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Once again, controversies have been trailing the marital status of the Ooni of Ile-Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi. Last week, the media was awash with the rumour that the famous monarch has found new love in Emmanuella Ropo, another socialite.

But while some palace sources were quoted saying it is a taboo for the Ooni to marry the single mother, other sources are insisting that there is something intimate between the two, but whether it will lead to marriage is what nobody can ascertain for now.

There have been confusing rumours as to what the real situation of things are, but those claiming there is something going on between the Ooni and Emmanuella went ahead to release a picture taken by the duo on social media. She was said to be introduced to him by another society lady, Toyin Kolade.

There had been intense pressure on the first class monarch to remarry, following his breakup with Olori Zainab some months ago.

The pressure, a palace source told this magazine, is mostly coming from Palace chiefs and other custodians of Ile-Ife’s tradition, who are insisting that it is a taboo for a reigning king to be single.

“They keep reminding him (Ooni) every day that ‘aponle o si fun Oba ti ko ni Olori,’ (there is no honour for a king that doesn’t have a queen), therefore urging him to pick a new Queen immediately. But Kabiesi is trying to take his time because he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again,” a source told our correspondent.

The Ooni’s sisters and close relatives are also said to be worried about the situation, and they are of the opinion that settling down with a new wife would help him recover from the drama and embarrassment created by Wuraola’s absence.

“In fact, people have been introducing different women to him for marriage. Some of his old girlfriends have also resurfaced, trying to make their ways back into his life. But I’m not sure he would make up his mind any time soon,” our source added.


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