March 31, 2023

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Sequel to the rumour spreading around the country that the incoming President, Mahammadu Buhari may send corrupt politicians to jail, information is filtering into the media that some notable politicians that worked with President Jonathan have been penciled down for prosecution for corruption.
One of these people is the current minister of Petroleum Resources and also president of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mrs. Diezani Maduekwe. Nigerians will not forget in a hurry the oil subsidy brouhaha that happened on the 1st of January, 2012. This event almost resulted in war in the country until the president reduced the price of petroleum products. After the showdown, some Nigerians were accused of sharing billions of naira amongst themselves and these included names of notable men and women along with their companies.
These people, however, are believed to be business associates of the petroleum minister and probably, they may also go down with her. Some of them include a super-rich dude who is a top oil magnate. His first name starts with the eleventh letter of the alphabet while his other name starts with the first alphabet. The young business tycoon was once reported to be dating American superstar, Naomi Campbell and he also owns a yatch worth $500 million. He owns a downstream company and also, he is the owner of an energy drilling company whose name coincides with one of the largest oceans in the world. We gathered that when the news broke that he was wanted by the Interpol, he ran to a European country for safety. Now that power has changed hands in Nigeria, the new government will surely want to get a grip of him to account for his alleged sins.
Another business associate of Maduekwe is another super-rich businessman whose own first name starts with the tenth letter of the alphabet while his surname starts with the fifteenth. He also got a lavish amount of money from the oil sector under Dieziani. Through his relationship with the minister, he was alleged to have both major interests in the Nigerian oil industry. He is also said to be a major financier of the ousted Peoples Democratic Party. Although there still remain some whose identities are hidden, but one fact remains that the incoming President, general Muhammadu Buhari will want to step into these cases as he has promised Nigerians that all the monies stolen from the nation’s treasury would be returned.
The oil and gas industry under Dieziani is allegedly fraught with so many irregularities and fraudulent malpractices to the extent that a huge sum of money was allegedly missing under her watch. Apart from these businessmen, several top shots of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation are going to also account for their shady deals.

Right now, the woman at the centre of the whole scandal is running from pillar to post to save herself from the impending doom.

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