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Sometime in May 2021 an upwardly mobile banker Obiora Agbasimalo was lured into the murky waters of Anambra politics by his billionaire uncle Chief Goddy Agbasimalo a.k.a Oga ndi Oga, with a promise of installing the young man as the new Governor of Anambra state come November 2021.  Bear in mind that this is the most ferociously contested governorship election in the country and for a young man who is not rugged or hasn’t been used to this tough political terrain, it was highly improbable that he would win. But his uncle Goddy Agbasimalo who runs the very popular Oga ndi Oga foundation in Anambra state maintained that he had what it takes to make him the governor. So he resigned his job at Zenith Bank and moved to Anambra state under the total guide and control of his uncle to contest the election on the platform of  the Labour Party where his uncle is the main financial sponsor of the state chapter.On the 18th of September Obiora was kidnapped around Ihiala Local government area and has not been released up till date. Immediately after the results were announced and Chukwuma Soludo was declared winner of the election the Labour Party held an interview in Awka where they demanded that their candidate be released since the elections are over. However the  people of Ezenifite, Osumenyi, Ebenato, Nnewi north LGA and Anambra state as a whole are beginning to question the story put out by the officials of the Labour Party. They claimed that everything about the kidnap of Obiora was shrouded in mystery and controversy; firstly there wasn’t any official report made to the police authorities in the state about the kidnap. How does a young man under your care get kidnapped and a report was not made to the police and other security agencies. They maintain that after he was kidnapped there was a claim that the police man guarding Obiora at that time was shot by the kidnappers but curiously the Nigeria police has never said anything about any of their officers guarding Obiora being shot nor has any body being able to trace or see the shot police officer. Secondly and most significantly the people maintain that the Labour Party officials were being contacted by the kidnappers. The party officials gave the impression that Obiora would be released immediately after the elections and that it was better not to make this issue a police matter. Amongst the people of Anambra state, there are so many questions begging for answers and it is only the party officials who were being contacted by the kidnappers that can tell us the real truth.  Whether he is dead or alive no one knows and so all these questions are begging for answers. Who kidnapped Obiora Agbasimalo? How and why was he kidnapped? But above all freeing the young man is all his people are passionately asking for. We are using this medium to ask the Anambra state government and the federal government to look into the disappearance of Obiora Agbasimalo so that he can be released. 

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