March 30, 2023

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Double-Standard Lifestyle Of Controversial Pastor, Tunde Bakare

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The pastor and founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, means so many things to different people depending on how they view and see him. While many see him as one of the pastors who are above board and live a holy life devoid of sin and other vices, others see him as someone who does not practise what he preaches.

One of those who see him as living a double standard life claimed that Tunde Bakare is not what he claims he is. According to the source, the fiery pastor with caustic tongue talks to those who work for him like slaves and at times uses uncouth language on them like he always does when he is preaching against those who are in government.

Another example was given that contradicts his claim he has nothing to do with church money and that he wouldnot collect gifts. Gathered that recently during his wife’s birthday, some church members were moving around persuading others to donate money towards a birthday present for her.

Though the initiators of the deal claimed that they just wanted to surprise the woman on her birthday, those who are in the know claimed that Bakare and his household could not claim not to know about this illegal extortion that was on for many days before the birthday especially when the money realized ran into millions of naira.

We further learnt that on the D-day, the church members donated the money to the foundation of Bakare’s wife because they are the owners of the foundation and this is a man who will cry wolf when a government functionary donates to a cause or private project of the president or another influential person in government. “Is it not the same thing?” the source asked rhetorically.

The way the man whom Pastor Bakare started the church together with (names withheld) in controversial manners also brings to question the double contrasting lifestyle of the man of God.

Another sore point is the seating arrangement in his church.We reliably learnt that the front row of the church is meant for the rich and mighty; and those who do not have enough cash to support the church are meant to sit at subsequent rows.

23 thoughts on “Double-Standard Lifestyle Of Controversial Pastor, Tunde Bakare

  1. Whoever wrote this is obviously too lazy to even worship at The Latter Rain Assembly.
    When you are done with your jejune journalism , come to plot 4 Akilo road , Ogba and see for yourself.

  2. This shows that Pastor Tunde Bakare is really a man of God. People said the same thing about Jesus Christ. God bless Pastor Tunde Bakare, pls continue what you are doing for the Lord and the nation.

  3. The most delicate elements anyone can utter anyform of statement at is a man of God. All you have written is baseless and very unGodly. I want to appeal to you (writers) becareful of what you write about men of God. God bless……..

  4. The write-up and accusations lack merit and not worth publishing. You should look more closely to find tangible infidelity of him

  5. I believe the writer is far from the truth about life and ministry of Pastor Tunde Bakare.

    I advice him and his likes to come close so they can know the truth about him.

    Latter Rain Assembly is an Apostolic community accessible to all and feels good to be except if you have a different mind or evil motives like Sapphira and Ananias.

    But the truth is that Pastor Bakare is a true man of God.


  6. when people lack what to say, they try to smear you with all sorts of allegations. I pity the writer of this article as one that is on a smear campaign. these are childish reports reported by a big child. lol

  7. I do not know Tunde Bakare at close range, yet, i do not believe him capable of all these allegations leveled against him. I’ll advise the writer to look closely on him perhaps, he may find a fault in him. This man (Tunde Bakare) may be a pastor to many, yet to me, he shall one day become the Nigerian president. I have study his antecedents and i truely know he surely deserves it.

  8. I have watched the man and Pastor Bakare for close to 24 years, i dare say these are baseless statements. I make bold to state that i have sat in front roll as a leader when all i had was a Toyota Starlet and as small civil servant. In every church the leaders and workers sit in front rolls and LRA is no exception. The writer is clueless, no wonder he did not deem it fit to append his name. Yeyeman

  9. lol. I cannot help but laugh.. you know what, i haven’t seen a comment that supports this your post. please can you just delete this ‘kus its false.

    and also, be watchful about your comments against a man of GOD. you’ll bring upon yourselves the wrath of GOD. God will surely fight for his people.

  10. Lies factorial,Pastor Tunde Bakare is real and raw not fake,I am confident to tell everyone that cares that all that is here publish about him are white lies ,I know Pastor,I have been to the church I have sat on the seats,

  11. shame on this writer and even the publisher. no country has a better man of God. Tunde Bakare is too real for this baseless lies. may God forgive the writer and the publisher.

  12. Of all things, sitting arrangement……..Haba. There is God o! Does courtesy not demand that those who see to the flow of the church service sit in a place where they can easily access the podium eg the choristers, the ministers, individuals who show good example etc and not necessarily based on your cash. I sure know that this your write up is mischievous. I tire for this your journalism o!

  13. May God forgive all this pple ohhh.I’d iu don’t stop impersonating the men of God,u are incurring Gods ANger upon u and ur family.

  14. All those who write evil about men of God beter ask for forgiveness and repent because curse is upon them.may God in his infinite mercy forgive you.

  15. Touch not Gods annoited do his prophets no harm.
    Watch what you write. Who made you a judge over men of God.wheather he standeth or falleth he is accountable to God.

  16. Hm in the LRA rich men occupy front rows?
    Members under compulsion to contribute money for Bakare or his wife?
    Bakare disrespectful to his staffs?
    Certainly you do not know the church (LRA) or Pastor Bakare.

  17. Lies! No attempt to verify your falsehood. I think this write up was intended to draw attention to the writer. May it nit become a curse. Amen.

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