March 31, 2023

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Controversial Pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo’s Real Identity Exposed

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matthew ashimolowoNot many people know about this gist, not even members of the congregation of one of Nigeria’s most successful pastors, Matthew Ashimolowo. This exclusive information was gathered by our tatafo from a source very close to the UK-based man of God. The general overseer of KICC is reported to have come from a very humble home, meaning he was not born with a silver spoon. He struggled real hard to get to where he is today. Those who know much about him attest that his days back in his home town, Ode-Omu was made up of hustling and hawking. He is said to be hawking goods across the streets of the agrarian town. Along the line, Ashimolowo, through his dexterity and agility to ensure he escaped from poverty, met a rich man who saw the bright future in him and contributed to his success. The man, we gathered, ensured Ashimolowo traveled out of the country to the UK where he developed his pastoral skills by attending a theological school.

However, the main gist here, according to our restless tatafo, is that Matthew Ashimolowo was not born a Christian. Rather, he was born hailed into a Muslim home and it was alleged that the name “Ashimolowo” was never their family name. He came about the name via a nickname Ase Mo Le Lowo, translated as ‘So I could be rich’ a name given to him by his friends who knew how he struggled in life.

The founder of Kings University, Ode-Omu, today is ranked among the richest and most flamboyant pastors in the world. His ivory tower is one of the biggest in the country and he also has other business concerns.

4 thoughts on “Controversial Pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo’s Real Identity Exposed

  1. You got the gist all wrong. Your tatabfo should be fired. Ashimolowo was a pastor of foursquare gospel church, he did is seminary training in nigeria and not the uk. He was sent to the uk by foursquare gospel church but after sometime in the uk he abandoned foursquare gospel church to start his own kicc church.

  2. He already let the world know about his background in his preachings already! We are already aware of his background! This no be news.listen to his sermons or watch kicctv and you will hear him mention it time and again. Get a life

  3. The translation of his nickname, Ashimolowo says it all. It means; “so he can be rich.”
    Now he is personally rich from his position as a pastor. Investigations show, He used Millions from the church account to celebrate his birthday.

    Ashimolowo should take the impressive example on Pastoring from the mighty Prophet TB Joshua. TB Joshua dont even have a bank account. Investigations of the holy Scoan Church Nigeria show that; As the money come in, so it quickly goes out to the suffering masses world wide.

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