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Siju Pastor Siju Iluyomade whose husband, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade is the presiding pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David Parish fondly referred to as the “poshest” church on the Island.

Firstly, to have a better understanding of this gist, you need to understand the upwardly mobile parish itself. In the annals of the Redeemed Christian Church of God parishes, none is as fabulous as the City of David, Victoria Island. They pioneered usage of gadgets during church services. In this church, it is very archaic to carry our regular bible, but rather you search the scriptures through your Android Phones, I-Pads, Samsung Note etc.

The congregation is seat-to-seat star-studded and their members are the very elites (big boys and big girls) of Lagos Island including the supper-rich Nigeria can boast of. In the City of David Parish, your outlook is very vital as Sundays could pass for the Milan or Paris fashion shows. Everyone is dressed to ‘kill’: the guys in their bespoke suits or well-designed natives and the ladies in their expensive English wears or their richly designed natives. This parish is blessed with some of the biggest names on the social scenes and so the fleet of cars parked at the car park will make even the finest collectors of Rolls Royce to go green with envy. But it is the super expensive fashion statements by the ladies that have stolen the show for a long time. On Sundays, the very financially buoyant women try to outdo each other in the finest of designer accessories and clothing. From Versace to Maccia Prada, to Escada, to Christian Dior, these women wear it all. They strut about in the most fabulous jewelry and their make-ups look very glowing.

The woman, who comes to church always looking immaculate in order to have the best of attention has always been a reference point in the fashion and style world. There have been previous pastors’ wives but none was so fashionable that the women in the church would definitely take the backseat in the style arena. But Pastor Siju Iluyomade has changed all that. Siju’s wardrobe is today not only a hot topic but is fast shoving the gospel to the backseat.

Siju, a lawyer by profession is the epitome of glamour, panache and unbridled aura. This woman’s makeup will make the likes of Paris Hilton look like a learner. Her face is artistically crafted with the most expensive of beauty implements. Then her wardrobe, she wears the best, from haute-couture to the most expensive, she takes her time to ensure that no one matches her in the looks department. Siju, a well-travelled lady has a passion for shopping in the world. Gucci, Zagliani, Hermes, Marc, Jacobs, Martin Margiela, Christian Louboutin are some of her favourites. But it’s in the area of jewelry that she shoves them off. She wears the dramatic bling. Her jewelry would never be plain gold but rather embellished with carats of diamonds and gemstones. In fact, her stones always take the centrestage. Her pearls are always rock sizes and are fresh water pearls. She has a taste in jewelry that can only be compared to people like Abba Folawiyo, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, Ifeoma Ilodibe, etc. These women are the top of the bling registers. Her shoes and slippers are always beyond that of other female members. Right now, church members are seriously gossiping about her multi-million naira wardrobe. Recently, she attended a function with Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Dame Abimbola Fashola and multi billionaire, Folorunsho Alakija and yet this Pastor Siju won the style war that day. In fact, she made the rest look very fashion backward. Such is the sheer glamorous power of this lawyer who turns heads wherever she goes.

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