March 31, 2023

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Boko Haram Founder, Ali Modu Sheriff Concludes Plan to Start New Airline

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His name has come up in the news at different times because of his involvement in the formation of the dreaded Boko Haram group, which has been terrorizing the country for some years now. Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, a serving Nigerian Senator and former governor of Borno State, who arrest many have been clamoring for, seems to be waxing stronger even in the face of serious opposition. Information reaching us is that the senator has concluded plans to start the operations of his own airline.

It started some months back when former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu acquired Bellview, now First Nation, and was finalizing plans of starting operations. The name of the Senator Modu Sheriff-owned “Sky Bird” airline first got a mention together with some other airlines seeking clearance from the government then. Investigations confirmed that the airline, headed by Ayodele Samuel, is in the final stage of its preparation and will soon begin operations.

Ali Modu Sheriff will be the third former governor in Nigeria’s current democratic era to own an airline, the first being the former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, who founded Slok Airline, which was forced out of Nigeria to later become the national carrier of some African countries. Bola Tinubu who bought over Belview Airline which is now known as First Nation Airline is the second while Modu Sheriff will become the third of such to invest heavily in the aviation industry.

Sheriff who does not want to leave any stone unturned, we can confirm, also has the expertise of foreign aviation consultants in Rick Asper and C.A Sosther, who have been on ground to ensure the arrangement and organization of the airline are done perfectly and on time to meet the kick-off date, which has been fixed at sometime before the second quarter of the year.

It is expected that the company would have by now collected its Air Operation Certificate (AOC), as it was being processed the same time as that of the First Nation which has since begun operation. All other required documents and permits to effect hitch-free operations of the airline when it finally starts have been obtained.

Further information revealed the Airline will be starting operations with five new aircraft.

39 thoughts on “Boko Haram Founder, Ali Modu Sheriff Concludes Plan to Start New Airline

  1. What a great violent airline it will certainly be, if the founder of Boko Haram as it’s now in the news, concludes plan to start new airline; more so if it’s licensed to operate. A bit of an afterthought will ask whether the airline in the making when actually registered, licensed or what so ever, will not deviate from normal, conveying bombs and AK47(s) instead of the approved passengers devoid of terror-stricken mind-set. We are watching and waiting, the Lord will build Nigeria a house and a country no one can pull down.

  2. I congratulate ALI Modu Sheriff on this new venture. At least he has a wealth of security breach specialists at his disposal from his bosom buddies . He has just got himself into an industry that is very professional in turning billionaires into Millionaires within a very short space of time. Fellow Nigerians: Watch this space.

  3. I wander the type of country we are know is’t because most of the nigerian politians pack the government asset and mismanage it if not ur are 2 lead not to rule thanks

  4. If you enter such flight, you are on your own. I would not be surprised if the flight fee are dropped down to attract gullible people.
    SAS may through this strategy kill many people than the BH has done already.
    Think about an exploded fully boarded “Sky-Bird” in the air enroute Abuja – Lagos.
    Nigeria beware

    1. fellow Nigerians, i dont kn why serious matters like this has become a thing of jok to us. govt should not hesitate to stop this airline bcus the worse is bound to happen.

      enough is enough, we cant not in the river why soap goes into our eyes.

    2. Fellow Nigerians, i dont kn why serious matters like this has become a thing of jok to us. govt should not hesitate to stop this airline bcus the worse is bound to happen. That man is a beast and woef looking for whom to devour.

      enough is enough, we cant not in the river why soap goes into our eyes.

  5. So the Government knew that he is the founder of BH and still went ahead to give him the approval for operation.

  6. Haba Nigerians,lets use our brains,its not every thing you see in papers you wil believe in.This so call global news what reasons do they have to declare him as the founder of boko haram?Senator Ali sherif is the must wanted man to the boko haram,bcos he has fought them since from their inception,then why would he be wanted by them if he was d founder.Reason well please.


  8. am sure Ali want to get mor relevance in the country so that the evil he has done will be fogotten. No way Only God Will George

  9. the person who founded boko haram is now using more of the western invention for business. Is that not hypocrisy and contradiction?

  10. I dont understand how the supposed founded Boko Haram can still invest in aircrafts produced by western education with the loot stolen from Nigerians. People
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  11. Fret not,Nigerians,when it seems the evil doers are prospering,for very soon,like the grass they will soon wither,like green plant,they will soon die away!

  12. Whoever troubles his own house hold will inherit the wind,and the pool will be servant to the wise of hrt…sitting near d river’ll not make u understand d language of matter how they try,God will help us.

  13. We have to tink in a possible way, how will the nigeria gov’t make a stupid decision by givin the foolish ali madu sheriff license to operate an air line, that means D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ support the boko haram to continue killing inocent people… Each an evry drop of blood from a human flesh put it I mind that ALLAH wil neva 4give those did so, how will u kill a person while u ar not the one that created him this stupid…. 99days 4d thief 1 day 4 owner

  14. Ali modu sherif was a former senator not serving senator and his not the founder of Boko haram. I can only believe that he stole Borno state money 2 esterblish his Air line business. That is the simple truth.

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