October 1, 2023

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Gov. Amosun’s Brother Lives In Abject Poverty

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Though the new Governor of theGatewayState, Senator Ibikunle Amosun has promised to give the people of the state the good things of life, those who are in the know claim that the promises may be nothing but empty.

Reason, according to them, is that the governor, despite his claim to fame and wealth, has left his family members wallowing in abject poverty. Gathered that one of them, Bariyu Amosun, is said to be a taxi driver in the city ofAbeokuta.

Many always pity him because they believe that despite his brother’s wealth and influence in the society, even before he won the gubernatorial election – at least he was senator for four years – Bariyu didn’t benefit from him. Instead, he still lives in the family house at Akin Olugbade in the state capital.

Those who know Bariyu well claim that his brother’s status has not in any way helped him because many people who would have assisted him are unwilling to do so because they believe that his brother is in the best position to turn his fortune around.

If the case of Bariyu is pathetic, wait to hear that of Sofiu Amosun, another of his brothers. We learnt Sofiu earned his daily bread working as a pepper grinder for a man who died recently in Lafenwa. Investigation revealed that instead for the governor to set him up by buying his own machine, he refused, which has turned him into laughing stock among his friends who are mocking him. The case of his elder brother, Alhaji Abidoye Amosun, is not different from the two above because he is not in any way better .

Charity, it is said, begins at home but Ibikunle Amosun, it would appear, is not living up to this aphorism.

30 thoughts on “Gov. Amosun’s Brother Lives In Abject Poverty

  1. I hope is not true, bu if is true,he shouLd ask for forgiveness. From them,bC the wealth belong to all of them,he has to settle them imdtly. Or else We m$eet at the the pool.emPty promise.

  2. This type of attitude is killing Nigeria, because he’s a governor or former Senator does it mean all members of his family will be rich, right? So you want him to steal like others to enrich his family members because he’s a public official. What is wrong with being a taxi driver or poor? Rather than challenging his brothers to work hard or do something for themselves like he did, the media is busy feasting on their sympathy, it is a shame sahara reporters is reporting this. This is not news and nothing new or wrong, leave the governor alone, at least he didn’t steal anybody’s money to share with his family members.

    1. Moses, you are a fool. If you don’t have a good point to post, then keep your forking mouth short. If you are rich, then i wonder how your family including your parents will benefit from your fucking money. Your comments shows that you are a bastard to your family, idiot

      1. Ty u are a very big fool if u have read what Moses wrote very well then you would have understood very well. so because he is a governor now he should steal money to enrich his family? did u bother to find out if his siblings are the serious type?because Obama is president does that mean his sibling should be super rich? it is fools like you that allow our leaders to steal.

      2. We should stop this give me, give me business. lf the other brothers did the right things at their younger years they will not be in these situations. The Gov paid his dues and so did you. Stop looking for a person to do for you, get up and do for you self.

    2. Even Joseph fed his siblings, after they sold him. Charity begins from home. However, I was not surprise maybe they upset the demon governor Ibikunle Amosun, so he decided to show them who is the boss. Amosun eat and Dine with Satan lack of spirit of forgiveness. Very demonic governor . Ogun state will never be free from ritual killing as long as Amosun remains the governor . Heartless and very dangerous to the society.

  3. becuase Ibikun Amosun is wealth does not mean that he should be throwing money around just like that,his sibling should alos work for their own money.nobody should blame Amosun.who knows what he might has transpired between the brothers.they should also search themselve,what have they done to him.

  4. Have you heard the other side of Gov amosun’s story? Moreso this is a family issue it should not in anyway become a public issue that will be read on the pages of newspapers.You need to hear from th eGov Amosun before this publication.

  5. The Governor must stand up now and do something for his people. His basic salary alone can do that for them,not necessary through stealing. Who knows if God has brought him to his present position because of his family and because of others the way he did to joseph. MR GOVERNOR, YOU BETTER READ THE HANDWRITTING ON THE WALL. GOD IS THE GIVER OF WEALTH. Goodness to your people wount take anything from you it will rather make you confident at death.

  6. the story is useless. what exactly are you saying…that he should pack the state money to help his brothers?? Or what???

  7. This is a typical Nigerian story where the society looks at relatives of a rich person as his/her responsibility to take care of and uplift their socio-economic status. I see nothing wrong in this except that we must try to ascertain the true state of affairs between the wealthy person and the poor relations before we condemn anyone of them. The fault could be either way depending on the specific circumstance.

  8. Mr governor, pls forgive all their mistake and help them.The weak can never forgive.Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.thank you sir.


  10. sen or Gov Amosun charity begins @ home and it is only a bastard dat use left hand 2 describe his father’s house. And if na juju u do dat u u should not help ur family tell dem

  11. This is an interesting one. We shall harvest the comments to decide who is right and who is wrong in his/her thinking in this matter

  12. who knows whether traditionally he used their spirits to get wealth and fame. And to that end he will not be wiling to help his relatives especially his siblings. The case of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo is not different..

  13. The reporter must b a Bastards & un ethnic reporter. Before reportin an event of this nature,d reporter owns it a duty 2 cross check d story frm d affected persons/family which he fail to do..

    I Alhaji Abidoye Amosun (elder brother of Ogun state Gov.) gives d correct possition of d story……
    D Gov. has started given me a resonable monthly allowance since 1995 up till date,not only dat,he takes care of Education of all my children frm Primary to Higher Institution Level. I’m happily reporting dat today,I’m havin 4 Graduates & 4 under-graduates & others in secondary school.

    Secondly,Gov. Amosun established a Haulage business 4 me in 2001 lifting “JET-A” products. Dis fact can b verified at Juhi Airport Trailer Park,Ikeja.
    Finaly,I’m in-charge of distributing monthly allowances to all members of Amosun friend,family & relatives including “Bariyu & Sofiu” dat d reporter mention. Yoruba adege says “Ise la fi n di eni giga” which implies dat every body has to find a work for him/her self inorder 2 becom a man in life. We can not say because Amosun is rich,we his family should stop working……..

  14. the gov shuld help his pple if they want to b helped. he can do so out his basic salary. give to those in need even if u were not the gov. God has blessed u to b a blessing to others.

  15. This is what I get tired about. We say politicians get into office and enrich themselves and family members.
    Now the news reports it strange that the Gorvernor’s family members are living poor. What is expected? come on!

  16. Asiwaju will finish lagos lagos purse fashola did not curb him now.He is all in all Mr fix it. That is how he did in 2009 local govt election. you can see non of them is working

    1. Why should he? Is this a matter of the state or his personal /private business. There are some things that is not even worth responding to.

  17. Have you enquired from these so called brothers and the Governor. Please stop passing such comments without having all ur facts

  18. So because he (Amosun) was once a senator, he should use his position to enrich his sibblings.. uhn or now that he is the governor he should ? Is this an effort by the opponents or distractors,when they can’t find a way to pull him down or drag him in the mud then they are trying to create an avenue to doing so. May GOD forgive everyone of you(rumour mongers)

  19. This is sad! anyway am not surprise, i guess the guy has used their destiny to get fame and money so he probably cannot give them out of the money as this will be a taboo to him and the juju he did! going forward, the brothers should seek the face of God and pray, and collect their glory back from him! Period!

  20. d publishers are stupid,if d guy help rhem now they will b d first to write stupid tins about him,nawaooo people dey craseooo

  21. These reporters should go back and read what the Brother Alhadji Abidoye Amosun commented,.
    I dove my hat for Ibikunle Amosun; If previous Governors of Ogun state perform1/100 of what Kunle did for Ogun within 4years during tenure , Ogun state would have become a paradise on earth by now. Going from Idiaba to Ita-Oshin which normally takes about Ihr now takes roughly 15minutes. I am sure all his family and myself are enjoying these facilities. His senior brother said he is helping in educating the children of family members. There are more Graduates in the family now. I will suggest the Stupid Journalist should revisit the story and correct the stupid story – That is bad Journalism to the core.

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