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Some moments resonate as profoundly remarkable in life, where
dreams are born from humble beginnings and transformed into
extraordinary realities.
As I stood before 700 UBA graduate trainees, drawn from across Africa,
I thought of the long journey that brought me to where I am today. A
journey that began with the same vigour, dedication, and hope that I
saw in these young Lions and Lionesses.
I had the privilege of having my one-on-one induction session with
UBA’s new graduate trainees on Tuesday. I love these sessions, as I
eagerly anticipate interacting with the brilliant minds, that become
part of our UBA-Tribe.

I, too, started my career as a trainee many years ago, equipped with
little more than ambition, a thirst for knowledge, and an unwavering
commitment to excellence. I walked that same path as these bright
minds, who have now become part of Africa’s Global Bank. Countless
challenges and triumphs have marked the way from that moment to
this day, each contributing to the story that brought us together.
In these sessions, I make it a point to share fragments of my journey,
detailing my processes, highlighting my triumphs, and even discussing
my lowest moments.

This practice isn’t just a personal reflection; it’s a conscious effort to
ensure everyone can learn from the dedication and hard work that has
marked my career. Through these personal stories, bonds are forged,
and lessons are imparted.
This ethos of transparency and shared learning is central to my
approach and symbolic of the values that drive UBA’s success. As an
institution, every stage of one’s career should be marked by growth,
mentorship, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.
This same excellence has driven me throughout my career – a vision of
creating a bank for all, a bank for Africa and an environment where
talent is nurtured, dreams are realized, and excellence is celebrated. It
is a vision that has inspired me to create a world class trainee.

programme, that will nurture future leaders, who mirror the passion and
dedication I demonstrated as a trainee myself.
But beyond nurturing future leaders, the UBA GMAP – our bespoke
graduate trainee programme, is making significant strides in addressing
critical societal issues.
The experience reinforced to me the criticality of institution building. In
front of me were a generation of new leaders. UBA has created a six-
month programme, identifying the best and brightest young men and
women from across Africa. We have invested in and equipped our
youth. We have done well and done good.
Our example illustrates why my management strategy and philosophy
also address our common African future.
1. Addressing the issue of unemployment through Job Creation
The UBA Graduate Trinee Programme goes beyond its primary goal
of nurturing future leaders; it also plays a vital role in addressing the
pervasive curse of unemployment across the African continent.
Youth unemployment remains a significant challenge, and UBA
actively contributes to the solution. The Group is creating real,
tangible jobs for young Africans by providing opportunities through
this programme. These jobs not only benefit the individuals
involved, but also positively impact our immediate environment
and stimulate the economic growth of our continent’s economy.
2. Creating opportunities for and Investing in Young Africans
UBA’s commitment to developing and empowering young talent is
a response to the pressing need for opportunities on our continent.
GMAP is designed to identify and nurture the potential of young
Africans, giving them access to training, mentorship, and real-world
experiences essential for their personal and professional growth. It
is building to last.
By investing in these young minds, UBA is shaping the banking
industry’s future and offering hope and prospects to a generation
of African youth eager to contribute to their communities and the
broader society.

3. UBA-A Bank For All Ages
The UBA GMAP is compelling evidence that UBA is for all; we are a
dynamic and forward-thinking institution dedicated to youth
development, which is an integral part of our identity as Africa’s
Global Bank.
By investing in the younger generation, we continue to affirm that
we are leaders and role models in fostering innovation, diversity,
and inclusivity in the financial sector.
I am filled with pride in the UBA Executive Management team and
gratitude as I witness this dream of a world-class trainee programme
come to life. A programme that represents the culmination of years of
hard work, determination, and unwavering belief in the potential of our
future leaders. A total of 107,310 young Africans applied for the
programme. After a rigorous selection process, we shortlisted to 47,639.
The banking school kicked off with 775 trainee and we successfully
graduated 666 young Africans eager to conquer.
This programme is a testament to the incredible journey that each
graduating member will embark upon – a journey of growth, learning,
and transformation.
To the new members of the UBA Tribe, your journey, much like mine, will
be filled with moments of challenge and triumph, and each experience
will contribute to your growth. Embrace these opportunities as
steppingstones toward your extraordinary reality.
Embark on this journey with both eyes open to the opportunities and
challenges ahead and the understanding that we are here to support
and empower you every step, just as I have been fortunate to have
mentors who shaped my path.
Your dedication, hard work, and pursuit of excellence will shape your
future and the future of UBA and the financial industry.
Welcome to the beginning of your remarkable journey.


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