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img_1021President Muhammad Buhari has queried his wife, Aisha over the controversial interview she granted to Hausa Service of BBC last week. In the interview, which trended for many days, the First Lady expressed her grievances on the crisis rocking the All Progressives Congress (APC), but her statements have incurred the wrath of Mr. President, who has warned her to be cautious of her statements henceforth.
An impeccable source at the presidential villa squealed to this magazine that Buhari was extremely dissatisfied with contents of the interview, and has given stern warning to Aisha because some of her comments in the said interview berated her husband’s level of intelligence.
“For instance, it was wrong for her to claim that the President doesn’t know 45 among 50 people working with him. How can that be when he (Buhari) meticulously screened and appointed those he told Nigerian’s are of high level of integrity? He was not happy with the utterances. Besides, he doesn’t want her (Aisha) to be deep involved in the crisis of APC,” our source explained.
Meanwhile, Aisha’s grievance was necessitated by the many distractions her husband has been facing in office. “She once told us that there are many betrayals around her husband, perhaps, that’s what she meant by saying he (Buhari) doesn’t know many of them,” our source added.
Since Buhari became president, Aisha has been involved in some controversies, a development her husband is not comfortable with. Earlier this year, she was involved in war of words with Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose.
She has also been widely criticized by Nigerians for using handbags and wristwatches worth several millions of naira. This is a sharp contrast to the image president Buahri is portraying to Nigerians and the world at large.
In the controversial BBC interview, Aisha said if President Muhammad Buhari was asked to name those he knew among every 50 people working for him; he would have difficulties with 45.
“This (APC crisis) worries us a lot now. Because they believe they are the ones who suffered, but are nowhere today. Those who didn’t do anything who don’t even have voters’ card are the ones in position, doing everything. What I am afraid of is the rebellion of 15 million people (who voted for Buhari against Jonathan).”
She also said that even if the president doesn’t know the identity of those causing rancor in his government, those who voted him into office are aware. “Whether he knows or he doesn’t know, those who voted for him know. There is nothing I will tell him. He can see. Among all the people he selected, if he is asked among 50 people, he doesn’t know 45. I don’t know them despite staying with him for 25 years.”

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