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It is no more news that the deputy governor of Lagos State Adejoke Adefilure lost her bid to go to the senate at the forthcoming elections.
Global News can authoritatively inform you from sources close to the party that her stinginess and fake empowerment stalled her ambitions, as participants grumbled over a lot of failed promises.
In an interview with a participant in her so-called fake empowerment programme, it was gathered that all the participants were promised N20,000 each to help them after learning a vocation to put a change to their status and standard of living, but till date that has never happened.
Learnt that she embarked on this failed project to deceive the masses just to realize her ambition to go to the senate at all cost even while some party leaders were said not to be happy with her ambition. Mrs Adefilure had given out the contract for the supply of the materials for different skills which included cake making machine, soap making machine, jewelries making, fashion and dress making, event décor etc. They were given to the sister as a contract but that was a looting process. All the materials used for the training were substandard and were not used to bring out the creativity and expertise of the instructors in the different areas of the skill empowerment. Alimosho local government indigenes grumbled as they got the worst of attention and this is the primary constituency of the deputy governor,
“We groan for help, in this locality they cry out we know the father and he has been among us we deserve the best,” said one of the participants. Also, aside from this fraudulent empowerment, it was said that the top hierarchy was not happy about her aspiration and just decided to allow her exercise her right and when series of complaints against her reached the table of those who were seeking to nail her came they didn’t miss the opportunity to put her where she belonged by telling her to withdraw for a better candidate who will deliver the senatorial district for the party.
Recall that this is not the first time that the deputy governor would be accused of neglecting those who are very close to her, especially her father and her first husband who is wallowing in abject poverty while she is living a life of affluence courtesy of her position in the political scheme of Lagos State

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