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The last may not have been heard about the reckless lifestyle of the chairman of Ojodu Local Council Development Area [LCDA], Muyiwa Oloro. Recall that in our last edition, we brought to you a story in which the man was accused of grossly mismanaging the funds of the local council to the tune of about N2 billion in just less than two years!

The latest about this man who has amassed such stupendous wealth in just a few months of becoming the chairman is that he has been shouting at the top of his voice, telling whoever cares to listen that he doesn’t care about the feelings of the electorates when it comes to the way he spends the money which belongs to them. He said nobody can hold him accountable for his financial recklessness not even the council legislative arm or any other arm of the government.

To demonstrate his financial recklessness to the whole world and the people of the council that he has truly arrived, shortly after he was sworn in, precisely three months in office, he bought over a property very close to Beulah Hotel in Oke-Ira 2nd junction of the area which he dismantled and within six months he has built a palatial mansion that befits his status valued at about N25 million and he is also said to have erected two bungalows on two plots of land in his home town in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State also said to be worth millions of naira. He is also alleged to be building a hotel somewhere in the Mowe area of Ogun State.

Fresh reports reaching us now indicate that he has been bragging that he has some political godfathers that he bribes regularly and as such nobody can touch a strand of the hair on his body. Top on the list of the godfathers he mentioned is the national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN) and immediate-past governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and a  Lagos ACN chieftain and one-time commissioner in Lagos State who served under the Tinubu regime, Muiz Banire.

Oloro was quoted to have said as long as he ‘settles’ these godfathers, then he is very sure that nothing will happen to him even if the electorates that brought him to power through their votes like it or not. Now that Oloro has vowed to continue with his financial recklessness and squandering the hard-earned resources of the LCDA, what is bothering people is what Oloro is trying to achieve by dragging these highly respected politicians into the matter of an LCDA, even to the extent of including their names in such a terrible scandal. He was even quoted further to have said he and Tinubu, Banire are so close to the extent that no matter any negative report that is brought to them about him, even if it is true, they would not believe it.

The question here is that how much does Oloro have to buy the conscience of the people of Tinubu and Muiz’s calibre?

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