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The name, Eunice Efole not only radiates class, it brings forth glitz and glamour. The hardworking Edo State-born lady, we were told, who rose from her humble beginning as a quiet and easy-going lady doing her business on the streets of Ikeja, Lagos, has risen to the enviable position of one of the top players in real estate, construction as well as oil and gas with her business concerns spread all across the country and even beyond.

Today, she has re-invested all her strengths and contacts which she has built over the years in her registered companies all over the country. This singular act of hers has earned her so much respect and dignity, but it is her finances that have most witnessed an astronomical upsurge in the last few years to the admiration of her friends and foes alike.

When she completed her twin mansions in Lekki, Lagos years back, most ladies who are in her age bracket were in total awe of the interior of these magnificent structures. To put it mildly her taste encompasses grandeur in its totality. But unknown to the Lagos social establishment, this gorgeous Edo-born lady has since conquered the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja business scene and is pulling in the mega contracts in droves. Reputed as a very influential social lady, she has successfully transformed her links to business-oriented projects and her hard work is being rewarded handsomely by the powers that be in Abuja.

The latest now is that she is very entrenched in the Nigerian Communications Commission [NCC], Maitama, Abuja. Considering the fact that the NCC is one of the most financially liquid organizations in the country the respected lady is vying for all manner of huge jobs that come her way and she is cleaning out big time in the sector known as one of the most lucrative in the general Nigerian business sector in recent times.

Sources at the NCC informed us that she is one of their favourite contractors because of her tenacity and dedication to work. Unknown to a lot of mischief makers spreading many falsehoods about the lady, her passion for excellence and many of work without play has obviously accounted for her newfound super-posh lifestyle which is now making many of them grow green with anger and by extension casting aspersions on the person of this easygoing lady.

Even as you are reading this, Eunice is consulting for the federal government in various ministries and parastatals in the FCT; she is now heavily into construction of her own various projects as she is building houses here and there on Lagos Island, the FCT and other parts of the world. One thing is however unique about this lady; she will never brag about her achievements as she’s fond of saying she owes everything to God.

Her business dossier is one to beat and copy; from formidable senators who chair very viable committees in the upper legislative chamber to top ministers with lucrative portfolios, she has them as her business partners. That she is one of the best dressed on the social scene is not in doubt as she does vintage handbags better than most super models on the global radar: from Gucci to Balenciaga to Escada to Zagliani to both Hermes Kelly and even Hermes Birkin, Eunice has them all.

Her jewelry has truly become a sight to behold as she has seriously stepped up the game in the precious metal and gemstones department. Unlike other ladies who live a very superficial lifestyle by renting luxury apartments and living their flamboyant lives on credit, Eunice has joined the likes of Erelu Abiola Dosunmu and Bola Shagaya with high-profile structures being erected all over town in the most viable streets because to her that’s the only way her old age is guaranteed.

A great football fan, one good trait of Eunice she has going for her is her down-to-earth nature. Unlike those who walk with their noses up in the air, Eunice would readily greet anyone and eat even in the local buka next door, for she knows where she stands in the scheme of things and where she is also headed to in a few years’ time.

We further learnt that those who are peddling bad rumours about her are those who are no match to her and simply jealous of her success.

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