March 21, 2023

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How MTN Is Evading Tax *Also Defrauding Subscribers Of Billions

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Apart from ripping off the generality of Nigerians through its poor network services, fake promotions and bogus jamboree, the MTN is allegedly ripping off the Federal Government to the tune of billions of naira through evading tax.
Those in the know claimed that the company has two account systems: one for its official and the other for its parent company in South-Africa. It was gathered that whatever they pay their staff is half of what is in their original books while the other half is laundered to South-Africa, in active connivance with some unscrupulous Nigerians who help to perpetrate the fraud.
Another means is through the fake promos which they organise regularly; one of such bogus promo called ‘Treasure Hunt’.
Many Nigerians, irrespective of the credit crunch and its implication on their pockets, have spent so much money playing the pool or gambling in the guise of a Treasure Hunt. The more pathetic aspect of the hunt is that the terms and conditions are not made public, making Nigerians to embark on a journey for the treasure blindfolded.
Many people participate in the fraud promo because of the tactics MTN uses to sweet talk them into spending N1,500 and some people even spend more than N10,000 daily replying to text messages urging them to be part of the fraud called promo without winning a dime. This has turned many unsuspecting Nigerians into gamblers.
Another crooked way the company is using to steal money from members of the public is by charging them for unsolicited caller tune ring back tones, on which MTN always deducts N50 without the consent of their subscribers. This means that if N50 is deducted from one million subscribers it will amount to N50m and in 30 days it amount to N1.5 trillion.
Recently the Governor of Lagos State, Raji Fashola lamented that  corporate organizations should stop using taxes payable to the government to fund CSR projects,  pointing out that organizations that engaged in such are stealing from the government because at the end of the day they are filing false tax returns.

18 thoughts on “How MTN Is Evading Tax *Also Defrauding Subscribers Of Billions

  1. I am not sure if there is consumer wash-dog committee in Nigeria, if there is this is one of the area they should look into an bring all those scrupulous and enemy of Nigerian who came from other country to still and still from innocent people because they know that in Nigeria there is no check and balances. What they cannot practise in there country and go Scott free they will come in disguise of company set up to do it in Africa generally. God will punish them Amen

    1. I hope the sleeping giant will just wake up from deep slumber and once be reasonable.MTN came here in 2001 and today they are making billions and some people have become so inconsiderate to the extent of even trying to force them to the stock market, why dont you ask yourself why NITEL that has been here since Lord Lugard days has not made any profit worthy of sharing or even paying staff,Despite the bad state of infrastructure needed to excel MTN cohorts are making huge profit. Abeg make una make your own work and stop be stupid

  2. This is an eye opening, but the ring tone charges are monthly not daily. I once subscribed for them and when they started deducting my money with reckless abandon, I told them I was no longer interested.

    There are a lot of scame in there, so I urge people to look before they leap.

  3. It not a secret that MTN are 419ing Nigerians but my worry is why this has continued unabated despite the establishment of the NCC. Let the government rise to their responsibility. Its only in Nigerian that multinational companies do as they like with the citizens and the government turns s blind eye.

  4. Right from day one MTN got to Nigeria I told people that they should be ready for a massive fraud by the said company. I have worked with south african firms and it is daily practice. All SA firms in Nigeria should be investigated and if found guilty of corruption they should be fined heavily and then pay their taxes plus the incurred interest.

  5. MTN are here purely 4 business [ both the straight and the crooked ones] in the name of been smart and taking Nigerians to be foolish idiots. I dont blame them bcos a member of the NASS has once made a public confession that MTN credit legislators phone for free. How do u expects an institution that has once benefited from that fraud has the moral will to extend there so called ‘oversight functions’ on the Telecommunication operators,

  6. Milk
    Neat (MTN)
    Have actually done so much damage to us as a nation. I happened to be one of their very early subscribers.
    In my first month over 70,000 Naira was charged as bill and forwarded to my company. The next month i changed to Pay as you go paying a hooping amount in thousands for sim alone and N50.00 per minute.
    From when MTN came to Nig till last 2011 January I used the phone.
    Last year January after reviewing their kind of friendship I discovered it was not paying me and i threw their sim to God knows where.
    Talking about tax evading, they could not have done that in a more organized state. They took advantage of our corrupted and porous system to steal from this country. They can not do that in South Africa where they come from. Let our relevant authorities also sit up and watch the so called P.Rs they receive from such companies so they will not mortgage the rights of those they claim they are governing.

  7. Dont blame mtn. There are many mtn n many naija officials colluding in all sectors. Many of our officials allow d stealing

  8. The officials of NCC should be sack and more serious individuals who can protect the interest of nigerians employed.

  9. mtn is capitalst in xters and bent in ripping off suscribers in nigeria becos we got highly irresponsible govts in this part of the world .mtn ,spiritually,is idolatrous and foudationally nt pro-Jehovah God.may Almighty God.deliver nigerians from the hands of political devourers ,global ‘munmuns’ leading us and grants us highly intelligent ,god-fearing political leaders.

  10. Mtn is aware of d Lebanese who have been defraudng Nigeria with active collaboration with few Nigerians who are corrupt.So they came 4 their share.My Ibibio 4fadas thought me dat a man who brings roofing mat to d village square wants help from others.So u don’t blame them,only regulate d system to make d environment uncondusive 4 corruption to thrive.One day we wl be tired of dis virus called corruption.

  11. D mtn social reponsibility projects is unevenly spread.Dis is part of d corruption dat is embedded in the firm,dey need cleansing and deliverance b/c uneven measure in business attract punishment from God whether any1 believes or not.

  12. I so much believe that d foreigners can’t do it alone, there must colebration d Mtn officials & our so call bankers who do even hve feeling 4 dear country. We are struggle 2 Boko harm & mend, in another we some digging grave 4 us. Pls beg u 2 hve rethink. And d gov’t officials who responsible in fighting this kind illegitimate act should into this, most especially Federal Inland Revenu, NCC etc

  13. Common sense has been a guide for a long time to digest MTN setup here in Nigeria is no other than to defrauding tens of thousands of millions of Nigeria subscribers; it can be figure out from all the services the company MTN sells to subscribers. The earlier we know now to hold MTN liable for the fraud in big scale and for evading tax all these years, the better it certainly will be as one of the factors to move Nigeria forward. A stich in time saves nine.

  14. Diz caller tune is actually a fraud, I was sent a text 2 subscribe 12days of christmas for #5 n wen I did it was #50 dat was deducted. D song wasn’t d song I wat subscribed 4. Since Nov every 4th #50 is deducted even wen I reply their soul-call reminder as ” del” to 4100 diz is d only network u don’t ve right 2 ur own money bcos once I ve money in my phone d next thing I see is an sms reading u have successfully subscribe a caller tune.

  15. MTN is stealing from the poor in our country, according to my record they’ve not done any stupid promo in South Africa. They are just here to steal from us

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