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The Coalition for Revolution, CORE, a political movement of the Nigerian masses and youth raising up from its meeting held on 24 July 2019 at the National Secretariat (Right House) of the Committee For the Defense of Human Rights, CDHR, declared total support for protest movement of the Nigerian masses and youth to commence from August 5 2019.

CORE a growing coalition made up of pro-masses political parties, labour and youth organizations, and the civil society came to the conclusion that if the Nigerian masses do not stand up in action against the barbaric developments around the country, the situation would continue to degenerate.

It is quite clear that the Nigerian ruling elites and their current political regimes of both APC and PDP at all levels of government can never resolve any of the crises plaguing the land as they are co-creation of the corrupt system that pave way for the problems in the first place. The situation has gone from bad to worse and still on the downward slide at an accelerating speed.

There are currently more than a dozen armed conflicts going on around the country with deadly consequences and massive displacements of people. These confirm the reality that Nigeria is tending more towards a FAILED STATE where barbarism reigns supreme. In addition, Nigeria is currently the country with the highest level of poverty globally. Daily reports of killings, kidnapping, attacks, corruption, etc are what currently dominates the media reports.

The last transition program that should have offered a democratic and peaceful change was effectively sabotaged by the status quo within both the APC and PDP. The so-called elections were nothing but a sham and fraud. The current regimes that have emerged offer no solution in anyway, as Buhari regime reinforced the existing pattern of looting and imposition of numerous anti-people economic programs.

The Nigerian masses and youth therefore have no choice but to stand up and storm the streets in protest and with their demands. Change they said never comes easy and if we do not stand up in struggle for freedom, the chains would remain on our necks.

Commencing on Monday August 5 2019, the Coalition for Revolution, would be leading a nationally coordinated protest movement. We have the right to be in rage and to protest. The Aug 5 date was arrived at after series of consultations and meetings. The key five demands of the movement are:

• For an economy that works for the mass majority of the masses and youth. An effective end to the agenda of imposition of IMF/World Bank dictated and ruinous economic attacks on the masses such as increment in fuel and electricity prices, etc
• For an effective and democratic end to insecurity and insurgency, combined with the immediate dismissal of the security chiefs and release of all political prisoners including the Shiite leader Ibrahim el-Zakzaky
• For an end to systemic corruption and for total system change.
• For the immediate implementation of the N30,000.00 minimum wage at all levels at a starter towards a living wage for the working people.
• For an immediate fall of school fees, Education must be a right and not a privilege and restoration of independent student unionism on all campuses.

Series of mobilization and educational activities have been put in place towards the preparation of the mass action. The tagged #RevolutionNow has been adopted for the movement, which would be global.

To dare to struggle is to dare to win

Olaseni Ajai
For Coalition for Revolution

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