February 8, 2023

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EFCC Official Impregnates Female Detainee In Cell

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The custody of EFCC while Farida Waziri was at the of affairs turned to a baby making factory when one of the officials of the commission (name withheld) allegedly impregnated a detainee and covered it up from the glare of the public. In a petition written to the Attorney-General of
the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke by one Eprahim Emeka Ugwuonye of 310 Watkins Pond Boulevard, Rockville MD, dated November 16 2011, disclosed that a woman was arrested sometime in July 2009 by operatives of EFCC and detained at the Okotie-Eboh, Lagos office of the agency.

The petitioner stated that while she was in detention, the official of the agency was having carnal knowledge of the woman and by the end of November of that year, she was pregnant and informed the authority about the shameful attitude of the official. But no punitive measure was taken against the EFCC official. Instead, to cover the shame that it was going to bring to the agency, the woman was charged to court and was made to be remanded at the Kirikiri Prisons. Excerpts of the petition are reproduced hereunder:

Petiton from Ephraim
Emeka Ugwuonye, Esq. 310 Watkins Pond Boulevard, Rockville, MD 20850, November 16, 2011.


Mohammed Adoke, SAN, The Honorable Attorney-General and Minister of Justice.

Federal Republic of Nigeria, Central Business District, Abuja

Petition against Mrs. Farida Waziri and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC): The Dark Secrets of the EFCC.

Dear Attorney-General,

I hereby bring to your attention a crime, and cover up committed by the officials of the EFCC with the active connivance of the Chairman of the EFCC, and I request that the incident, and series of events surrounding it be investigated by your office.

There was a woman who was arrested by the EFCC around July 2009, and was detained at the Okotie-Eboh detention facility. While in detention in the custody of the EFCC, the woman was impregnated by an official of the EFCC. By the end of November and early December of 2009, the lady reported the incident to the officials of the EFCC. She disclosed the identity of the operative responsible for the pregnancy. She revealed also the details of how she got pregnant. According to her revelations, the EFCC official would come to the cell each night and would take her to the EFCC offices where he would have unprotected sex with her against her consent. After about two months of this pattern of activity, the lady got pregnant while still in custody. EFCC conducted test on her and determined that she was indeed pregnant and that she got pregnant while in its custody.

To cover up this incident, the EFCC quickly filed a charge against the woman and arraigned her in court. During arraignment, the EFCC lawyers on instruction from the EFCC leadership requested that the lady be remanded in Kirikiri instead of continuing to be remanded in the EFCC cell.
Once the woman was remanded at Kirikiri, the EFCC successfully covered up the incident. The officer involved is still working in the EFCC. No disciplinary action was taken against the officer. The officer in question is known. He has injury on one eye and wears glasses. The reason Mrs. Waziri and her top officers chose to cover up the incident was because they felt it would attract adverse publicity to the EFCC under her watch. She would rather continue with the false and well massaged image of a well-run and well-functioning organization.

Dear Sir, the issues involved in the case of this woman are of fundamental significance for your duties as the chief law officer of this country. It is your duty to ensure that all agencies of Government comply with the law and constitution. And where there is credible or investigatable theory
of crime or a credible complaint of a systemic violation of the constitution or an official cover-up, you have the duty to act.

In this instance, even though I am not able to provide you yet the name of either the detainee in question or the particular EFCC officer involved, you do have sufficient information to request a reaction from the EFCC. Such information, now at your disposal will enable you to ask the
following questions:

1] Looking at the list of EFCC detainees between July and December of 2009, was there an inmate that got pregnant in custody? The mere fact that a detainee got pregnant while in custody is enough to trigger an investigation.

2] There is an EFCC detective with bad eye, and who wears glasses. He worked in, or had continued access to the Okotie-Eboh cell between July and December of 2009.

3] There was a pregnant detainee who spent five months in detention at Okotie-Eboh cell, who got charged in December 2009, and was remanded in Kirikiri prison after it was known that she was pregnant.

4] Please, ask for the list of detainees who tested positive for pregnancy during the time they were in the custody of the EFCC.

The Honourable Attorney-General, I understand that this petition raises grave issues, and should have been disclosed with specificity
the identities of the victim and the officer that perpetrated the crime of rape. But this incident involves a massive cover-up by the EFCC. In that
situation, it is through hard work and diligent effort that so much information as I have disclosed herein could be possible. It will require an officer in your position to conduct the kind of inquiries that could bring out the facts that have been so carefully suppressed by the EFCC officials.

The significance of the incident in question must not be lost upon your office. As is well known in law enforcement circles, cover-up
and obstruction of justice are worse than the substantive violation of the law.
If the EFCC covered up a case in which its officer raped and impregnated a detainee in the custody of EFCC, there ought to be an investigation and appropriate measures or prosecution.

I realize that your office has made several efforts to regulate the activities of the EFCC. Your testimonies during your confirmation
hearing by the Senate eloquently explained the frustration you have suffered in your dealings with EFCC under the leadership of Mrs. Waziri. However the situation may be, you remain the Attorney-General of Nigeria. You have certain duties and responsibilities that go with your office. Do not sweep this petition under the carpet.

Thank you kindly.

Sincerely yours.

20 thoughts on “EFCC Official Impregnates Female Detainee In Cell

  1. why should it be a surprise to anyone. The indiscipline & the recklessness, at all levels, in the Nigerian State are well known worldwide!The Farida Waziri tenure at the EFCC did not come about to improve the agency.The corrupt politicians installed her there to derail the attempt by Nuhu Ribadu to make the agency do its job. Female detainees at the police& Prison detention facilities are routinely sexually abused and tortured.That also is well known!..The repeated infusion of Police officers to run & staff the EFCC is an insult to an agency that is supposed to be independent!The EFCC should recruit & train its own staff far away from the muck & mire that is the Nigerain Police Force!

  2. i am embarrassed that a lawyer of the status of mr emeka ugwuonye would accept this kind of brief. you already flawed your argument by informing us that this sexual act took an identifiable pattern which was repeated over a specific period of time. As such it was not a one off event. you cannot convince any sensible court of law that this officer repeatedly had sex with this detainee over a two month period against her consent without the woman putting up any known resistance or reporting to the authorities while she was being “sexually abused”. it is either the woman was trading her body for some special privileges or that the man couldnt deliver on certain commitments made to the lady on the conditions of her detention.

    1. Ndubueze Muoneke, i am so ashame dat u can talk like this. How do u mean dat the woman was trading her body for some special privileges or that d man didnt do anything to her.
      u sound like one who ve been taking advantage of women dat are having problems and needed help.
      U’r a disappointment to manhood.

    2. ndubueze, plss!! u are the dumbmest foolish idiot i have known lately: may i pls ask u one question? where is it that u knew or heard directly or indircetly, rightly or wrongly, actually or constructively that it shall be lwful wether voluntarily or otherwise for aperson in authority to have sexual intercourse with a suspect in his custody?

      1. Ndubueze, I hope you are more enlightened now.
        It appears you’re still suffering from the spell of many years of military rule. No one has a right to take advantage of one legally in custody. We must learn to address issues the way they ought to be.

    3. Your write up is just a mess to man. How will a woman In captivity put up a fight when does not be even have control of her freedom? That is a very stupid and foolish argument ? You don’t have to comment if you don’t have any meaning ful contribution.

  3. Unfortunate but not unusual happening. The men/women in authority in Nigeria equate themselves with the law. This attitude is the swan song among those that are engaged in the administration of criminal justice. They use their privileged positions to frighten and take undue advantage of those kept in their charge. The conduct of the EFCC and its operative if true, is not only condemnable but must be investigated and appropriate reprimand given to all those found wanting. Who knows how many unreported similar cases happened in this agency that was ironically headed by a woman at the material time!

  4. Chicken brain Ndubueze Muoneke, alias Ode, (stupid) Akuri (dead brain) you are a disgrace to human-being. I wish you change your name to read – Ndubugoat Mumu-chicken.

  5. What is the fate of the Innocent Child, and the Mother? The woman should be free to go and take care of the child, while the man should replace her, to serve her sentence as a deterrent to others. Having sex in a cell, what a case!

  6. Ndubueze i hope you leant ur lesson, pls. Nigerians should stand and see to the end of the matter or else our foture is bleak.

    1. Ndubueze u̶̲̥̅̊ be fool,mumulization.Ȋ̝̊̅§ dat all u̶̲̥̅̊ got τ̅☺ say?Nigerian’s future Ȋ̝̊̅§ blank.

  7. Mr Attorney-General, over to you. I wish you will be a different officer unlike Madam Farida Waziri. We are interested in this petition to the end of it. The shameless EFCC officer and Farida Waziri must be duly investigated and arraigned if found guilty. Shameless corrupt officers that claim to fight corruption. The victim must be compensated by the EFCC and set free. She has suffered more than whatever crime she committed.

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