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Barely two years after losing his first wife Clara to the cold hands of death, Governor Oshiomhole has reportedly married a new wife.

The new girl whom report says frequently shuttles the state house and the comrade’s hometown in Iyambo, Edo State, coincidentally shares the same name with the governor’s daughter Jane, who was recently delivered of a baby boy.

Sources said Jane, 25, is currently in her final year studying law at the Ambrose Alli University, Edo State. We also learnt she hails from Urhomi and sometime last year a secret traditional marriage took place at Jane parents’ home in Urhomi.

Though details of how they met are still very sketchy, Global News gathered that it was shortly after the demise of the late first lady that their relationship became obvious.

According to sources, the relationship is only known to a few in the government house, but it is affirmed that she comes around to spend time with the governor whenever he is around the government house. And during the week, there are claims that she stays with Oshiomhole’s mum in Iyambo.

Expectedly, the new wife is said to be enjoying life to the fullest as the wife of a state executive governor. Though Oshiomhole is hesitant about declaring her at the moment as the first lady based on political calculations, the sultry lady, we gathered, will automatically become the first lady if and when Oshiomhole wins the forthcoming election.

At the moment, she already has everything at her beck and call as it was alleged that her husband never deprived her of every good thing she needs. “Besides the first lady title that is missing, I can tell you that Jane has everything she needs. Name it, she does no job than to personally cook for her man whenever he is around. Her driver takes her to school on the state’s expenses and she is comfortable with her husband’s family, what else does she want?” the source squealed.

It will never be forgotten in a hurry that the late wife died at age 54 years on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at the Abuja Clinic, Maitama, after a protracted battle with breast cancer.

The late Mrs Oshiomhole was survived by her husband and five children:  Cyril, Winnie, Jane, Steve and Adams Jnr.

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