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This is the untold story of an ex-governor of a popular oil-rich South-south state in Nigeria. In the realm of governance, whilst you enjoy immunity, there are stories that never see the light of day even with their hundred per cent validation; but when your tenure expires even your staff that was “very” loyal to you would begin to squeal on your dirtiest secrets.
The current senator was a man with a larger-than-life image but even with all that political enlargement of his coast, some of his deepest secrets will ever be made public. This is the very shocking story of how he maintained a huge BLOOD BANK. The ex-governor is known to have an insatiable libido for women. He loves them in all sizes of light, dark, fat, short and tall. He is known to have dated so many women both in the celeb world and even known names. His relationship with Nollywood actress, Ini was so thick that both parties never bothered denying it. He more than spoilt them with luxury as Ini has a mansion in Lekki, state-of-the-art cars and just recently opened a shop in Lekki Phase 1. But what most people do not know is that the chubby senator subjects all his female lovers to the “blood donation” ritual.
Before he sleeps with you, he would ask you to go for HIV test so as to be sure that he is safe, as he hates the use of condoms. In fact, he never uses it, he is known to love the skin-to-skin feeling. But unfortunately, for all his female victims, the HIV test is always performed by his own specialist. They take your blood under the pretext of testing for HIV/AIDS but in reality, it’s to grow up his private blood bank that is used for different types of ritual entirely.
Unknown to these women who are more than happy about the money they have received from him, their blood will be used for something very fetish which means that the destiny in this world has been compromised. His very trusted aides say it is like giving someone N1,000 and stealing N100,000 from the same person.
With his long list of lovers, you can then imagine how many destiny he has locked up. Some have money but can never bear their own children. Apart from that, there are many things these women go through in their privacy that they can never reveal to anyone. It’s a trap any wise woman should never step into. The distinguished senator is renowned for his fetish and witchcraft practices. Recently in Lagos, a big girl whose sister dated the senator for four years was heard telling her in-laws that the relationship was more or less an ‘external curse” on her sister. She said the man emptied her spiritually but gave her a lot of earthly things she no longer has the zeal to enjoy. The feeling according to this Island big girl is inexplicable.
That this man has dated many big girls is no longer news; however, some of these women have undergone breath-taking transformations. They have also become permanent fixtures in the society that their stories cannot help but be told by all those who know them too well. Freda used to be a Lagos big girl and was ousted years ago when it was discovered that she was never related to the family she claimed to belong to but that her mother was just a mere domestic servant to the family, but Freda decided to adopt the name so as to pave way for her in the Island big girls’ cycle.
Freda is one of this senator’s numerous concubines. He was said to have been smitten by her beauty when she was taken to him. They eventually started a thriving relationship that saw Freda climbing to the top of the Island social clique. Freda told her friends that she was now a contractor with the government of the state where the man reigned supreme and had at some point in time executed contracts in the region of N900 million. She eventually opened a spa on the Island where she caters to the upwardly-mobile crowd. Just like Ini, she has a fleet of posh cars and has a penchant for expensive jewelry, but she is even luckier than Ini because she has added a hip-hop star to her profile. The star musician who is also a Glo ambassador and Freda have been dating for long. She met him after she hit it big with the ex-governor and his money is really helping out in their relationship.
According to Freda’s close friends, the money was a huge attraction for him because truth is this entertainment industry is based on hype, so having a rich girlfriend who is more than happy to pay the bills was a huge blessing. They were initially silent about their relationship but now, the artiste has been flaunting her pictures on his Instagram page. If she is good to pay the bills then she is good to show to the world. They might get married soon, maybe secretly or openly as Freda now wants to quickly settle down but we pray that God will give her fruits of the womb whenever she finally marries.

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