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Peter-Obi-11< [showads ad=GLO] Not many people are in the know that before his emergence as governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi used to be a top businessman who has companies in the UK and the US. On arriving Nigeria to seek for the way forward, Obi was confronted by the leadership of communications giant, MTN for a business deal worth N300 million. We gathered from sources that Obi attended a meeting with MTN and after seeing the cost implication and how he could use the money to better the lots of the people he vehemently rejected the transaction and chose a better option. Obi called on some of his trusted aides then and asked them what he could do with his hard-earned money, they told him to establish a business here in Nigeria, so he could use that to win the hearts of political leaders, knowing fully well that he would be interested in becoming the governor of Anambra State. Obi, immediately bought a big warehouse somewhere in Apapa very near the Nigerian Ports Authority and today the company is still waxing stronger and giving out jobs to thousands of Nigerian youths. We also got it on good account that since leaving office as the state governor, Obi has retired into the company to ensure its smooth running. [showads ad=GLO] It could be recalled that MTN got strong backups when they landed in Nigeria with top billionaires and moneybags investing in the company. This allowed MTN to be able to pay its workers huge salaries and competed favourably well with banks and oil companies in terms of staff remuneration. Nigerians would also not forget in a hurry how difficult and expensive it was to get an MTN sim card as far back as 2001 when they commenced operations. However, the arrival of Mike Adenuga's Globacom slashed the prices of MTN and ECONET, another big player in the Nigerian communications industry then. This move gave many Nigerians the opportunity of purchasing their phones and SIM cards at ease. Now, the communication industry game has changed in the country as all the networks' SIM cards now almost go for free. Gone are the days Nigerians would visit the MTN office near them and queue for long hours before being attended to, but today you can get any network at any bus stops across the country. Moreover, the deregulation brought about by Globacom's arrival into the industry in 2003 has affected quite a number of workers as those who could not cope with salary reduction have been sacked while others were asked to look out for some other jobs because business is not as buoyant as in the past. [showads ad=GLO]

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