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Ebhota Joseph Odion Osaze, a native of Edo State has absconded following threats to his life over his involvement in homosexual activities, a crime that attracts 14-year jail term in Nigeria.
Ebhota, born in 1983 in Uromi, Esan West, Edo State, was said to have been indulging in the act since 1998 when he was just 16.
But nemesis caught up with Ebhota in 2013 when his girlfriend exposed his unhealthy sex life to the community people, who threatened to kill him (Ebhota) and his partner, Desmond. Traditionally, homosexuality is an abominable act in Nigeria and the locals would even stop at nothing in taking law into their hands to deal with any erring citizen.
But Ebhota and Desmond escaped by whiskers and their whereabouts have been unknown since then. But the community leaders and youths are still threatening to kill them at sight, and have also declared them persona non grata.
Meanwhile, information has it that Desmond died in a boat mishap while both of them were running for their dear lives out of Nigeria.               Right now, his problem is more than his community looking for him . Presently the Federal government of Nigeria has mandated the police force to fish him out of his hide out for prosecution.

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