March 30, 2023

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Gov. Sylva Threaten To Kill Jonathan And Family+Why President’s Men Moved Against Him

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Barring any last minute changes, Governor Timipre Sylva’s hope of retaining his seat in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Bayelsa state, may have been foreclosed. Competent sources have revealed that Governor Timipre Sylva, who is the chief

security officer of the state, has become a liability and security risk to the Nigerian security agencies and cannot be trusted with the responsibility of governance.

His actions and utterances, penultimate week, caused panic within the presidency and Nigerian security apparatchiks. President Jonathan was said to be highly disturbed by Governor Sylva`s conduct that he hurriedly summoned a meeting of security chiefs in Nigeria, with Governor Sylva in attendance, to defend himself.

At the meeting Governor Sylva took responsibility for his utterances and conducts, citing frustration on his part and lack of support from President Jonathan as being responsible for his misdeeds. Subsequently, Governor Sylva knelt down and begged the President and the security czars present to forgive him. He was then asked to cease and desist from making threats capable of heating up the polity and return to Yenogoa immediately.

However, security has been beefed up around President Jonathan, his family and interests inNigeria, particularly in his home state, Bayelsa.

To this end “Famou Tamgbei”, a security team, consisting mainly of mobile policemen which was constituted by Governor Sylva and is alleged to be loyal to him, has been disbanded by the Inspector General of police, Hafiz Rigim.

Irked by Governor Sylva’s conducts, leading members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) of Ijaw extraction has begun shopping for his replacement. It is however uncertain if they have the backing of President Jonathan. understands that Governor Sylva in a telephone conversation with President Jonathan`s brother and former Bayelsa state commissioner for Health, Dr. Eruani Azipanu, had threatened to kill him, President Jonathan and his wife, Patience, if he was not re-elected as Governor.

In a telephone conversation with, Eruani said:

“Governor Sylva called me one early morning, and I answered and said Good morning Your Excellency. Sylva responded, Please don’t call me that, I heard the President wants to remove me as Governor and install you, so that is why you refused to return as commissioner?


Our investigation reveals that for several months, Sylva had complained to the Inspector General of Police, Haffiz Rigim that he does not have access to President Jonathan. He said as the Governor of Mr. President’s home state, he was supposed to have unfettered access to the President.

However the president’s inner caucus decided to move against him because of his role during the health crisis of former President Umar Yar’Adua that created power vacuum. According to security reports,it was alleged that Governor Sylva provided Five hundred million naira (N500, 000,000.00) as bribe to the National Assembly to make sure that Goodluck Jonathan does not emerge as acting President.

Attempt to reach Governor Sylva was unsuccessful, calls to his phone were not answered, neither did he respond to our text messages as at press time.However, sources close to the Governor insist that his threats was a political ploy, aimed at putting the President`s men, who are opposed to his re-election on the defensive.

Asked about Governor Sylva’s threats vis-a-vis, his right to freedom of expression, a leading constitutional lawyer from Nigeria, who craved anonymity, said, “Governor Sylva crossed the line, the Nigerian constitution, (Chapter 4, section 33), guarantee every citizen the right to life, and states no one should be deprived intentionally of his life. It is wrong for anyone to threaten another life, talk less an elected Governor to threaten to terminate the life of a sitting President”. This is political suicide, and unless President Jonathan let this slide, Gov. Sylva may have ended his political carrier, he said.

In a related development there are indications that the removal of the former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa, Chief Dairus Obiene, would have negative effects on the struggle by the incumbent governor ofBayelsaState, Chief Timipre Sylva, to secure the party’s governorship ticket.

Investigation  revealed that the governor, who lobbied spiritedly for Obiene to retain his job as part of the grand plan to win the PDP primary slated for November 19, 2011 became worried as the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) approved the appointment of James Dugo as the substantive chairman ahead of the February 2012 governorship poll.

The tenure of the former state chairman was characterised by bickering and series of complaints by PDP major stakeholders and members, regarding lopsidedness in the party’s hierarchy.

President Goodluck Jonathan, Governor Sylva and Obiene are from Bayelsa East Senatorial District, a development which generated ill feelings within the party members in Bayelsa.

Also learnt that the  decision of the NWC to ratify the appointment of Mr James Dugo, on Tuesday, inAbujahad terribly rattled the camp of the governor’s loyalists against the forthcoming primary election.

The source further hinted that Sylva had approached elder statesmen from the Niger Delta region and Amanyanabo of Nembe Kingdom, Edmund Daukoru, the leadership of Ijaw National Congress (INC), Bayelsa Founding Fathers Forum, Bayelsa Elders Forum and paramount ruler of President Goodluck Jonathan’s Otuoke community, HRH Lot Ogiasa, to prevail on the president to give him a chance.

45 thoughts on “Gov. Sylva Threaten To Kill Jonathan And Family+Why President’s Men Moved Against Him

  1. I guess SylvaTimipire must have made that statement under the influence of HARD DRUG that he is known for.If not i dont think a reasonable person with his right senses and right mind can make such statement just becuase he lost been chosen for second term.

    1. Are you the one that supplies him the hard drug? Think before you put pen to paper.Be aware of false rumors circulating in the state.

      1. He must have been under the influence of Alcohol or hard drug, anyway, Nigeria has so many criminals as Governors these days, he is probably one of them, it can only be one of the two!

  2. It is only in Nigeria that a criminal and cocaine-addicted megalomaniac like sylvia will attempt to re-contest an election

  3. Stupid sylver…. How dare you threaten Mr president? This is the exhibition of the level of madness in you.. He should be charged according.

  4. Am a Bayalsan, yes am saying this bcuz 2 we are having a governor that cant govern us 2 were we ourd 2 b imageing a governor threatning his president.ok what has been done 4 crime he committed norting and we are just saying it as article dis cnt hapen in a civilis cuontry.we all as nation need chang God help us amen.

  5. Silva or whatever you call yourself, please if you can kill goodluck go ahead and do that because he is not man enough ok.

  6. l still cant imagine he threatened the life of a “sitting President”! That itself amounts to threat against he state of Nigeria and l guess the punishment is death by hanging or at least, life imprisonment.

    IF he can threaten Mr. President, what then will he do to “an ordinary citizen”? This shows the level of decay in the Governor’s mental capacity. “Frustration or lack of access to Mr. President” is not his birth right and therefore not an excuse to commit “Treasonable Felony”!

    I guess it is only in a Banana Republic like Nigeria, where everything is done in a “Paddy-Paddy, Mafia-style” that the state Security apparatus would even allow this to “pass”!.
    Shame on the kinds of “animals” that rule “humans” in Nigeria. Mtchew

  7. May God save Nig. from wolves in human flesh who never respect life(s) of other people for the sake of power continuation.

  8. These are signs of a failed nation. Otherwise, why on earth will a sitting governor threatened to kill a sitting president who is from the same state and region? This country need a man like J.J Rawlings at this time to cleanse it from further pollution. Where are my fellow comrades? Arise my fellow comrades to defend your fatherland.

  9. I think sylva shld punish according 2 d law. Bcoz b4 he made such statement, dt means he has an intention already. Infact for him 2 have gne as far as trying 2 bribe d National house of assembly wit such huge amount of money. Dt show of his greedness, haulthy eyes and bad governance as an elected gov.

  10. it is unaceptable and total loss of mind for a person who is known as honourable to make such a calous and unthinkable statement against a number 1 citizens of this great nation Nigeria.its our president’s call though

  11. if actually Gov. Sylva threatened to kill Mr. President,and family, then it means he has forgotten that the days of immunity is defined in Nigeria. Bayelsans if he Sylva has serve you well, then give him another chance, but if otherwise, boot him out of the immunity to go face his music. I’m sure the Nigeria security is best at dealing with people without immunity.

  12. Honestly I was not happy that Sylva or whatever they called him said something like this. GEJ is a good man to even allowed him to be on seat up to date. Such a threat is against the nation, We all know that he (Sylva) is one of the big financer of Boko harram, Sylva yr time is up. Nigeria is not a forest where there is no law, u will face the law not GEJ

  13. GEJ and Sylva are one and the same thing. Bad governance and indecision are their hallmarks, and Aso rock for that matter has been vacant since GEJ checked-in there. So if Sylva an ijaw man has made up his mind to kill GEJ his fellow tribesman, in order to make way for another occupant, what about that? After all only the two of them know what we don’t know.

  14. I am not bothered if the allegation is true or false afterall PDP is known to have done more heinous crime that this threat

  15. Politicians will only tell us what they want us to hear.
    The energy, time and resources channelled through all these propaganda is enough to put three square meal on the table of Bayelsa pple.
    In the name of God almighty, i beg all Bayelsa politicians to focus on providing the dividend of a democratic governance.

  16. we were complaining why was it only Hausa that rules much in Nigeria. Pls somebody tell me what we have achieved since Jonathan ascend the throne, it’s inflation on daily basis, the man is just there as figure head, taking advice from wrong people, people can no longer eat 3 meals a day, and he is still planing to add more to the surfring of the people next year. Please God say us from this person whom you have so elevated and now become an oppressor to us.

  17. Sylve is only 1 mistake that never happen in the lifes of bayelsan. Other states are looking 4 opportunties like this where the president will come from ur state bt where we are planning on hw to kill mr president just becus sylve wants to return to power. Sylve should resign and vacates office cus he is unfit to remain as governor

  18. I will understand hw serioi Mr. President is as d chief security officer of Nigeria if he allows dis political recklessness n threats of Slva to go unpunished.

  19. Honestly, i just cant stop getting amazed by the country called Nigeria. If it was Abacha on power can a governor attempt to say such nonsense? Anyway i put the whole blame on GEJ himself for being such a dummie. He is the first president that lacks charisma not to talk of competence and this fact is clear by the day to day happenings in the country. GEJ wake up from slumber.

  20. Its sad if this is true for the ijaw ethnic group as a all we say sylva should go and let’s breath fresh air in Bayelsa.We want peace and development and we know by God’s grace the new government will provide that.All ijaw well meaninig people have spoken SYLVA MUST GO AND FACE THE LAW

  21. Sylva is just a disappointment, his sins are many, Firstly i had before now that he moved against Goodluck becoming the president of Nigeria, Secondly he threatened to kill a sitting president with his family.

    He “Silver” was the same governor that was stoned by his people few months ago when the president paid a courtesy visit to his state, and it took the intervention of the president to calm the embittered crowd.

    Well it is a common knowledge that he takes hard drugs”cocaine” so sometimes i am not surprised about his actions and unguarded comments. Same way Ibori moved against Goodluck and he is doing his time in London prison, that is the way Silver will do his own whenever he steps down.

  22. What borders me is ,that those who produces zero oil that brings the money to the state are the people who makes a lot of noise,they thought we are fools, we won’t allow them rule

  23. It is unwise for a man to forget the origin of his political success,we knew Timi when he was a PA to the then minister of petroleum. We all know he became governor by the special Grace of the Almighty God and he should be greatfull forvever to God for choosing him amongs millions of Bayelsa citizens,amazingly he now thinks it is his birth right and then threatening the life’s of the first family of our great nation. He should first account for the billions allocated to his state in the last four years before seeking for a second term.What will become of a country that keeps rotating chamfered politicians with ranchared attitude.
    The gentility of a lion does not signify it’s weakness.

  24. I know a guy who supplied Sylva with crack-cocaine in government house. Infact, Sylva even gave this guy (a militant leader and hard drug dealer) a guest house in government house to live. Sylva himself cannot deny being a hard drug user, specifically crack-cocaine. I dare Sylva to tell the world why he gave “En——or” a guest house in government house Yenagoa to live in while he was governor!!!

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