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Controversy may have become normal for mulatto-looking man of God who dresses like a CEO and preaches with the diction of an airport announcer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The founder of Love World Believers’ Fellowship, also known as Christ Embassy is a household name and his popularity cannot be over-emphasized.

Many are the atrocities of the members of the church. Sometime ago, a pastor of the church, after being grilled by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), confessed to stealing his company’s money to give as donation to the church, while a manager with a leading hotel in the country who is a member of the church was also arrested for a similar offence and he also said the money was donated to the church.

These and many more may have informed his decision to relocate fromNigeriatoSouth Africa, where he currently resides. Though he’s been facing so many crises also in his current base inSouth Africa, he’s still making waves, unlikeNigeriawhere there are many other pastors that preach miracles and claim to perform them, which means he’s not having a monopoly of miracles here like he does inSouth Africa.

It was also under his ministry that a married man was joined with a desperate actress in a matrimony that could be anything but holy, even when it was obvious that the act is contrary to the doctrine of God as written in the bible. To make matters worse, the bride, who was anything but pure, decided to use a white gown for the marriage to deceptively signify she was pure.

Apart from all this, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been accused severally of many things, some of which to stage-managing miracles and encouraging his church members to steal from their work places for his church.

The story is that the Pastor who has lived for many years apart from his wife is alleged to be allowing different forms of vices in his church, without him knowing that men of bad character have invaded his church.

These men are said to be attracted to the church because of the way of dressing of Pastor Chris. Many of these funny characters thought the pastor was what they think since he could be mistaken for a woman if dressed in women’s clothing, which attracted them but they were proved wrong when they didn’t get what they actually wanted from the man of God. This made them shift their focus to other members who they think are like them.

Pastor Chris, apart from adopting a jerry curl hairstyle that is very popular with women, also allows his male church members to use earring like women. This, it is gathered, pleases the gays who now use this opportunity to seduce their fellow men within the church. It is even alleged that some of his pastors are gradually embracing the weird and immoral practice.

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