September 21, 2023

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Bling Bling Bishop, Bola Odeleke Pursues Tenants With OPC

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It is said that when the end-time draws near, strange occurrences will manifest. Though this female Nigerian bishop who is also the first female televangelist in Nigeria may not be entirely new to scandal, recent events will definitely raise questions to the call of this woman of the “Agbara Olorun Kii Ba Ti” fame. Bishop Bola Odeleke who is the founder of Pentecostal Church of God in Okota, Lagos, has always been involved in controversy; it was at a time rumored that she was always having secret love affairs with members of her church before she later got married to one Reverend Salau, who she accused of stealing her money only for her to divorce him later.

She later married another Ondo State-based man, Rev. Pius whom she also claimed was even worse than Salau, and was also linked to a popular Nigerian actor. This was after the death of her first husband, Odeleke, a general in the Nigeria Army who died in a mysterious road accident on his way to Abuja.

All these are not the news for now. Recently, the female bishop may have gotten herself entangled in acts that are not befitting of a normal Bible-carrying Christian not to talk of somebody of her calibre. It was said that Bishop Odeleke, in company of her son Kayode Odeleke and son-in-law Tunde Awope, decided to throw caution to the wind in their quest to ejected the tenants of a property she has since sold for N30 million (address of the property not disclosed for security reasons) by engaging the services of the dreaded Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) which is known for its use of native medicine (juju) and non-conformity with the law in carrying out its duty. The incident which we were informed happened very early on the fateful day saw the bishop bombarding the place with members of the dreaded OPC to vandalize and hold all the occupants of the building hostage for several hours, and the tenants who were caught unawares called for help from the Area F Command police station Ikeja. The station responded swiftly by dispatching a special squad to rescue the tenants.

Seeing the policemen who stormed the scene in commando-like format, Kayode Odeleke, the , and Tunde Awope, her son-in-law, took to their heels, but the members of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) were not so lucky as they were apprehended by the police Special Squad and detained because they were found to be in possession of items like charms, machetes and other dangerous objects, all which were impounded and are to be presented as evidence.

Knowing that the issue might be going out of hand, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, the leader of the faction of the OPC, whom the 60-something-year-old bishop allegedly employed to unleash terror on the residents of the building, later visited the police station with the intention of securing the release of his boys but his efforts were completely rebuffed by the policemen on duty.

When the medical doctor-turned OPC boss realized he might not be able to secure the release of his boys easily, he decided to employ another strategy, claiming to be the new owner of the property. However, the new owners, sources revealed, are a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Awogu.  Mr. Awogu had earlier paid a visit to the house, and formally introduced himself as the new owner to the tenants, with evidence to prove his claim. This it, was revealed, probably informed why the tenants ignored all forms of threats by Bishop Odeleke asking them to vacate the house.

Right now the Bishop, her son Kayode and the son-in-law have refused to show up at the police station where they were invited for interrogation. It was gathered that instead of honouring the summons, they chose to play smart by petitioning the AIG Zone 2, where they allegedly fabricated all sorts of lies against the tenants, the new owners of the building – Felix and Amaka Awogu – and the Area F Police Command, trying to take advantage of the popularity of the bishop.

18 thoughts on “Bling Bling Bishop, Bola Odeleke Pursues Tenants With OPC

  1. I know Bola Odeleke… her late hubby was a former colner and deputy milary governor in Edo state. After the man demise, the wife became wayward: she cant keep her pant up just like her prostitute daughters and thugery son Segun, who dropped out from military school Zaria. I pity people who seek salvation from her church..may God help us.

  2. My wife keep burging me every Sunday morning for Church service, I wish she will read this story and give me a break – bishop in deed.

  3. I wonder what the motive of global news is… I just wonder. The other day it was Matthew Ashimolowo. Today it is Bola Odeleke. Is it just about selling papers or getting credible, helpful and quality news out there. For the rest of you, the first thing you should note about a MAN/ WOMAN of GOD is that they are first MAN/WOMAN with faults like you all and not always above reproach. Now let those without sin amongst you cast the first stone. But for the grace of God, I would do the same, if not worse.

  4. This is pure rubbish…why do you people specialize in bringing people down.You better be careful.Those who will not learn from history are destiny to be ruined by it. Papers that specialize in KILLING others always end up in slaughtering themselves and their owners…remember Weekend Concord,Classique and many others…the Papers are dead,the writers are no more
    There are people u dont “touch”…its a biblical law…You touch them…heaven will torture you!

    1. That must be the heaven that you created. Who are these people that can’t be touched? Nigeria’s arrogant, thieving so called men and women of God? Give me a break; read your Bible in it’s entrety and forget about the verse that these fools use to frighten people from touching them. Touch not my anointed means anointed children of God – all of us not just them.

      1. But, would you say you yourself are a child of God by the clearly biased way you have positioned this post?
        Why should the tenants refuse to vacate the premises just because the Bishop seems to have hands-off? Why do you see nothing wrong in that?
        You seem to have a grouse with anyone who identifies with God in any way. When you exit this world you must of need go back to God, for your own good. You should stop kicking against God and start preparing your way back to him. No one knows the hour, so get ready.

  5. This story simply does not make sense-why would she go back to the house she’s already sold.She’s collected her money the new owner has introduced himself to the tenants so what business does she have again to chase the tenants out-should that not be the job of the new owner.This article is missing some vital information-until they are supplied Bishop is clear of all allegations.looks more to me like a smear job.

    1. Note b 4 u close a deal when selling a house u must have promise the new owner to deliver the building for him/her without the old Tenants. Hence the need to vacate every body b 4 the deal is said to b completed.

    2. This is not a smear job at all. The story is very true and not exaggerated in any form. She is used to doing this to her tenants .she did this about 10 years ago to the occupants of one of her building in the same vicinity. This is very unfair and inhumane. Global news WELL DONE!

  6. Well people who claimed to be Men of God should not be seen to be wayward in their dealings with ordinary people ,
    Even the Bibke said the truth that you know will set you free , but the truth the truth that you did not know cannot set you free , In a country where Church is purely a business ,God did not specifically tagged any one with extra ordinary power , to call himsell , a man of God , by their fruit you shall know them.
    RE Mathew Ashimolo Isue , I was in his Church for 11 years , and believe me , we were all been preached , the Gospel of Motivational speach , and most of what what was was going on was not in the bible i.e coppying of DR D. K . Olukoya of MFM ( pray your way to breakthrough, Mathew Ashimolowo changed the Book titled to power of prayer ) untill hewas been threatning with law suit ,then he desist from publishing the book , and he was telling us in the church that he has been carrying the book for 23 years which was a lie
    Then when he was been investigated by charity commision in London , he decide to send £450000.00 cash to his Lagos brach for the pastor in Lagos ro keep the mpney , but Pastor Wale Adefuye and his Wife refused to keep the money for him and they had to leave the church.
    prior to all the charity commision investication , Jefrey acher was invited into the church , which signify ashimolowo as a Coservative party member , and Labour Government came into power , hence the investication was carried out
    KIcc was just a show off ,where individual could not dress casually and feel comfortable ,
    If your magazine really wanted to do a proper investigative jounalism , well try to investigate how Mathew Ashimolo cane to Britain he was sent a pastor by foresqure Gospel church , but when he was about to recalled to Nigeria , he decide to abscond and formed his own church,
    so your magazine need to do a thorough investigative journalism on this sa called men of God

  7. All so called men and women of God shall one day stand before Jesus and give account of all they did and taught……Mark 6:30

  8. The issue, to me, isn’t wether or not a man or woman of God is attacked by comments some contributors see and speedily say it’s not proper; such contributors even went further to give readers one or two text passages from the Bible without giving where they are in the Bible. Please read the scriptures and meditate upon the word of God you have read before you find a reason for comment. Is it not written many false prophets will arise? But not written, the one or two such prophets, bishops, church founders, etc., be given round of applaud that never condemns, never improving the mind or character of the woman bishop in question. Jesus said, that which comes out of the man, defiles the man (Mark 7:20). For detail, please read that same chapter 7 from verse 18 to 23. Thank God for the power of His word.

  9. Must we inconvenient other people in other for us to gain this world? Haba, a woman for that matter, called her self a woman of God indeed………God, where is your eyes ooooo, come and help us becos no body to rely on now-a-days

  10. Thank you,global news,awesome reporting!I was one of the tenants!it was a traumatic experience for us all but we give all the glory to GOD for putting the she devil to shame!HALLELUJAH

  11. I pray for most of you who take joy in running GODS ppl down,that you will not die in motor accident untimely as her husband died and your families begin to bear the brunt when u had left. .i tell u straight the situation made her stumble.ALL OF U with timbers and logs of woods in ur eyes have now become judges of fellow man.Remember one day you youself will stand b4 the jugdegement throne of God and give account of your life. Rm.14.10. ALL these ungodly things you are saying about GODS servants is nothing,God has the final say.What did u say about tenant that refused to pack out?were they not given notices

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