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The whereabouts of Alowonle Idowu Wasiu, a youth from Ogun State, southwest part of Nigeria has been unknown following a communal threat to his life.

His whereabouts have been unknown since early 2015, following the death of his father, Chief Alowonle, a foremost traditional chief priest.

It was gathered that following Chief Alowonle’s death, his only surviving son, Idowu, was meant to succeed him and lead proceedings at his village shrine according to traditions, but due to the fact that this was against his faith as a Muslim, Idowu Alowonle vehemently refused. But his refusal, therefore, would lead to many calamitous consequences.

The traditional worshippers, who would not leave any stone unturned in fulfilling their rites, intensified pressure on Idowu to forcefully become their new chief priest. His continued refusal led to the eventual murder of his mother in cold blood.

After the gruesome murder of his mother, the helpless Idowu absconded. And as the general search for him continued, he was later found out to be living with an aged grandfather, whose legs would also be broken with sticks and other dangerous weapons for what they termed aiding and abating. But Idowu was lucky to escape again, and his whereabouts have been unknown ever since.

But the search for him has been continued, and he would be crowned the chief priest whenever he is apprehended, come what may.

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