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The senior pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja, Joshua Iginla, may have laid it all on the altar during a church sermon on Sunday.

The popular preacher apparently confessed to cheating on his wife, Yemisi, in front of his congregation.

The shocking confession was streamed live on the church’s official YouTube page, Champions TV, on Sunday.

Iginla, , who spoke to his congregation during a Sunday service, said when his wife brought an illegitimate child into their home, he forgave her, but that she refused to forgive him when he had his own child with another woman.

Mr Iginla talked about how he and his wife were headed for divorce and have spent the past few years as a united front while fighting adultery-related battles.

The pastor, who said he believed he is the first man of God “to do this”, said all he wants is peace of mind.

According to him, when his wife cheated and had an ‘unholy child, he forgave her but when he cheated and had a child outside their marriage, she decided to make life unbearable for him

 He said, ”It’s not easy for me to come out in public to say this, but I warned my wife, she didn’t listen rather she preferred to turn me to a laughing stock’.

”When I met my wife we did genotype test and found out that  my wife was AA and I was AS, but when my daughter arrived I found out she was SS.

”It was a battle we fought,but later discovered  my wife was AS,Then one thing led to another and something happened. I don’t want to go into details, but it is something that will make a man   want to divorce his wife, I have scriptural backing for that, but had to cover it up to  save my marriage and that led to some many things.

He told his startled congregation that his wife cheated on him and failed to turn a new leaf, a burden he has borne for the last seven years.

Mr Iginla also admitted to cheating on his wife which resulted in a child, just as she had a child for another man while they  were married to each other.

“When my wife cheated and had an ‘unholy’ child, I covered her up but when mine happened, she started blackmailing me,” the preacher said in his address.

The clergyman also lamented how some of his colleagues and “sons in ministry” ridiculed him and his marriage.

”Since I couldn’t divorce my wife because of what people will say I had to swallow the bitter pill,I embraced my child and everything was okay.

”And somehow she brought an unholy child into our union, I don’t want you to judge my wife or anything, but it led to so many battles, family intervention but we covered it. We would not have gotten to this point if my wife had listened to me when we had the battle.

” I also went out and fathered a child out of wedlock and then it became a battle in the family and so this battle has become a big one that some men of God are taking advantage of the battle and even some bad people under me are feeding on this battle.

”I have tried for seven years to stabilise  the union,but it has not been easy, I want to take the blame. As it is now it has become a misery because when your wife begins to fight you everywhere you go and she refuses to settle in secret. I told her to settle in secret or I will go to the world,Confess my sins, receive the blame and end the Marriage. And that is what I am doing now.

“She has pushed me to this point that I’m confessing my sins to the whole world, I want the world to know how i covered her up during her time and when mine came she threw me to the wall.I feel I want to end the pain. I pleaded with her but she chose to make me a laughing stock.

“I told her the day I open up to the world,that day would be  the end to the union, because if you cannot cover me I just had to end it here, please pray for us if you love us.”

He added, “Your mama is doing well; she is in America with my children and they are doing well. You need to understand that I bought a duplex worth about $1m for them in America and they attend the best schools in America.

“Assuming I was like some of you, I wouldn’t be under these attacks. So many pastors in Nigeria and outside want to play politics with Joshua Iginla because Joshua Iginla is a big man of God so you hear all manner of comments. It is good. I leave them to God.

“My daughter, Sharon, forgive me but I have to talk because I hardly sleep; my blood pressure is going up and I don’t want to leave this world before my time and I believe you know I am a gift to you and the body of Christ.

“It is so painful that when men of God go through strife, you are quick to throw stones at them and abuse them. It is good. We will receive it as our cross because it is part of our battle in life.”

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