June 2, 2023

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Foluke Daramola Ejected From Marwa Gardens Abode – How she has been sleeping about

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Surely, sultry actress Foluke Daramola has not been finding life easy since her marriage collapsed some years back. The setback that the breakup caused her affected her career and her life to the extent that she is alleged not to have an apartment of her own.

We gathered that a Good Samaritan offered her his house somewhere in Marwa Gardens in the heart of Alausa area of Lagos for N250,000 for a room. The house is very close to one of her sisters’ place where she was staying before she was asked to move for reasons best known to both of them.

Though she paid an initial N100,000, she could not raise the balance of N150,000 for the room and instead of going about her business in a quiet manner, we learnt she started telling all who cared to listen that she was the owner of the place without the consent of the person that allowed her to squat there. She would bring her friends and use the place as movie location, which didn’t go down well with her benefactor though he did not say anything all the while.

Aside this, she was alleged to be in the habit of disturbing the peace of other neighbours of the apartment which is located on Avocado Street in the dead of the night with loud prayers. She would be dressed in her Celestial Church uniform popularly called sutana, spreading salt and other prayer materials common with the spiritual church members.

Those close to the neighborhood revealed to us that her prayer often sounded like she wanted to take over the house from the real occupier. Our sources further divulged that things didn’t go down well with the Good Samaritan (names withheld) who was advised by some people to ease out the stranger if he did not want to experience a downward slide in his life.

This we learnt prompted him to eject her from his house and she was said to have moved to another building on the same street because she wanted to stay in the expensive estate at all costs. However instead of keeping her distance from the house where she was ejected, she still stormed the place with her crew to shoot a movie, shouting and constituting nuisance in the area.

Her going back to the place, we learnt, must have stemmed from the fact that she had given an impression to many people that she was the owner of the apartment. Probably to hide her shame when contacted by her friends for the use of the apartment, she would have to take them there to prove it belonged to her.

7 thoughts on “Foluke Daramola Ejected From Marwa Gardens Abode – How she has been sleeping about

  1. your write up does not hold water, how can she gain access to the place if the owner drove her out. 1. The place will be locked.
    2. Her things wont be there again, so how will she still be able to show her friends that the place belongs to her? Better get facts en stop running people down cos u want to write gossips.

  2. Na bad belle… Some people are just jealous of her gaining a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy including the owner of the house. God dey! Awon ika!

  3. Yeah, some of the report here does not add up but it does not take away the fact that Foluke was given a room or unit to stay by someone. Does she still act or no?

  4. Well many of the so called Nigerian actors/actres are just sycopant , b4 anythig they will reported in the media that they are driving latest jeep , well as you lay your bed you shall lie on it

  5. @Koola: So because she did a Masters in MILD (which school sef?), her benefactor, who gave her a roof to sleep under, is now jealous of her?

    Well, let her use her MILD to get herself s roof over her head (she has not even bought 100 cement blocks, talk less of building a house!) while the “jealous” house owner keep his house to himself!

    Jealous indeed! (lol).
    Like the Yorubas will say, “she is a light as a feather”!

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