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Jimoh-BuraimHighly controversial businessman and a close pal of late Sani Abacha’s deceased son, Ibrahim, Jimoh Ibrahim is in the news. Feelers from very close sources to the Akoko-born politician point to his ways of arrogant dealings with his family members. Jimoh, who has been enmeshed in many controversies both in the past and in the present is said not to respect anybody in his clan, not even his biological father, a Muslim cleric for that matter. One of his older siblings is the general manager of a department in his Global Fleet Group.

However, what actually brings about this gist is that a younger sibling of the former ANPP gubernatorial contestant in Ondo State was reported to be interested in one of the numerous cars in his fleet put on auction by Jimoh few years back after he had sacked majority of the workers whom he bought the cars for.

Alas, the young man, knowing that Jimoh is not a nice elder brother, decided to go through one of Jimoh’s managers to purchase one of the cars and handed over the sum of N200,000 to the man. But, Jimoh, perhaps due to his high level of psychology knew about the move and blocked it squarely, denying his own blood of cruising around in his own car.

This action really infuriated his younger brother and also shed more lights on Jimoh’s way of life to him. Jimoh, who escaped by the whiskers in 1995 when the presidential jet conveying the dead son of late Sani Abacha, a very close pal of Jimoh was involved in a fatal crash is also reported to be so arrogant to even those that are older than him in his family. According to our tatafo, Jimoh is said to be directing his uncle who is under his employ as a general manager in one of the arms of Global Fleet as if he is directing his houseboy and most of the times, he uses abusive words on the man, not even minding the fact that junior workers are watching and listening. Well, Brother Jimoh, Waka About is not here to tarnish your image, but to let you know that “Charity Begins at Home”. So, it would be very nice for you to work on your image, most especially now that you are a big investor in the media world.

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