending their monies rightly on the election, the PDP leaders whom the president trusted were busy lavishing their own money on frivolities.
Revelation emerged last week about the fraudulent ways some PDP leaders and topnotch spent campaign funds meant for the realization of the second term dream of President Goodluck Jonathan. In some act that looks and sounds like a puzzle, the party reported that a whopping N2 trillion was missing in its financial confines, no thanks to the flamboyant manner some ‘reliable’ party leaders are spending the funds.
Global News gathered that, in order to ensure that Jonathan returns to power, billions of naira were being given out to those who were perceived to be important and vital for GEJ’s victory. We also have it exclusively that majority of those entrusted with the distribution of these funds were mere criminals and greedy people who only lodged the monies into their personal accounts at the expense of the president’s aim. Also, information at our disposal has it that some of these people went to President Jonathan, promised him enormous votes and also assured him that their people would give him their full support. The president, we gathered, took their promises hook, line and sinker and then gave them money to execute their promises, but these greedy politicians would turn their back on the president and use the money for their own personal use.
However, this gist is not about the huge amount of money spent by the parties, it is about one of PDP chieftains and indeed the spokesman of the PDP, Olisa Metuh. The introvert spokesman is in the news for many of his fraudulent activities during the election money saga. He is said to have collected millions of naira in the nine figures region and lavished them on God knows what. Metuh used his position as the PDP spokesman to collect huge amounts of money from aspirants into various political posts. He is known to wield so much influence in the Presidency that those who fell victim of his antics never doubted his ability to ensure they got their desired aims. It could also be recalled that Ndidi Elumelu, a former House of Representatives member gave one of the PDP chieftains a whopping N500 million to appease all PDP leaders in Delta State in order for him to clinch the gubernatorial ticket of the state. But, alas, the money was nowhere to be found as the collector suddenly siphoned the money. Till date, President Jonathan is still wondering how he lost his second term bid, but Nigerians would now know that it was because of the greediness of his so-called party leaders who never wanted good for him but for themselves.

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