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“Only love can cross borders, build bridges, and break down barriers. We don’t simply share stories but give people the tools to write their own”.

This aptly applies to Ezeigbo of Ghana, HRM Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, who is no doubt writing his own story as a traditional ruler with a heart of gold and milk of kindness that has touched hundreds of less privileged person’s across the world.

His given spirit can be likened to George Soros, Eli Broad,Warren Buffet,Chuck Feeney ,Bill Gates and the rest who are dubbed the most charitable people in the world.

His Majesty started the Ezeigbo Ghana Foundation 10 years ago to give back to the Ghanaian society, and the foundation has continued to record enviable feats.

The Foundation has built public toilets for less privileged communities and has some students on scholarship.

In 2020, the Foundation started the “Feeding the Hungry Project.”

Through this project, over 500 hot meals are provided every Friday in different communities to the needy.

During the COVID 19 lockdown,his foundation also gave out palliatives to the needy families and less privileged people.

This he has been doing for the past 10 years putting smiles into the face’s of many .

And to mark the 10th year Anniversary, the Ezeigbo Ghana Foundation is planning to empower some selected less-advantaged people in some Ghanaian communities by providing needed facilities to empower food vendors.

The king through his foundation plans to give out items like cooking gas cylinders, cooking utensils, bags of noodles and other materials required to have the business start-up dubbed the “Ezeigbo Ghana Kitchen”.

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