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For God will bring every work into judgement including every secret thing whether good or evil. Eccl 12:14

The Holy Scriptures say that in the last days, wonders shall never cease to happen. They explain further that many fake prophets will come up, claiming to be messengers of God; meanwhile, they are only messengers of evil, working for their personal interest.

Since the death of the acclaimed man of God, Prophet Akinade Elijah of CAC Lion of Judah become known, controversies have continued to stir up, challenging his spirituality and ministerial life, some of which, as revealed in our story, exposed his immoral and unspiritual lifestyle. Many of his church members were calling and castigating us for exposing the man they hold dear, and who they believed could not go wrong.

But if the revelation in our earlier story shocked many in his flock, they are in for another shocker of their lives when they hear that their General Overseer, before his death had other children outside his matrimonial home.

Till his death, Pastor Akinade was ostensibly known with one wife, Lady Evangelist Augusta Oluwatoyin Akinade who is fondly called Iya Shiloh, mother of Obafemi, his known first child, in accordance with the scripture and the doctrine of the church he represented. But it may surprise you to know that something not befitting a Christian, let alone a man of God, happened as four mistresses, with their children born for the pastor out of wedlock, ranging from 15 to 19 years of age, except one of them known as Abiodun, who is said to be older than Obafemi, which puts his age in the range of late 20s to early 30s, appeared at the prophet’s burial which simply means that the late prophet has had him before he married his legal wife but the identity of the young man was shrouded in ultimate secret to the members of the church and from some people said to be close to him.

Many that graced the burial rites in Ibadan were shocked to the bone marrow when the four women arrived simultaneously with their children who, according to insiders who witnessed the whole scenario, bear a noticeable resemblance to the deceased.

We even gathered that prior to his death, he had called and given a substantial amount of money, running into millions of naira, to two of the mistresses and even left them a standing order to attend his burial in the company of their children in the event that he didn’t survive the ailment that had confined him to his sick bed. This, we heard, prompted the invasion of these mistresses and their children at the burial.Further learnt that some family members allegedly rejected one of them that they don’t want to have anything to do with.

The legal wife, Iya Shiloh, was said to be dumbfounded at this revelation and church members as well as sympathizers could do nothing but grumble.

It would be recalled that the prophet had to flee from his initial base in Ibadan to Lagos when a woman who was said to be the wife of a military man died in the course of her having a bout of the sinful act with him in a hotel.

Be that as it may, tongues have continued to wag on the controversial lifestyle of the late man of God. While a faction in Christian circle allege that during his earthly ministerial life, he was forcing church members to make compulsory donations, an attitude that never portrayed him as a genuine man of God, others believe that there was nothing like that.

Be that as it may, a leadership tussle in the congregation has also continued to gather storm. While Akinlolu, the immediate younger brother of the late man of God, who is also the husband of the popular gospel music act Bukola Akinade known as “Sewele Jesu” is said to be perfecting strategy to make things work Oba is warming up to take over the reins of leadership of the church.Though many people said the baton of leadership should be taken over by one Pastor Oyelaran a dark man with tribal who has been with the church for a long time.

Oyelaran who is in his 50’s and said to be well loved by everybody because of his upright spiritual life and who we also learnt didn’t quite agreed with the reckless lifestyle of his boss, this we learnt prompted him to stay put in Ibadan just because he wouldn’t like to see the atrocities of his boss.

Some members of the church are believed to be working seriously on making the deceased’s son, Obafemi, the one who will succeed his father the action that is contrary to the rules and regulations of Christ Apostolic Church .

This, we gathered, has been preventing the elders from presenting Obafemi who is already presenting himself to the congregation as the new shepherd of the church that has been going through many problems, especially that of credibility, since the founder, Prophet Akinade passed on to the great beyond.

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