June 2, 2023

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How Illumnati Destroyed Don Jazzy And D’banj’s Relationship

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It is no longer news that the erstwhile best of friends and business partners, Dapo Oyebanjo also known as Dbanj and Michael Collins popularly known as Don Jazzy under the Mohits music label, have finally parted ways. It was even reported that the two separated because of an interview Dbanj granted a magazine in America where he stated that Don Jazzy and other artistes are under his label while he is the owner of the label and many of such stories that have been flying around.

We, however, gathered that all the stories may just form a minute part of the reason the two decided to go their different ways as it was revealed that Dbanj’s decision to join the international occult group, Illuminati, may be the main reason Don Jazzy decided to call it quits with the one-time Glo ambassador.

Investigation reveals that Don Baba Jay, as one of the artistes under the Mohits usually calls Don Jazzy, whom Good Music company signed a management contract with, is skeptical about something which forced him to beat retreat while his partner chooses to ignore his reasons rather going for the fame he thought would come through the association. Sources informed that Don Jazzy who is from a good Christian home just like D’banj whose father is said to be a pastor under the Bishop Oyedepo-led Living Faith Ministry, decided not to mix business with religious practices, a thing D’banj will not raise an eye-lid over.

Other sources quoted Don Jazzy claiming he chose not to have anything to do with any group or person that would muddle his religious belief, others also informed that his decision not to have anything to do with the dirty money he must have made while working with D’banj is the reason he choose to donate all proceedings of his productions to five charity organizations. In a message on his Twitter account the award-winning producer while confirming the break-up informed: “It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of a long era and the beginning of a new one. Some of the rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true. The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music you all love to listen and dance to. And to end the old era, I will be donating the proceeds of my production catalogue from day one till date to five charity organizations.”

84 thoughts on “How Illumnati Destroyed Don Jazzy And D’banj’s Relationship

  1. If this is true as it has been going on,then I respect don jazzy decision. To dbaj, I think he’s just preparing is grave yard. What are his parent looking?

  2. Dbanj i tink u ar a fool,u sold ur soul to d devil?Jst wait for him,he wil deal wit u.don jazzy carry on,d lord is ur strenght!

  3. What has gotten into D’banj??is it that all d mony he has made has not been ok for hi??he just decided to kill him self by him self.lol this is serious…….don baba jay,abeg u with God let go of him and move on,i and my family are with u he’s now a devil him self

    1. D’banj like money more than his life what am telling him is that who kill by the sword die by the sword hmmmm micheal Collins a.k.a don jazzy never your enter illuminate cos God loves u, we isiukwuato are known as Gods own state koko m don’t enter illuminate

  4. i support don baba jay. dbanj has been a fool since him a having deal with kanye west (good music).SATAN HAS ALREADY GOTTEN HIS (DBANJ)SOUL

    1. Naija Na waooo!!!!! Make we live oyibo people and their palava alone. If their own is illuminati which one is our own.

    1. Abegi. Fashi that nonsense. Don jazzy, go on jare. Dbanj, as 4 u, if this is true, o ti ku ni yen- u r already dead

      and u Taiwo, stop being such a hater. it ain’t good, u know

  5. this is all crap! nothing but lies. D’banj has talent. Don Jazzy doesn’t. was there a time Don Jazzy was a Christian? Lies

    1. well, if it isn’t true, that will be nice and such a relief and I know that Don Jazzy as well is not this angel but then at least he didn’t join illuminate, Gosh, I seriously hope this isn’t true. they both are kinda good……………..to a point

  6. It is indeed very sad. i am not really particular about the whether the too are seperating or not, but i am more concerned about the brazen boldness of satan in reaping the souls of God’s creatures into his kingdom.
    It is not D Banj nor his fellow travellers in the music world, it also have to do with the souls of the listeners to their music and watchers of their videous. Are they not also glorifying satan and worshiping him in the guise of listening to ‘good’ music and watching ‘interesting’ videos. The souls of our youths are in a great peril. It surely goes beyond Don Jazzy and DBanj.

  7. Y we nigeria r so blind dat we cnt c, coz d press talk n says dbanj has join illuminaty den ppl believe dat, u cnt judge dia guy on wht u c on news or anywhr, let him come out nd tel u dat hes a illuminaty member, u still dnt judge.

  8. very stupid article, Don Jazzy is still a producer with Kanye West in fact they are working on an album together, there’s nothing like Illuminati among them, when Don J

  9. Dustbin talk. People can speculate rubbish. U guys can like to write nonsense in order to sell. Crap talk.
    So d vulgar music Don Jazzy sings along oda Mo-hits acts is not dirty..all dose sex de av is not sin…hypocrisy….abi dem tell U say hell fire get level of heat.
    Abeg, U all condeming D’banj are bunch of mugun..
    Wat is Illuminati…? So far, all d people said to be members are people making d world better. Scientists, inventors, IT wizards, biz moguls. Abeg make una park well jorr

  10. What i knw is dat Jesus is a winner.dbanj if these speculations are true,den u hv made a fool’s option.

  11. God forgive all of u in support of this nonsense thing called cult i pray u all repent for the kingdom of god is at hand

    1. u need help. serious obonge help. I mean hav u lost ur mind. any way its ur choice, goodluck to u. have fun
      Idiot. if ur joking, not in any way funny, at all

  12. All musical talents that plays good music and produce good videos are all working for the devil.Both Dbanj and Don jazzy are all children of the devil.Joining Illuminati which is the power that will form the one world government which the beast will be the ruler is like increasing ones affiliation with the devil.It does not make make Don Jazzy a child of God.even his so called Christianity nits is still but reformed paganism.CHRISTIANS are reformed Pagans who worship a deity in Greece called Iesous and now in latin called Jesus instead of giving glory to the true son Of the God of Yisreal whom is name is YAHSUA .The reformed Ogboni fraternity is still Ogboni. Run away from the reformed church of Christianity as all who visit the Evil houses called church on sundays will perish in Hell.God did not create any day called sunday, or saturday the devil did through the roman Empire and on sunday people only worship the sun God of the Roman empire.He that has ears let him listen. Don Jazzy and Dbanj are not working for God through their Music but they are working for the Devil and are receiving spiritual power for their music through the Marine kingdom.

    1. Nah Gods go punish you for saying that statement,if u continue lik this all ur generation go die for hell fire.they never born you wey your forefather don they go churc.mad being,nah motor accident go kill you.

  13. it is sad and too bad of D Banj what is he looking for that he dont have already hd just want to bring shame to his family and himself did he use to hear those that are (illuminati) there already many of them are crying looking for a way out they even said it publicly through their songs, magazines and open program like Rihanna, micheal jackson,seampaul and many of them and the person that said that is only when Dbanj say it openly that he ll belive than let me ask you how many of them that you are know that belong came out and said it publicly that they belong to illuminati or did Dbanj deny it by saying that Don jazy is lying? is a pity that Dbanj have distroyed himself and his talent in the name of fame

  14. Its Very Sad If above 18’s Just Read Articles Nd Come To conclusions. Nd We call ourselves Future of Tommorrow! Its pathetic. Dis Guyz know Tinz better. Today, 8th Oct, D’banj still clearly state It dat He has No bussiness Wif illuminanti. Or have Yu heard Somtin like dat 4rm D real Menbers, its sontin Yu will Never deny. Apart From Dis, Whether He joins Or Not, Are you BeTter Of Dan Him? Are you save? His Situation Will Be better If him Nd you End up In D same place. I’m Sure he’s not In YET.

  15. Illuminati illuminati illuminati, na dier life, dey hav chosen dier path.. Lik dey say, money is d root of all evil!! May God forgiv all evil cult members..

  16. peeps don’t let us judge wat we dont know dose celebrity r rural we dont sleep with dem nor eat with dem dat we can judge dem dey form demselfs 2 make moni out of us.illuminati is real bt we dont know mayb or truely our fellow celebrity in nigeria r dere.so let just sit back nd watch.both of d celebrity r speaking widely d’banj nd donjazzy nobody 2 bliv.

  17. Hmm d’banj if it’s true dat u ve already sold ur soul to de devil u really need God in ur life & u need to pray hard bcaus i really luv u somuch brother & jesus luv u.


  19. Al soul a mising dier wa no wonder d bible thus quot , Strat/narow is d wa but no 1 has ever thut of d narow path wh wil lead u to anoda life.

  20. it is really truth dat don jazzy, kanye west and jay z are working togetter if y’all go and hear (lift up) u knw dat don jazzy self belong to them u don jazzy said u nt belong to them and u are still workin wit them as long as u are workin wit them u are one of dem be dat we are just blamed d banj don jazzy self belong both of dem they are illuminati member becoz of money both of u sold ur soul to devil u boy hell fire is both of u who is devil fucking him all of knew already dat kanye west father is devil so wat are we talkin about

  21. U knw wat i always u guys frm d beginin bt nw dat d’banj don fuck up na, sha don j jst do ur tink, my in niggas let jst wait to d end nd se wat wil happened. Let nt judge a book bt it cover. Let us nt jst condemn d’banj wit wat ppel say. Let wait nd see. Nice day

  22. to be a living legend there’s more to do…when you dine and wine with the devil,then some how you must be influenced for better or worse.now everywhere is the talk of the town of the doom illuminati vs naija celebrity;why the gossip?join if u want!!

  23. Rumours ! This is all rubbish !!….Bible story here and there. Abeg make una leave dem Dbanj . Join anything you like. Be it a Pastor ,Imam or Illuminati. Its only God that knows the righteous ones . Make una keep shut abeg and leave the guy.

  24. Don jazzy if you are hearing me there……..
    You have just done it in the in the way could do it, dont dare to join the group if you are already in please come out remamber there life after death….keep on singing but quit evil deeds….#u r thinking like king

  25. Reasons 4 my. Suggestion z dat D’Banj nd Don Jazzy knows where dem hail 4rm cos Illuminati has power of wealth not power of separation/Discrimination. Be what you are

  26. Don jazzy your action is the PRTMUS INTER PARES.

  27. U can’t blem non of them so u pipo out their jx stop no matter wat u say it won’t change jx knw that life he in ur hand keep it or throw it away but everyone dies and that’s the end for alll

  28. My name is Midas… I am a personal friend of Dapo and Collins… This article is a lie… Th(‘s all I will say. And everyone here who believes it is a fool.

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