June 6, 2023

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Give Us Our Cash Prize – Trophy Five-Aside Winner Cries Out

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Winners of the Five-Aside football tournament told International Breweries Plc to release their cash prize after emerging as the African Champion in Tanzania or face litigation.

The African Champion represented by a Lagos based firm, Okadele Ige & Co alledged that the company has refused to give its clients their entitlements.

According to the law firm, the boys were entitled to cash, construction of a mini stadium at the home ground of the winner and also represent Africa at the world tournament.

In a letter signed by Mr. Oladele Ige to the company, it said, “Your organization has however failed, refused and neglected to honour it’s obligations to deliver our client’s entitlements upon winning the tournament.”

The Five-Aside champion demanded that company should release the cash prize and their other entitlement otherwise they would seek legal redress.

They also demanded N100million as demages for the breach and a letter of apology.

However, representative of the breweries, Keskese Limited in it’s response to the lawyer’s letter said there was not contract between the Five-Aside team and International Breweries.

It said, “Rewards were only promised to the winners of the Five-Aside Tournament organized in Nigeria.”

The boys represented Trophy as brand ambassador in the football tournament played in Tanzania by Castle, a sister company of International Breweries in June, 2019.

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