September 27, 2023

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Exposed!! Justice Oguntade’s former wife, Modupe insatiable appetite for money + how she cost her husband UK ambassadorial job

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In 2015 after the present administration came into office, they sacked almost all the serving career and non career ambassadors and set out to instal their own persons. One of the juiciest ambassadorial post in Nigeria if not the juiciest is the Nigeria High commissioner to the United Kingdom. Due to the volume of human resources and business transactions between the UK and Nigeria, the cash flow between the two countries is unprecedented.  Unlike some other diplomatic positions this one is a cash cow anyway any time. When Buhari became president, close friends and family members allege that he asked Rtd Justice Adesola Oguntade formerly of the Supreme Court  to forward any of his children’s name to be appointed as the Nigeria Ambassador to the UK. However his super glamorous wife and legendary socialite, Modupe Oguntade is alleged to have insisted that she must be First Lady even if it is on a diplomatic level. She caused the eminent jurist to jettison any idea of forwarding any of his children’s name but rather his own name. Subsequently he was announced as the Nigeria ambassador to the UK. Bear in mind that Justice George Adesola Oguntade has been previously married to his first wife who bore him lovely children but following the death of his very close friend Mr Aina, he left his wife and married his late bestie’s wife, Modupe. Close family friends insist that there was no way Modupe would have allowed him to upgrade the children from his first marriage.
As soon as Justice Oguntade resumed office in London as the Nigeria High Commissioner to the UK, his wife Modupe took over the affairs of the Nigeria High Commission in the UK. In a very unforeseen manner she began to dish out instructions to staff of the high commission, she would resume at the embassy in the mornings and and go back home in the evenings like regular employees. She not only had her own office inside the embassy, she took charge of everything procurement. According to the embassy staff, so greedy for money was Modupe Oguntade that she began to threaten and sack anybody who refused to align with her corrupt government. It was so bad that she was reported to her husband a few times but obviously the aged man was incapable of stopping her. She took over everything accounts and  developed a very worrisome bond with the accountant in the High Commission, this was what led to the highly charged rumour amongst most staff member that their relationship was an alleged  illicit affair. Whilst her husband tried to get on with the job of representing Nigeria in the UK, the ever glamorous society lady who’s well known for her very close friendship with Sade Okoya stuck her fingers in the finances of the High Commission. She was alleged to personally choose which vendor would be employed to fix anything that was spoilt and she was also alleged to decide what price would be charged. According to staff of Nigeria High Commission UK, many of who went into jubilation as soon as her husband’s removal from office was announced, she was so greedy, it began to look like very much out of the ordinary. She had a cut in almost every single expenditure that was made and she personally chose who would be given what job or contract. She was supplier, contractor and she was also the one paying the supplier. She achieved this with the unofficial establishment of a three man cartel which included herself and the accountant. But if she took the World Cup trophy in looting, it was the glamourisation of her husband’s office that brought her shenanigans to an all time low.
A legendary socialite with a wild and insatiable penchant for exotic jewelry. Modupe simply took the position of the High Commissioner’s wife to a whole new level, she would attend parties after parties all over London and fly to Nigeria at the slightest opportunity for owambe shindigs. Observers noticed a complete turn around of her jewelry collection. She was sporting more fierce looking choker pieces made of Italian gold and diamonds. At any given time of the day, Modupe bejeweled like a Hollywood actress headed to a Red Carpet event. She has been seen with a list of branded jewelry from very exclusive jewelry brands and these pieces cost a fortune. From gold to Platinum, Coral and Pearl she has all acquired with an intensity unrivaled. For her husband’s 80th birthday she not only pull out all the stops, Modupe literally redefined the word ostentatious. The very exclusive and ridiculously pricy Hilton Parklane was the venue of the party and it was lavishly decorated. So many guests flew in from Nigeria for that party including the Ogun state Governor who also made the list of attendees. Dapo Abiodun’s presence at the party got many tongues wagging as many people wondered aloud why he chose to attend the 80th birthday party of a man who he was never publicly seen to be close with. It was her husband’s party but Modupe changed almost four times during the course of the party that guest began to wonder if it was the London Fashion week. But it was her very expensive pearl jewelry that got most women green with envy; she wore amongst other pieces, a diamond and south sea pearl encrusted on luscious precious metal and specially crafted by iconic jeweler Yoko London. This is the jeweler to superstars and global music icons like Jenifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Lady GaGa and the rest.
It was her notoriety that caused Justice Oguntade’s appointment not to be renewed for another term. So many complaints and petitions were written against her and many staff of the embassy took to their social media handles to write all types of exposes about her misdemeanors. Even after they were sacked, staff alleged that she almost emptied the official High Commisioner’s residence; she exported pots, spoons, cutleries, furnitures and all sorts back to Lagos. Her story is one that staff at the Nigeria House will forever tell to anyone.

2 thoughts on “Exposed!! Justice Oguntade’s former wife, Modupe insatiable appetite for money + how she cost her husband UK ambassadorial job

  1. Justice Oguntade is the architect of his own downfall. The first wife will be watching all these drama and probably keep praying that he does not completely self-destruct. Oguntade, return to your first love/ wife and restitute. It’s never too late. This was a complete misadventure as if you were under some strange influence, bondage or spells. Please come to yourself, fall fast and rise fast in the bossom of your first love. Not many enjoys this golden second chance. I will gladly join the reconciliation team if enlisted. A lesson for all sound men. Be careful of Jezebels.

    1. Hmmm! He caused his own misfortune and downfall. So so sad. That is men for you. Now oju won ti ja. Why leaving your wife that bore beautiful children for you to go and marry your Kate friend’s wife. Justice Oguntade is a very shameless man. Honestly I don’t blame Modupe, omo to ta lenu bi Peper. Shame on Justice Oguntade. Opportunity that hw could have given his wife and children and could have been an ambassador with dignity. Nigerians in UK will never forget this story. An elderly man like him. O ga o!

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