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imageAs one of the disciples of President Muhammad Buhari’s on-going crusade on anti-corruption, one would naturally want to believe that the Chief finance officer of the nation, Kemi Adeosun is a thoroughbred corporate high-flyer who must be without blemish, but ”the wind just blew and the bum of the chicken” has been revealed like the saying goes. The story you are about to read will definitely send jitters down your spine as this is coming on the heels of the economic imbroglio the nation is witnessing.
According to Global News sources, Nigeria’s Finance Minister,Kemi Adeosun was deeply enmeshed in many shady deals during her time as the Ogun State Commissioner for finance and is known to be a ruthless and callous businesswoman who is given to sharp practices. We gathered that at a point during her tenure as Commissioner in Ogun State she entered into a contractual agreement with one Bode who happened to be her family friend but the business alliance turned sour when Adeosun started behaving funny in a bid to outsmart Bode.
When the going was good ,we learnt Kemi Adeosun bought two long haulage trucks each at the rate of N11,000,000 million and put them in Bode’s care. She also made sure that the acquired trucks were put at Plant Gate the state outfit responsible for leasing and hiring of tractors and caterpillar and were operating them between Plant Gate and Ijoko road after attaching them to the Chinese Company handling the construction of the Ijoko road. Adeosun also ensured that the two trucks which carry the number plates of Ogun State government were immediately attached to the then on-going road construction project of Ogun State at Ijoko road to ensure regular flow of work from the Ogun State government. However, one thing led to the other and the relationship became fractured and the trucks were acrimoniously withdrawn from Bode and the State number plates removed in order to destroy evidences should Bode try anything that could expose the deal.

The question now is why did our finance Chief register the number plates on the name of Ogun State government in the first instance as if the State were her private property or the trucks belonged to the gateway State. Whilst one cannot really question how Adeosun got the ”paltry” sum involved in the transaction, the other pertinent questions could be asked; as an avowed agent of change and as a civil servant who claims to be a woman of high integrity and standing one wonders where her allegiance lies because it is a known fact that civil servants are not allowed to run another private business whilst gainfully employed in the public sector at any tier of government.

Meanwhile, the feud between the duo, according to our source further degenerated to a very messy level when Adeosun’s husband began to threaten Bode with all sorts of unprintable and unimaginable things. Bode on his own, we gathered, has vowed to ”spill all the beans” concerning all the shady deals of Buhari’s Finance Chief who is yet to come out with a clear policy direction that will bring Nigeria out of the doldrums the country is presently. Adeosun who is charged with the task of reviving this economy is also being said to have helped the incumbent Governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun state ”keep” the state account clean from any prying eyes of those who may be looking for God knows what.

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