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The crimes that many foreign companies in Nigeria commit against Nigerians know no bounds. Many have in the past charged Nigerians for services they are not rendering while some sell goods that are sub-standard to the people. Recently Multichoice Nigeria Limited, the owners of the pay satellite television, DSTV, would have raked in million illegally on their DSTV Mobile subscription despite poor service.

Though it has been like that since the service was first introduced some three years back, it has not been as bad as it was a couple of weeks back. It was revealed that the prevalent bad services the subscribers have been subjected to by the pay satellite TV attained its worst since the second week of January this year when all subscribers in the country were denied access to the services they paid for. The company’s phones, instead of connecting kept losing its server connection even after their mobile partner MTN had deducted the subscription cost.

Unlike on previous occasions when subscribers were not be able to connect for one or two days, it is total blackout presently and this, it was learnt, has aggravated the anger of usually gentle Nigerian subscribers who feel cheated by this sudden inefficient service. Investigations revealed that the same thing also happened in Kenya sometime early this year. Though we were informed that they will be giving all affected customers a one-month free subscription to compensate them, it is the belief of the people that they will still have to make do with erratic connection they have been used to.

In the same vein, recent investigations revealed that the company which also organizes the Big Brother Africa reality show which has contestants from all over Africa may be exposing the contestants to all sort of obscene situations. According to a lady who went for the auditioning of one of their previous editions, those who are conducting the auditioning asked her to play with a dido as that was a way she could qualify to participate in the show proper.

This revelation has raised further questions on the morality of the show which has entered the seventh edition this year.  The level at which they encourage promiscuity was the reason the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) banned the local television from airing it for public consumption. If it could be recalled, there was an edition where they made it compulsory that contestants who met in the course of the show pair themselves as male and female knowing well that some were having their fiancées back in their respective countries, an act that portrayed them as those who care less for maintaining the sanctity of marital engagements.

It will be right to say they are really working to emulate those in Europe as they realize that though some of the participants are throwing caution to the winds and engaging other housemates in sexual relationship some because of the affairs the left at home, decide not to engage in anything that can destroy such relationships and this is the reason the current edition is meant to have in the house participants and their partners so they could enjoy full-blown sex like their European counterparts.

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