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The son of the late comedian, James Iroha, alias Giringori, one of five persons kidnapped along Sagamu-Benin-Ore Expressway last Thursday has narrated their experience in the hands of their abductors.

Iroha, abducted alongside four others narrated their ordeal at the police officers mess in Abeokuta following their rescue by the Ogun State Police Command on Saturday.

According to him, they were made to treck some 30 kilometers into the forest as their abductors whom he described as Fulani herdsmen, humiliated and tortured them with every object available.

However, their respite came when a police surveillance helicopter hovered over the area which unsettled their abductors who abandoned them and ran away.

Iroha said, “Well it’s an experience I wouldn’t wish my enemy because it looks nice for me to stand before you, you needed to see me when I got rescued, I was manhandled, I was roughed, I was tortured name it.”

“It’s horrible where this country is driving at. This gentleman shot for like one hour on the road, until policemen came and they ran away and they took us inside a forest till this morning,,

“I want to use this opportunity to thank the police because the pressure they gave them led us released. If there was no pressure they would have had a field day. Why am I saying this because where we were held, we were put in a slum; we slept in a slum with insects and reptiles; we moved like 30 kilometers inside the jungle where nobody has treaded, they were comfortable there, they have very dangerous weapons.

“They have different ammunitions but the moment we see police helicopter that descended above our head, the kidnappers took to their heels and started being panicky, they knew that some people were on their trail. I also want to appreciate the local hunters, they were always coming out, we used to see them, there are some areas they couldn’t get to because they thought people can’t be there but that was where we were.

“Well from the looks, there are somethings I can’t say because it’s a bit sensitive because the police are on the matter now for the sake of not destroying the evidence. From the language they spoke, they are pure Fulani herdsmen no doubt about it, I wouldn’t want to go further than that.

“They don’t know me, I don’t know them either, I was in a bus, in fact, they told us that they don’t have business with us, but the car they were shooting at drove away with bullet. The guy managed to go with two tyres and they turned back and descended on us, they picked us randomly, we never knew them from Adam, they just said their bullets will not go away they needed someone to pay for it and they took us.”

By Bravo

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