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expressThe scandal currently rocking hair manufacturing giant, X-Pression is yet to be over, [showads ad=GLO]according to information at our disposal. The company we learnt is currently enmeshed in a management versus staff battle and things seems to be falling apart for the once upon a time buoyant venture.

Global News learnt from reliable sources that few weeks back, a casual worker at the company slumped and died right inside the factory after he had complained of his illness to the management for several days without them giving him the much needed medical attention. [showads ad=GLO]According to the information at our disposal, the young man was struggling to meet up with the deadline to make up his complete weekly wages which is tagged 21 points, this means any worker that aimed to receive wages enough to take care of his or her needs must ensure he or she covers up the 21 points. [showads ad=GLO]

This is why this young man (the victim) ignored his sickness, having thought he was healthy and obliged to work for that week. It was during the course of his rendering his service to the company that he slumped and eventually died afterwards. What baffled the other workers were the non-challant attitudes of the management staff that completely ignored the fact that they have just lost a human being and decided to move on with their lives. [showads ad=GLO]Speaking with one of the workers in a condition of anonymity, he said, that is the normal ways the Koreans do their thing. They do not believe we Nigerians are human beings and whenever an incident occur in the factory, they completely ignore you and carry on with their production. The most painful thing is that our own government has done nothing to tackle this sinful and inhuman act.

Probing further, Global News also gathered that when the workers could not contain their anger, they all boycotted work last week and forced every other person not to have anything to do with the company until the issue of the dead young man is properly addressed, [showads ad=GLO] knowing fully well that what happened to that young many may equally happen to them. This action of the workers really enraged the management who immediately called for Police assistance. However, we also gathered that the arrival of policemen did not stop the workers from carrying out their protest.

For now, Global News can authoritatively tell you that the factory has being closed due to the rancor between the management and the ‘stubborn’ workers who are in solidarity with one of their own. We shall be bringing you more gist on this as event unfolds. [showads ad=GLO]

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