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Buhari and late wife

Buhari and late wife

All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, General Mohammadu Buhari to many people is a saint of some sorts, especially with his anti-corruption stance, while to many others he is a perfect man. What many people don’t know is that his family and home front is nothing to write home about. Apart from the fact that unlike many other military officers of his ilk whose families, most especially their wives are known, our mean-looking general’s wife is unknown to Nigerians whom he wants to rule over.
The only woman who used to be attached to him, according to close sources, was one Safinatu who was the first lady when he was head of state between 1983 and 1985. According to a source, in 1988, Buhari and Safinatu his first wife got divorced due to an irreconciliable matter. The cause of the fight back then was that the wife, Safinatu paid a visit to General Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) to plead for his husband’s release from detention. This action of the woman seriously infuriated Buhari who refused to listen to the plea of the then Emir of Katsina. It was a big surprise to the people of the North then that even the highly respected Emir could not save the marriage.
Still in the mood of unforgiving, the general, who had since the breakup of their marriage has been keeping malice with the woman and having nothing to do with her, got a message that his first wife had died of complications of diabetes on the 14th of January 2006. Our source informed us that rather than for the general to feel remorse, he acted as if Safinatu was an outsider and that he had had nothing to do with her. This wicked feeling of Buhari made people to suspect that he might have known something about the woman’s death. The APC presidential candidate, whose health situation is very suspicious, refused to attend the burial of his own first wife. To further humiliate the woman in death, Buhari allegedly married a friend of the daughter of his dead wife, Safinatu! This action really surprised many of his close friends and associates who were present at the birth of the same child whose friend he got married to. Right now, Safinatu’s children are just taking the humiliation in their stride, saying after all their father humiliated their mother and inflicted so much pain in her heart while she was alive.
To further demonstrate his hatred for the women folk, all through his campaign programme, Buhari has nothing to offer them in his manifestoes. The retired army general never believes that women have vital roles to play in politics worldwide rather than to be in the kitchen preparing food and making babies. Those who know claimed that this assertions are purely based on his religious belief and they further claimed that no matter how hard his new ‘managers’ try to change him, he will never change his religious belief about women if he eventually emerges as the numero uno citizen of Nigeria.

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