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Few weeks ago the fight in the family of late billionaire Ekene Dili Chukwu who is also known as Ekene Ndi Uwa got messy and took a turn for the worst, because the children of the first wife and the third wife Ngozi Pauline have come to realize that if they continue the legal war with their step mum, Ifeoma, they are in for a long wait and might not get anything in the end so they combined forces and hatched this satanic plot.

Gathered that they decided that any of the luxurious buses that loaded from Lagos, Abuja or Kano but had to stopover in Onitsha is immediately confiscated at the Onitsha end and sold on auction to the highest bidder and the proceeds shared by the third wife and the children of the first wife.

This started like a joke but has since gained grounds, prompting Ekene jnr. to travel to Onitsha to mete out disciplinary measures to all those involved in the drama, but he met the shock of his life as he was allegedly beaten to almost a state of coma and was saved by Good Samaritans.

And as a result of the severe beating of Ekene jnr, the group managing director of the huge estate was said to have been flown via private air ambulance to the UK for urgent medical treatment. In view of this he has ordered that most of the company’s treasure possession be disposed of, meaning that in the near future those in Onitsha will not have anything to fight over, but the strong woman Ifeoma is not taking this development lightly and has planned her own reprisal which those who know her well claim will come in a fashion never expected.

She is said to have has a track record of crushing all oppositions even while her husband was alive and how and when she will take the third leg of this fight to them is eagerly awaited by the whole Ibo community. We will keep you posted on the unfolding drama.

While we were rounding up production this edition, we received a letter from Ifeoma Ilodibe where she claimed that our story was  nothing but a fiction. We want to stress that we stand by the story and no amount of intimidation and harassment will bend us to report what is known to be true and our facts are highly documented.

If she claimed that what we wrote was  nothing but a fiction what about this. The ongoing feud and bitter struggle in the Ilodibe clan didn’t start today, during the burial of the chief”s mother Ekene Snr  watched helplessly as Ifeoma and Ngozi the third wife fought themselves shamelessly in the presence of the whole Nnewi people.

Gathered that were it not for his friends, Ekene himself had rushed  into his main house to bring out his gun in an attempt to shot the trouble maker who was known to all who was angry because the family members were spraying the third wife money that surpassed what was spraying her.

The Umunnas prevailed on him that day before he dropped the gun and following this show of shame, everybody waited in anticipated breath for what is today the most scandalous family feud Nnewi has ever witnessed.

We want the whole world to help us ask her why she locked up the family compound in Nnewi when even the tradition forbids it. Umuokpu, nwa okpu nwa  Ada can never be locked out of the Obi.

It is a great error of judgement and abuse of the traditional norms and values of Ndi Ngbu village of Otolo Nnewi. So long as the storms rages on in  this iconic family, we owe the public a duty of in-depth and unbiased reporting, stay glued to this magazine for more real life drama on the Ilodibes.

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