March 23, 2023

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How Money and Infidelity Crashed Stephanie Okereke’s First Wedding

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Nollywood diva Stephanie Onyekachi Okereke recently tied the knot the second time in faraway Paris amid funfair. And by now, the couple should be having their honeymoon in another classy location. However, it is the prayer of all her fans that this marriage will not go the way of the previous one.

Though Stephanie and her new husband, Linus appear to be a perfect match, some say her marriage to ex-Super Eagles player Chikelue Iloanusi had a similar trend when they started in 2004 but things later changed for worse when Chikelue fell on bad times? It was then they said Stephanie started showing some behaviour not worthy of a married woman.

Sources claimed she met Linus while she was still married to Chikelue who was then not finding things easy as it used to be and decided to dump him for wealthy Linus whom she met during the period of her accident. And in a twinkle of an eye, they became an item.

Investigation revealed that crisis started between the couple immediately after she returned from abroad where she went for treatment. Then, Steph, as her friends calls her accused Chikelue of abandoning her. But in defence, the retired footballer affirmed he was with her all through. When questioned over the issue, he said, “Anybody who said that is a heavy liar. If she ever says that, it means she is a very heavy liar. I was with her from the day she had the accident. I was the person who took her to South Africa. We spent six months in South Africa. You can ask her if it is true. The person that operated on her the last time is my mother’s relative. The operation was done in London. How can I be callous and yet stand by her till the end? I was in Port Harcourt with her for two months. I even had an accident on my way to Port Harcourt, yet I still went to her. I was with her in Igbobi Hospital for another one month. You can ask anybody there. We spent six months in the hospital in South Africa. She was ‘pooing’ in my hands. I was cleaning her up and doing all sorts of things. Come on! What didn’t I do for her?”

The former lover also stated that Stephanie’s mother contributed to the break-up. He accused the mother of bringing a spiritual concoction in the form of olive oil and ordered him to drink. But because of his reluctance and the fact that he asked her to give it to her daughter first, things got out of hand as both mother and daughter turned against him.

Embittered about the whole scenario, the footballer confided in some of his allies that his mother-in-law could have played a fast one on him as regards the olive oil to find a flimsy excuse to pave way for their new catch that is wealthier.

Though the wedding was later cancelled because the two were no longer willing to be in each other’s company as the once flame of love that was burning between them had been extinguished, many dirty linens were washed outside in the process, one of which was the accusation and counter-accusation of infidelity.

It was at a time alleged that one contacted STD through another and that played an important role in the escalation of the dirty drama with accusing fingers pointing towards the actress, who people think has no right to be dating another person while still married. She was alleged to be having extra marital affairs with Linus.

And now that the two have decided to make their relationship open through marital vows, the past still haunts the actress. Linus’ parents, a religious one with the father being a pastor initially condemned the marriage but after several pleas and dialogue coupled with Linus’ infatuation, the parents gave in. Despite that, sources said some of the husband’s family members are not comfortable with the choice of Steph as a new wife for young Linus who is only having his first marriage attempt.

Meanwhile, the question begging for answer on the lips of some close followers of the marriage is, has Stephanie learnt from her past that nothing good lasts forever? God forbid should Linus fall on bad times; will she not jump the fence again? We only think time will tell.

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  1. My earnest prayer is that the good Lord will see her through for it is not by her might but through His divine guidance

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