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News-1One of the fundamental human rights the government of a country owes her citizen is the creation of Jobs and provision of other social amenities and Nigeria as a developing country has found it difficult fulfilling this. At the end of four years or even more for undergraduates in sciences, and the one year youth call, most graduates find securing job one of the hardest things to achieve, it’s like squeezing water out of the rock, very impossible.

The Nigeria Immigration Service under the Federal Ministry Of Interior made a posting about job opening but it seems the idea of giving out job in exchange for money is the trend and we should not be surprised when private establishments follow the footsteps since the federal and the state governments have made it typical. Why should job seekers be made to pay money? Does the money being paid guarantee the applicant has secured the job? What was the motive for requesting for money? Where will the money be directed to at the end of the day? All these questions have no answers.

While one of the officials of the Nigeria Immigrations stated they never asked anyone for money, the following listed banks are said to be the designated places of payment: Union Bank, Diamond Bank, Ecobank, Fidelity, etc. One of the applicants claims he paid N10,000 into an account (No. 0036485102) with Union Bank with account name “Pay for me”. Also gathered it is actually one of the processes towards the completion of the form.

Recently, it was reported that the Gateway State requested that job applicants should pay N12,000 into a bank account before a job seeker writes an exam which doesn’t guarantee a job.

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