August 19, 2022

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Gabon and Togo Admitted as New Commonwealth Members

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Gabon and Togo Admitted as New Commonwealth Members

The newest countries to join the English-speaking club headed by Queen Elizabeth II without any prior ties to the United Kingdom were Gabon and Togo, which were accepted by the Commonwealth of Nations yesterday.

On the last day of its leadership conference in Rwanda, the 54-nation organization—most of which were formerly British colonies—accepted Togo and Gabon’s applications for membership.

At the news conference that followed, Rwandan President Paul Kagame declared, “We have admitted Gabon and Togo as new members, and we all welcome them to the Commonwealth family.”

The French-speaking West African nations are the Commonwealth’s first new members since Rwanda joined in 2009.

Foreign Minister of Togo Robert Dussey claimed that joining the Commonwealth provided access to 2.5 billion consumers, increased educational opportunities, and tapped into a “craze” for English among his compatriots.

He told AFP that Togo’s ambition to join was driven by a desire to “extend its diplomatic, political, and commercial network… as well as to become closer to the English-speaking world.”

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