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The pastor and founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, means so many things to different people depending on how they view and see him. While many see him as one of the pastors who are above board and live a holy life devoid of sin and other vices, others see him as someone who does not practise what he preaches.

One of those who see him as living a double standard life claimed that Tunde Bakare is not what he claims he is. According to the source, the fiery pastor with caustic tongue talks to those who work for him like slaves and at times uses uncouth language on them like he always does when he is preaching against those who are in government.

Another example was given that contradicts his claim he has nothing to do with church money and that he wouldnot collect gifts. Gathered that recently during his wife’s birthday, some church members were moving around persuading others to donate money towards a birthday present for her.

Though the initiators of the deal claimed that they just wanted to surprise the woman on her birthday, those who are in the know claimed that Bakare and his household could not claim not to know about this illegal extortion that was on for many days before the birthday especially when the money realized ran into millions of naira.

We further learnt that on the D-day, the church members donated the money to the foundation of Bakare’s wife because they are the owners of the foundation and this is a man who will cry wolf when a government functionary donates to a cause or private project of the president or another influential person in government. “Is it not the same thing?” the source asked rhetorically.

The way the man whom Pastor Bakare started the church together with (names withheld) in controversial manners also brings to question the double contrasting lifestyle of the man of God.

Another sore point is the seating arrangement in his church.We reliably learnt that the front row of the church is meant for the rich and mighty; and those who do not have enough cash to support the church are meant to sit at subsequent rows.

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