September 21, 2023

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Homosexuals Infiltrate Oyahkilome’s Christ Embassy

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Controversy may have become normal for mulatto-looking man of God who dresses like a CEO and preaches with the diction of an airport announcer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The founder of Love World Believers’ Fellowship, also known as Christ Embassy is a household name and his popularity cannot be over-emphasized.

Many are the atrocities of the members of the church. Sometime ago, a pastor of the church, after being grilled by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), confessed to stealing his company’s money to give as donation to the church, while a manager with a leading hotel in the country who is a member of the church was also arrested for a similar offence and he also said the money was donated to the church.

These and many more may have informed his decision to relocate fromNigeriatoSouth Africa, where he currently resides. Though he’s been facing so many crises also in his current base inSouth Africa, he’s still making waves, unlikeNigeriawhere there are many other pastors that preach miracles and claim to perform them, which means he’s not having a monopoly of miracles here like he does inSouth Africa.

It was also under his ministry that a married man was joined with a desperate actress in a matrimony that could be anything but holy, even when it was obvious that the act is contrary to the doctrine of God as written in the bible. To make matters worse, the bride, who was anything but pure, decided to use a white gown for the marriage to deceptively signify she was pure.

Apart from all this, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been accused severally of many things, some of which to stage-managing miracles and encouraging his church members to steal from their work places for his church.

The story is that the Pastor who has lived for many years apart from his wife is alleged to be allowing different forms of vices in his church, without him knowing that men of bad character have invaded his church.

These men are said to be attracted to the church because of the way of dressing of Pastor Chris. Many of these funny characters thought the pastor was what they think since he could be mistaken for a woman if dressed in women’s clothing, which attracted them but they were proved wrong when they didn’t get what they actually wanted from the man of God. This made them shift their focus to other members who they think are like them.

Pastor Chris, apart from adopting a jerry curl hairstyle that is very popular with women, also allows his male church members to use earring like women. This, it is gathered, pleases the gays who now use this opportunity to seduce their fellow men within the church. It is even alleged that some of his pastors are gradually embracing the weird and immoral practice.

57 thoughts on “Homosexuals Infiltrate Oyahkilome’s Christ Embassy

  1. Please stop this campaign against Pastor Chris. Though I don’t attend Embassy, I know for sure that the miracles are never stage managed. I know persons who got healed there.

    1. Mr. Reporter is it not a wonder that in spite of all the negative write ups against this Pastor Chris, he is getting bigger and more popular than any living human being. it simply means that he is actually a man of God. South Africa is not as dumb as nigeria, yet he is doing great and never arrested one day. my friend donot bring the curse of God on your head and your poor and miserable family and company

      1. I do hope he is winning souls also. If the success of a church is measured in numbers but not on account of the lives of its members which is being transformed , then we have all completely missed the purpose of our calling. Also referring to another as “poor and miserable” tells a lot about the fruits on the inside. We have a maximum of 100 yrs on earth. Hell is real, heaven is real.
        They that sow in the flesh shall definitely reap in the flesh. God cannot be mocked!!

  2. It seems to me that this man of God or a high ranking member in his ministry has stepped on someone’s toes in your organisation. You always have something to write about Christ Embassy. Although, I am not a member of Christ Embassy, Your persistent mud slinging is seriously putting me off your magazine. If you want to indulge in investigative journalism, please carry it out in the appropraite manner. Give us the other parties comments.

  3. u people are sick what should he chase them them away even forums report more reasonable and accurate than urn so called magazine . fuck d reporters fuck ur boss fuck ur ass, fuck yo momma infact u guy need to go fuck urselves and have ur magazine crew orgy

    1. These are the few among bad characters of ur postors nd u the followers which we have already know them b/c they are not at the right way and u ar following them.bad seed never produce good product find out the true religion of ALLAH nt urs.

      1. The one that preaches 72 virgins right, wonder what exactly u Muslim fanatics are supposed to be doing with these 72 virgins eh, and in ur own version of heaven ? …. no wonder aboki bulala be like donkey own!

        1. U peolpe should Stop abusing prophet of God we muslims bleive and respect jesus as propect of God and never say any thing nasty agains him. Pls my fellow chritant brothers( Ken) should desist from such act and be matured to respect all religion and learn to live 2gether.

      2. Can you name one vice that your damned prophet Mohammad did not commit? As for the publishers of this paper with its slum prudery, it is now quite clear that those who contribute articles for publication wallow in junk journalism. If this trend is not reversed, then the end for you is very much in sight.

      3. the religion of Allah u said, thats by killing fellow human, deceiving the amajiris of 7 angels as wives, whereas u the alhajis would protect ur children, giving then the best of education. caging ur 4 wives and,frolicking,drinking of alcohol discreetl,y boko harans ur foot

      4. u are very wrong. a child very weak child of God is far better than the strongest man who did not belief and has not been wash in the blood of Jesus. Therefore better look inward and ask Jesus Christ to come and save u from your self righteousness. Q.E.D

  4. This reporter or armature journalist if you like is an agent of slander from the pit of hell and no doubt about my claims…For so many years of this uninspiring, local, immature publications against pastor Chris and men of God in general, you should have made a u turn, repent and render apologies by now because instead of the accused to go down, their lives and ministries has been upward and forward. Shame on you and your horrible idle brain which you have turned into the devils play ground. I wonder who and what turned you to this monster of a writer since I am sure that God himself made you in his own image and likeness; you are to look like God and most importantly function like him. Unfortunately, you have chosen to function like the devil…any way the devil is your father since you are not born again…I will keep praying for you and your cohorts till you separate yourself from this life of deceit and lies and then give your heart to Christ…

  5. who is the fool peaching islam they say islam means peace yet any killing bomb blast islam is involved. what should he do to the gays chase them away and forsake it real agenda . it is you that need get ur ass of islam a religon that has element of all religon in the world buddhism ,christianity just mention it

  6. who is the fool peaching islam they say islam means peace yet any killing bomb blast islam is involved. what should he do to the gays chase them away and forsake it real agenda . it is you that need get ur ass of islam a religon that has element of all religon in the world buddhism ,christianity just mention it. allah is the name of the chief god of the pagan arab islam is till pagan till now

  7. d church is not a place 4 perfect folks. it’s a spiritual correctional facility, were u find all kinds of people wit diff levels of spirituality getin’ perfected daily. its a place were grace shld abound. a place were d spirit of God transforms any individual @ a specific pace so designed. Gods sees us all. he knows his own. we cant help God do his job. we ought 2 lay emphasis on were we truly belong instead of judgin’ & mud slingin’ @ whim.

  8. Pastor chris is a man of God,loved by God and the people,he has the word to bless men around the world so what is your problem,is he the only man of Godt in this world that u people will not let him be,Juses was jugde too,if u are in Christ Embassy,u don’go from church to church,b/c the world is there to work for with faith,.why is that anything that Christ Embassy dose alway comes on air,is it the only church on Earth, Make una my pastor and he church along, I used God beg una in Juses name,

  9. Am not a membr of hiz chuch. As for me d WORD he preches is ok. Wat ever anyone thinks abt his chuch is secondary. He cant be everywhr to infuse corrections. D questn is ‘is he d one preachn that to dem?’ dealing wit God is a personal biz.
    As for d muslims,dey ‘r frustrated cos xtianity keeps havn mor converts fm d islamic folks, unlike d reverse.
    Know d truth nd it shall set u free. Jesus is d truth nd not chris.

  10. He that is in christ embassy is greater than he that is in you and all that contributed to this pit of hell article, may God forgives you all

  11. Be VERY careful the way you treat a man of God,because,you are not going to find it easy,if God strike or descend on you!.Am not a member of Christ Embassy.But,i want you to know that “No one ever put his hand against the Lord’s ANOINTED and went free”
    God is so jealousy over His servants

    1. We are all members of one body of Christ…If U have Christ in you persecution of one member is persecution of all. Pray for these guys for they do not know what the Spirit has revealed to you. Remember, count it all joy….

  12. Leave Pastors chris. your paper never write any good things about Pastor chris. Am not a member of christ Embassey. But your attack on this man, is no more sweet. go look for story elsewhere. If you are paid to destroy this man, is not a good Job. You end up destroying yourself

  13. do i teach u how to balance ur duty? kindly investigate and state ur fact precisely. did he asked u to steal?
    Thank God u didnt say u caught him atop a woman or man.

  14. I have said it before, you are not able to close your production without MANUFACTURING something against Christians. With this one, you have gone overboard and clearly shown your distaste for anything God or His servants.

  15. Why are you people busy defending human being? Let me tell you The Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked. Only God can determine what is embedded there. Gideon’s father said let the Baal fight for itself if it were God. Allow god to whom we owe allegiance fight for the pastor in question. Though, I know little about him. But the little I know shows he is somehow deviating from the bible doctrines.The whole essence of religion is to make HEAVEN. Therefore, let us be much careful about the men of God and look critically at their fruits. Jesus said in the last Days fake Prophets , Pastors,Evangelists etc will emerge in the name of God. Matthew 7:21-26. Nevertheless, I’m not saying the story is true or false but let stop defending men of God. if truly they are building on the rock nothing can fall their building no matter the wind or storm. God bless you all see you in HEAVEN

  16. the guy that put this story up is sick and need a deliverance……in the bible Christ says ppl are perish because of their lack of knowledge and wisdom. poverty is the main reason why ppl in Nigeria talk dirty to all these pastors…yes we all know that in the revelation that lot of fake preachers, but that doesn’t mean u should be condemned man of god this way….Nigeria good ppl bad ideals

  17. note both the EFCC and U are just trying to dare God, nobody fights for God. mind ur business, if he is right or wrong let it between him & his God. what is wrong with u people, I am not his member but as a believer, God cannot be mocked, so nobody fights for God and u can only become a problem to urself id u do just dat. did the man of God told those people to steal?? out of their of foolishness they could not understand God and the want to feel great in church and the steal, dats Judas who was with JESUS as well.

  18. People who are brainwashed by one man religion can never allow God to direct them. The manner and the way people run their church is a clear evidence that Satan is the head of their Organization. We all needs God deliverance and forgiveness, but some had rather died and died again just by mare abracartabra of one funny man paying tribute to the queen of coast. Some of their hair cream are produced by the godess spirit to give them inspirations and charmaing words to deceive people the more. CHRIST WAS GOING ABOUT DOING GOD, FROM JERUSALEM TO SAMARIA, Please those defending them should advise them to move around and showcase their spirit filled life. We know the truth and that can only set us free. With all these useless lifestyle and nakedness in the high places in this Embassy never put Christ again. Dont bring the name of my saviour to ridicule

  19. Dear All
    I wonder… where has the beautiful, nature driven african religion has gone?
    Aren’t you guys sick of this european version of a god that is the bible and Jesus? Don’t you see how the americans and europeans had put those ideas in your head?

    Where are the orishas? The gods that represented your beautiful rivers, forests and ancient people?

    Why don’t you guys turn your faith back to your own identity and win against these westerns that are trying to corrupt your own religion just to make you slaves again in order to get all the oil they need…

    Stop worshiping western gods, and turn back to your own beautiful african rooted religions which are much more humanized and special then Jesus and all that crap!!

  20. Dis is not man of god, true believers don’t perform miracles, they rely on god to guide and provide for them and their followers

    1. Go read your bible ogbeni, John 14:12 “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father”.

  21. no matter what i will not suport ur claims but let pastor chris check his blood line may be somhting some where needs attention roal
    but why cant the publisher say something about the alfas that cover them selvs wit religion and go behind and prepare chams for there client and also carry out manny other evil

  22. Please,I do not understand how and why MAGAZINE OF THIS CALIBRE WOULD IN ANY CASE ASSUMED POSSIBLE PUBLISH ARTICLES LIKE THIS.tHIS IS WHY CHRITIANITY IS GOOD,ATLEAST,IT ALLOWS YOU AS A CHRISTIAN TO LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT ANYONE ASSUMING OR PROPOSING TO BE god.It is not any human being’s concerns if any one dresses the way they want.This is a natural right which must never be denied.We are not under any religious government and facing and targetting religion as part of the problems the world are facing now is a joke.If anyone of you out there both christians and muslims do feel that you are still Lost to your origin then maybe it is about time you begin to adjust your brains bcos the magazine and all those commenting for long on similar issue are all in danger of not seeking immediate medical needs.It surprises me that even up until now,lazy people like yo all only engage in inciting fear and panic into the nerves of people.Pathetic indeed.Why must you alll be still folled.Why must religion ever cause problem unless man is behind it.Can religion seperate us as brothers and sisters?Common,you guys are so sad honestly,in the beautiful world like this,you all still are furious.If trully your religion is so important,,then,you can make the fire comw pouring down.Wake up you fools.For how long have you been sleeping?wake up and start loving your neighbours.Go and seek for work to do in order to face a future than been fraustrated in life.Please,you all must think again and see what type of spirit that is running in you b4 claiming bishop or imams.I cant believe this at all.I would not believe there are people like you who are totally blinded to the true gift of life yet yilliteracy and hate has been allowedd to spread well across some peoples body as worms and cankerworms.May God bless evetone and may God bless federal republic of Nigeria..May God bless united Kingdom

  23. where does this man of god got his healing want to tell me that this kind of powers go to clean people like him(them)? jesus christ was never rich,he perfomed meracules than he does. here in sout africa,since in the year 2000 people are buying tent’s tome make they’re own churches.because they ,now know that churches are money guys,this pastor you are trying to defend ,he is just like tha one of brazil(Edir Macedo)of universal churche.they,re all money makers using the word of god.

  24. The truth is that we are not meant to judge anybody, and the Bible says ‘judge not so that you will not be judged’. Why not leave God to judge and stop wasting time discussing someone who doesn’t have your time and who is prospering in his endeavour. A word is enough for the wise.

  25. I kind of agree with Ayodele Adefemi. “Let baal fight for himself”. Man cannot fight his battle except God fights for him. I do not wish to condemn the pastor but I must say that there are some noticeable behaviours in this beloved pastor that gives room for questioning. E.g. why would a man of God start perming (Jerry curls) his hair. It gives a wrong signal and impression. Almost all his pastors now go around with Jerry curls. As good as a message may seem, a respectable appearance also matters. Be that as it may, God is the overall judge who judges every one according to their deeds.

    As for the muslim brothers who are writing nonsense, i would encourage you to be careful what you write because even you are not perfect. From studies at different times and events, we have seen that most atrocities are committed by muslims. From bomb blasts (boko haram) to purposefully butchering and killing of children, to armed robberies, etc. Muslims left prayer ground and enter churches and people’s compounds and began butchering them like goats. And you say you belong to the religion of peace. Where is the peace there? May God help us.

  26. it is not on 2 ny one 2 judge,if at all we are 2 jugde we til most tyme’s judge wrongly as humaans…wot matters is d “word”nt d pastors,blieve in d word word as a christian and nt d speaker,live d speaker onto God…and i dn’t c anything bad in hair parmin…4 as far as it’s nt affectn his relationship wit God(judge not)

  27. Shame on y’all bunch of dirty hypocrites. Y’all say your objectives is to evangelize meanwhile you just demonize. You quote Leviticus against gay people but do you forget that if Leviticus forbids gay sex it also forbids to sleep in the same house than a woman having her periods? You ain’t no more Christian than gay people who keep on preaching love and tolerance (which is what god wants, has he says in the holy bible) against your hate (which if you don’t know it, a sin…)

  28. The more the hate, bad publicity and false rumours, pastor chris keeps getting bigger and bigger. you should pick a clue from that. When I started reading your articles about him I decided to listen to him n since then my life has never been the same. As for the healings, I know people personally who were healed diring his meetings. I knew this 19 old guy who had a strange disease that caused his belly to grow big. This boy was healed instantly infront of me at night of bliss in ghana. You will be a fool to thing that God cannot heal people today like he did in bible days. Hypocrisy!!

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