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img_1206The easy ride GLO network has been having over the past few years in the nation’s telecommunications industry – as the telecoms company to beat – may soon be over if what we are hearing from many reliable sources and industry experts about what Glo’s subscribers are currently going through is anything to go by.

The problem bedevilling the telecoms giant, according to inside sources and subscribers across the country has to do with connectivity issues and some teething problems with the GLO 4g experience which has been working perfectly and which indeed has been the benchmark for its competitors has recently been having lots of issues.

According to Glo’s subscribers across the country,the telecom’s services is no longer efficient and it’s now so frustrating for subscribers especially when it’s coming at the Yuletide period when people need to get across family and friends.For others who are trying to close one business deal or the other before the end of the year,the experience has been far from palatable as putting a call across to people via the network is now very difficult especially during the peak hours of the day.

And apart from the telephony aspect of its services, the Internet service, according to reports is not any better. Sources say that the problem with Glo’s connectivity started about two weeks ago and it has been a very frustrating two weeks for the teeming subscribers of the network owing to the epileptic nature of Glo’s services which is making life difficult to do business transactions and get across to their loved ones.

To buttress this claims by many people who are now trying to migrate to other networks, just last week Lagos lawyer EbunOluwa Onagboruwa openly registered his displeasure with the shoddy service being rendered by the telecoms company in recent times. Onagboruwa who is one of the most dogged human rights activists in the country at the moment had threatened to sue the Glo network over the epileptic nature of its services.

Also, according to Global News source at the Nigerian Communications Commission, there’s now enough pressure on the regulatory body to call GLO network to order as the number of complaints and petitions from subscribers against the company in the last three weeks about shoddy services is so staggering that even the Commission is now so overwhelmed with the issue.

We also learnt through a source in one of the rival telecoms company that many subscribers have migrated from Glo to this rival network in question by coming into their friendship centres to port their numbers from Glo network.The source also informed us that it appears GLO is currently having technical problems with some of their installations and they are making frantic efforts to improve the quality of their services.

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