March 21, 2023

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How Dr. Sign Fireman Of Perfect Christianity Mission Swindles His Congregation With Fake Miracles…Says God is a game

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signn2It is bizarre how some people will go extra length all in the name of making money, including using the name of God. There has been several reports of the activities of pastors who have perfected different strategies to convince hapless Nigerians to part with their valuables in the name of sowing of seed, and investigation has revealed that the senior pastor of Perfect Christianity Mission, Dr. Sign Fireman, may actually be one of those pastors who will have their members for donation rather salvation.

His brand of evangelism first came to our notice when a report of how he wooed Nigerian actresses to his church was revealed some years back through an advertorial placed by his church. The message of the ad, “All The Hot Girls In Lagos Attend Dr. Fireman’s Church” became an issue of controversy in the Christian community. Many pastors argued that against the teachings of the Bible that says Christians should not be equally yoked with the unbelievers. They pointed out the use of “hot” for girls just like the slangs among guys in the secular world and this prompted our findings into the activities of the man who is hardly addressed as a pastor.

Findings revealed that unlike other Nigerian pastors who would want to assume the role of fathers to their congregation, Dr. Fireman’s mode of dressing portrays him as anything but fatherly. With his dress sense one can easily mistake him for an attention-seeking Nollywood actor just like many who throng his church every Sunday; and it would be right if he’s called an actor because the signs the pastor shows may actually be a process of grooming himself for the screen in the near future. The choice of siting his church in Surulere and the classy cars with which he cruises around with town put together with his tall and athletic posture which he cannot but flaunt in tight fitting garbs and which was complemented by his white beards would have been attracting the attention of many movie producers who have their base in his neighbourhood while cramming the face of his male Nollywood congregation with lines of worry.

He has allegedly been at a time or the other linked to one Nigerian actress or the other. He was at a time mentioned to be having it thick with Empress Njamah but that has since ceased to be.

Recently Global News was able to get a video documentary by one Sheyi Rhodes, an investigative journalist of “Unreported World”, a news medium that is based outside the shores of the country whose research on Nigeria’s millionaire pastors exposed the activities of Dr. Fireman which Nigeria-based journalists have not been given a chance to do.

In the documentary, the young man was allowed to go into the church with his cameraman to record proceedings during the church service. This, we gathered, was allowed because Fireman thought it was another form of publicity for his growing church, but in the course of the service the pastor removed the jacket he wore on a body hugging T-shirt while he called those who had been unsuccessful in life and unlucky with love to come out for deliverance.

The deliverance show was performed by Sign Fireman like a professional Hollywood actor as he went into dialogue with the spirit before sending it out. The event that ensued is only fit for the movie screen as the pastor began by commanding the spirit to do his bidding with no need to call the name of Jesus. Unknown to many, among those to be delivered were those close to the pastor and this much was revealed later in the documentary as she was discovered to be the pastor’s receptionist.

Another of such was when he claimed to be healing the sick. A man who was said to be crippled started working but this according to the journalist who compiled the information was all lies as he saw the guy walking into the church un-aided before the service whereas there were so many in the congregation who really needed the miracle but were given any chance. It was also observed that a young boy who was said to have been unable to walk for more than six years was able to walk in the video when Dr. Fireman prayed for him. Interestingly the young boy also walked into the church normally. And even though he had a hunchback, it was only his alleged walking problem that was “solved” leaving him with other ailment, raising questions as to whether or not hunchback disorder is too much a problem for God to solve in Dr. Fireman’s church.

The pastor who drives around in luxury cars ranging from Range Rovers to Hummer and Toyota Sequoia, all painted yellow, sees God as a very easy game. During one of his meetings with his church pastors, and to further bolster his word he explained to his pastors the importance of making sure they let the people know that they can meet their everyday need and that it is only by doing these that they will only be able to entice the people into coming to the church and this seems to have worked well for the church as his church boasts of more than 40 branches nationwide even when his ministry is far less than 20 years.

Sources revealed that he leaves with huge amount of money at every service he organizes as he encourages his members to give to the pastor who will in turn give some back to the church for development and this much is dramatised at every service of the church as members who are inspired during his services are regularly seen dropping money at his feet and the money later freighted away in Ghana-must-go bags.

While this is happening many of his congregation members are wallowing in abject poverty and are still giving whatever little they earn to their pastors who live in such luxuries.

19 thoughts on “How Dr. Sign Fireman Of Perfect Christianity Mission Swindles His Congregation With Fake Miracles…Says God is a game

  1. i doubted his anointing until i found out the bitter truth…that the devil will stop @ nothing to tarnish the work of God.70% of this publication are lies.

  2. My prayer is God should expose all the fake business men that parades themselves as men of God. Him alone knows who is who among them and He will deal with them His own way when the time comes because the holy bible says there is time for everything in this planet earth, and l pray their time comes fast.

  3. @Praise, may be Fireman’s time has come. I hear he has just been arrested in connection with a ritual murder. I don’t know whether he is truly involved or not but time will tell.

  4. well its not news, as nigerian a very good in killing thier ow prophets. during early 90ths when drugs where the in thing in nigeria with its penalty .. Prophet Tb joshua was accused of drug peddling. we the children of God shud wake up and realize that the is devil is not happy seeing that people are been taken from him by power of God while exposing his works darkness

  5. In my opinion, to even be remotely associated to such an abomination is just horrible. Not to make jest but the devil i know will never ask for such a cheap sacrifice feces of a virgin? u gotta be kidding me! so why did they have to kill her how hard would it have been to collect it post-mortem? why not just politely ask her to defecate in a container?

  6. Na today? one by one they shall be exposed. @katakore it was said that the last feces, not just feces. Only that
    there is no just in this country. one day monkey go go market e no go return. Yellow yellow is the colour. Do we need more proofs??

  7. dear Mr fire man, you make all the money in the world through deception but one day you must stand in the present of the Almighty God to account for your did. for Galatians chapter 6 verse 7 said that whatsoever a man sows that he shall reap.

  8. It is unfortunate you guys would not tell the truth about GOD’s servants; I am a Ghanaian and I was at Dr. Sign Fireman Church for past 4months and whatever published in this article is totally your imagination, since after go through his teaching and his anointing hand upon my head, GOD is deliver His people thru same hand Dr. Sign Fireman Blessed, how dare u spoke such misprinted words against the Anointed one Dr. Sign Fireman. It shall soon be too late for your repentance as you guys have no RESPECT for GOD’s Anointed Ones.

  9. Na wa o. I had to Google dis pastor who has been sending me customised SMS in his name on my etisalat line wit all forms of content like d witches in ur family didn’t want u to see dis month come for deliverance on so so date at so so time to met d man of god .it is important don’t joke wit it as if he has seen me before or I have talked to him before. DTS just one out of d numerous controversial texts DT got me thinking if dis is a genuine pastor which I doubt. My thoughts has been proven right because wit all I saw Nd read on d net, dis man is a criminal fit for d gallows. Parading himself as a man of God to strip pple of their hard earned money. By their fruits u shall know them. Very sure all his miracles r fake, acted or performed by diabolic means. Continue ur day of giving account to God is near

  10. doctor fire man is a fake pastor for real don’t people see how everything wit him its about money

  11. dr sign fire man is a true anoited man of God, i have seen and witness d power of God through him. He is ecceptional and remarkeable in d way he teaches and the way God use him to perform miracles.

    I BLESS YOU!!!.

  12. you are not in the position to judge cos you are

    not God!! be careful on what you said about a man of God!! weather fake or real none of your business OK!!

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