October 3, 2023

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Bishop Oyedepo’s Covenant University Denies Muslim Students Admission

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Against their teachings and their doctrine that we should not discriminate against one another as it is against the bible which wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves, it can be surprising sometimes when those we expect to lead when it comes to issues relating to love and tolerance are found wanting on the same issue.

Bishop David Eniola Oyedepo is a man who many see as an embodiment of tolerance as his teachings prove so. Apart from his normal teaching which is based on Faith, he had at different occasions talked extensively on tolerance. It is therefore appalling that a gross act of intolerance will happen in a place where he’s the head.

It happened at his church-owned university,CovenantUniversity, during the current admission process. One Abdul-Gafar Ayomide Salami is doing all his best to secure admission into the institution for the next academic session. During the last JAMB examination where he scored 295, based on his performance he was invited for the post- JAMB exam which was conducted by the university authority. He again performed excellently, with average score of 65/80. His West African Senior School Certificate Examination stated that he passed with good grades in the following subjects as listed; Economics – B3, Geography – A1, English Language – B3, Further Math – A1, Mathematics – A1, Agric Science – B3, Biology – B3, Chemistry – B2, Physics – B2,

While they were waiting for the school authority, the family of Gafar was so sure that with his results, no matter what he was going to secure admission.

But the family got a rude shock when they were told that the school management had decided not to admit Muslim students for the coming academic session. According to the father of the young boy, who spoke to us: “Initially I thought it was kind of April Fool joke and I decided to send my wife to go and find out what exactly was going. But to to our consternation the admissions officer simply confirmed that they were not admitting any Muslim student this year.”

He said further that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he felt that he was in some kind of trance or that he was in another country because he had never in his entire life heard something like that, which is against the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has vowed to follow the case to a logical conclusion even if it means going to the court. “It is not about my child alone, but so that the discrimination and bigotry will  not continue in future,” he affirmed.

 The issue is casting a shadow on the many awards the university may have won in the past as many are condemning the management of the school for getting themselves involved in such condemnable act. There was a time in the past that a member of the church who lost a child  in one of the schools owned by church was furious over the nonchalant attitude of the school management which led to the death of the child.

 It is expected that the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor will act fast on this current issue as it is not only a dent on the image of the school but also a question of truthfulness on the school to Christianity, which the school professes based on its affiliation with the Living Faith Tabernacle, or Winners’ Chapel, as the Oyedepo-led church is also known.

 Meanwhile, all efforts to speak with the school authority to hear their own version of the incident story didn’t succeed because the person who picked the phone claimed that he was not in the best position to talk on the issue but promised to relay our question to the appropriate quarters. He promised they would call us back but we had not heard anything from them as at the time of going to press.

278 thoughts on “Bishop Oyedepo’s Covenant University Denies Muslim Students Admission

    1. What are muslims coming to do in a christian setup, thisd is no discrimination bc they have an ideology which they must uphold. If admitted will they abide by those christian ideology? knowing them very well, they will only come in to forment trouble. They are blood thirsty demonic beings.

        1. Again i ask and u are the bastard what is a muslim doing in a christian university? does islam not teach that if u are not accepted in a place u shld leave? if u are not happy go and build ur own university.
          This ur paper afterall is just out to paint christians as bad else y are nearly all ur stories all about christians?

          1. you are bastard can you tell all your pastors to tell you the true they no islam is the true riligeon they only use you people to make weath

          2. Can i start by saying its quite wrong for the first respondent to have used the word BASTARD, but also the comment the individual wrote is so so wrong, I am sure he’s literate but even if he’s not, the comments is what we don’t need or want to exist because every body can have the right to study any where and religion is a way of life……..

            the article as not targeted any religion and shouldn’t, a fundamental issue as just been raise and should be viewed logically and addressed.

            Thank you…

      1. with people like you, there is little towonder again about why Nigeria has remained in turmoil with religious riots and ethnic bigotry all over the place. Education is supposed to widen the horizon of people but unfortunately, the type of education being provided by these so-called ‘faith-based’ schools is entrenching division among people along religious lines and we need to be very cautious about this as the next generation of Boko Haram and Jos Crusaders are already being bred in our segregated schools. Convenant University cannot discriminate against any Nigerian student based on religion because it is against the constitution of Nigeria to do so and I am in support of the parents ging to court to enforce the fundamental human rights of their child for the records even if he is not going to attend that school. Tell me, would you rather give admission to an unqualified candidate because he is a Christian or bears a Christian name than give it to a qualified Muslim or a candidate bearing an ‘Arab sounding’ name? Most Nigerians are ignorant because they dont ever study anything. In Arab countries, there are no ‘Muslim’ or ‘Christian’ names. for example, the late Ali Majid aka ‘Chemical Ali, Saddam’ sdeputy was a Christian but how many Nigerians know that?

        1. My friend do not misinform the public. “Chemical Ali” was not a Christian. It was Tarik Aziz, the Deputy Prime Minister who was the only Christian in Saddam Hussein’s set up.

        2. CU is a purely christian school built by OFFERINGS From the Christan worshippers. Admission there is VERY VERY competative and they have excess applicants even from LIVING FAITH COMMUNITY. Therefore, they have to meet the need of the worshippers in the church before extending REMAINING SLOTS to outsiders. Having 20 distinctions does automatically guaranty you a place in Nig public Univ talkless MISSION UNIV like CU.
          Finally, BOKO HARAM should provide ALTERNATIVE ALLAHs APPROVED type of Education for the MUSLIM UMMA and leave US “christian infedels” with our church Univ alone.
          Seem to me all this GLOBAN NEWS does is to criticise MEN of GOD and CHURCHES. YOU better stop and engage in a better productive venture.

          1. This country is in a serious trouble with people like.May almighty GOD save this country from your type.

          2. I am not just a xtian but a winner of 14yrs standing also a living testimony of papa’s(Bishop Oyedepo)calling but never the less I think he got it wrong denying that boy admissiom on the basis of his religion. The catholics never discriminated in their admission the same way Christ thrived in the company of sinners most of who got converted not really by what He said but more by His conduct which they were previlleged 2 c by their proximity.The seed sown by the catholics is the harvest d pentecostals r now reaping in terms of population.My father a born muslim is 2day a pastor becos of the catholics. Let someone tell Papa that he missed it on this one. On security,Papa taught me 14yrs ago from the book of peter dat if I a follower of that which is good I will b unharmable. Tell him am holding him to his teaching as my mentor. Silence is not golden in this case

          3. Brother,
            Anyhow you look at it, is wrong for the school to stop a child who came to lean. No man should take the place of God and neither can we judge. Judgment is of the lord.
            May Jesus Christ be our guide. Amen

        3. No reasonable muslim should encourage Christian schools to give admission to muslims. this is not an issue of discrimination but security consciousness. wen they get to the school they will start fighting against christian doctrines. what are they looking for? is admission closed in university of maiduguri?

          1. I agree with you 100%. There is Crescent University for the Muslims! His parents should know better.

            Maybe we can say there were only looking for trouble.

            Will that child be able to follow the christian doctrine??? Abeg it’s no issue as far as i’m concerned.

        4. why are the muslims fermenting trouble in a peaceful environment,islam abhors western education thats why they(boko haram)are killing,maiming innocent people and destroying properties owned by christians in this country,how come now they want covenant University,to study what?islam or what?. CU is a christian university and have thier rules which i know muslims can not adhere to .we have more than 20 federa universities,20 state universities,colleges of educations,and many others if that child thinks he is intelligent they should find their way into those. i think there is more to this you have not told us,our ears are open

      2. Your response shows you are grossly uniformed. You should not say things you lack knowledge of. Please, research and find out about Islam before you give opinion.

        1. Thats right bello,its Christians that blew up the world trade centre on sept11 2011,its christians that are suicide bombers in Iraq,Afghanistan,pakistan,its christians that make up the boko haram sect that has killed hundreds,its christians that stone pple to death for adultery,its christians tha engage in honour killing,its christians that dont let women vote or drive in saudi arabia,its christians etc etc.You are a joker!what a beast!

          1. Many of the christian understand islam wrongly b/c all wt u have said are nt the teaching of islam bt as u know in any society or religion good nd bad ar present,wt can u say about militant ar they nt christian,niked dress,sexual discussion b/w unmarriaged sex,calling jesus as son of god. Having sex b/4 marriage. I know only one is teaching of christianity but u ar doing the others and many i have nt mention why?

          2. I see this issue as a laughing matter, what we don’t know we don’t know, You guys out there either you Muslim or christian, the success of the nation is based on unity,
            Can anyone of u fight for GOD?, who knows GOD? why u people just making unnecessary division because of religious?
            If the government had good leaders we should not have the crisis, the constitution is upside down, priorities had been lost, self survival is what we are seeing now because the government can not give of basic needs,
            Christians are building their network wooing others to join,
            For GOD SAKE!! can we for once do away with ethnicity and religious sentiments in this country? infarct we have misplaced priorities in this country called Nigeria, because of perceived poverty, the religious body are using that as a tools
            The day we have a government that is upright thinking and doing, it will eradicate all the hopeless and destructive decision being make either side,

            For GOD SAKE!!! what has Muslim or christian got to do with education in a country that we should collectively develop our future, i can see that the Christians are being aggressive and wants a situation where everybody will practice their religion, it is a MUST? ONLY GOD knows best hereafter we shall see the truth and GOD knows that, hatred, is what cause these we are seeing in the world not by God but satanic human beings GOD created, where no one want to respect either religious belief background.

            Pastor Oyedepo i had been in your church in New York more than 4 times, but i am a Muslim i am there because of tolerance and peace of which my sister can never do such with me coming into a mosque with me, Pastor Issac your son was such an interesting fellow,

            Please let do away with this kind of decision that will bring about divisions and hatred, i can see all comments by most christian are of hatred and very bad of them, are they reflecting your teaching at all? a situation where this kind of comment coming as if we Muslims are nothing? well i can not judge them BUT prosperity and hereafter will judge them, they lack knowledge and lack wisdom, if they have they will not talk of hatred,

            What had they got CU? and they want to die of it? well fountain and foundation of knowledge lies in GOD not human being,

            Time will TELL!! we shall meet soon in NYC

          3. Tell us if really you believe Jesus that what the united states is doing not terrorism.Indeed most Christians do not know what they are doing.They worships their leaders and today American is Christians’ GOD.

        2. Bello and Ria , you are bastaards. the world has been destroyed by christian brothers like ur shameless Abdullmutallab or wat do u call him or is it bin laden that kiled inn ocent citizens on board travelling within U.S for personal business. dont worry, ur boko haram will make u next targets. idiots…. fools

          1. All what you said now bro, where did it reflect anything in the 66 chapters of the scriptures? Don’t talk of a heavy heart because anger is the manifestation of satan himself. let us love one another. What of if you were born in a Muslim home? The child could be on his way to salvation and should not be stopped. Be vigilant but sober

        3. Mufutau Kabiru, you will never be sincere with yourself….talk to your boko haram friends who uses western education mobile phones to call their colleagues and arrange meetings on how to bomb places, yet western education is not good to them. Osama Bin Laden that blew up an airliner and kill 3000 plus people is the one that is peace-loving. God will judge you, mark it.

      3. we need to stop discreminating in this country. let care and show love to each other. Dont let us forget that God is mostly interested in sinner, the unbeliver. we should look for way to win soul not to condem. And as man of God he should know all this. what is he preaching about then? pastor pleas let stop apathy

      4. i totally agree with the policy of this university not to admit muslim students.Xtainity ideology is totally different from islam’s.I think the student in question is better off sticking to a muslim univ.and with the current boko haram issues etc,one has to be very careful when dealing with these muslims.tough but thats the truth!

        1. First of all, it’s called a private University,….. One man’s business, one man’s dream. Then Christian…it’s bein approved by the NUC. Secondly, what are Muslims going to do in a Christian structured university? Those their religion allow them to attend chapel services and read the bible? Considering the fact that there are no provisions for Islamic activities…..
          Infant, The word “Christian Private University” says it all!!! Whats the matter with these Muslim people?
          What does his idiot father want to sue for? Fundamental rights in the constitution that provides for : freedom of religion, education and
          association? News flash, there’s also the section of the constitution that provides for SECURITY!……and protecting the lives of every christian individual in that university is Oyedipo’s ultimate goal.
          With all these Boko Haram killings here and there, who knows if that student is just another young breed sent to that university to blow it up on Christmas day!!! Please take your “brilliant son” to Harvard or something. And let peace reign!

      5. i wonder what take him there in the first instance? when we have much more better university that will easily admmited him , to me, i think its actually blessing in disguise to him, GOD dose not want him to go astray, GOD forbid bad thing , even for free, i cannot send my pet there not to talk of a slave residing with me, my own children there? never GOD forbid , nonsense

        1. So you have slaves in an era when such inhuman act has been banned by every civilized community? No wonder you cannot think properly.

        2. Adana Msa i pitty you,you should be searched 2 know how many slaves you have in your house.who would even give boko harram a chance to maim humanity.Kudos 2 Bishop

          1. Oloro, u must have attended one of these stinking state universities around the country to adjudge CU the best in Nigeria. One wonders how many of nation’s premier universities you have visited. These school sure have their defects a la Nigeria in extension but talk about products, they are in no way comparable to those dummies they produce in CU. So mechanical and dogmatic in thinking. U know these schools…OAU,ife, UI, and ABU. I have met their products and I must confess! They don’t live on past Glory. So oloro, don’t let the wrap fool u. Let the content do the talking

      6. This is the rant of a foolish person.If this is really happening in the university,then the federal government shown step in.Close it down or as them to abolish such policies.It should be One Nigeria.This is faith based outright discrimination and should not be allow to rear it ugly head in our country.Where is the integration?Nigerian should see themselves as one..United we stand!!Divided we fall….

        1. All muslims in this forum are stupid fool. The school policy has decided not to admit muslims, what is wrong with that? it is one mans business and dream and no one should force any policy on him, because he pays his staffs salaries, and maintains peace and security in the university. With all the security threats emanating from the Muslim world of violence, how do you want the so called brilliant muslim student to me admitted into CU. He may even be a set up by Boko Haram to secure admission into CU and later in in the year blow up innocent students. From his result, he is not even as brilliant as we thought, please we have more intelligent christian student who are on admission waiting list. Please his father should send him to Unilag, CU no be by force.

          Even if he is admitted, will he go to church, study the bible? Oh because CU is a world class university, he now forgot that it is the dream, sweat and vision of an infidel. Now he wants admission, but when he hears that Christians are being killed somewhere in the country, he would supply more arms to support the extermination of Christians. Please if he wants to sue, let him go ahead, CU is not for suicide bomber or people with violent minds and suicidal tendencies.

      7. Are you a Nigerian. Stupid man what would have been your reaction if the story is in other way round. I said Christians are the most dubious people in the world. They are selfish because they want to own everything to the detriment of others. Examine yourselves, your actions and what you idiots are saying and then compare it with your preaching. If your preaching and what you learn from the Bible are apart may God not forgive all of you idiots.

        1. Hello CU, and people, this frantic effort the boys father is making suggests that he might be under pressure by Al-queada or Boko Haram to make sure he enlist his ward into CU so that they can carry out the demonic act of bombing innocent student. Please people wake up, this man must be stopped, and investigated thoroughly please ooooo for the sake of our children, there is a hidden agenda, the boys father must have link with Boko Haram, shine your eyes.

      8. I’m convinced u a humanbeing. How lög h’v u been staying or living among the Muslims? Hv u ever seen dem killing pp 4 rel.issues. U are joining issue of academic with rel. and politics. Don’t forget that d muslims h’v universities too and they’ve not being arrogated to the muslims alone. Tolerant has not been preached in any reliigin than in islam. Pls, my brother, read histories on rel. and judge who suffered mostly. The muslims or the christian? Islam is’nt a bld sucking rel. nor a terrorist rel.bt a rel. dat preaches peace,harmoy,unity in diversity,progress, good governance etc.bt that hates cheating in whatever guise.

      9. Friends, I support the decision of covenant university 75%. Is the muslim student going to have separate rule guiding him or is he ready to obey and be controlled by christian tenet. It is better now than later when news will fly round the the school is opressing or victimising him because he refused to carry out a particular duty that is against his faith.

      10. It is unfortunate that Nigeria is still where it is today because they liked false and follow fake tale of the western christians who portray Islam in the way it is now and also implant social injustice so as push muslim to the wall which make them to utter frustrating statement.Thes same anti-islamic force also in the name of Islam perpetrate evil still in the name of islam just to tarnish more the name of God believing people(muslims) terrorise, confuse them.

        Hear what an intelectual historian has to say about antiislamic force “History makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.” –De Lacy O’Leary, ISLAM AT THE CROSSROADS, London, 1923, p. 8.. whether you accept this submission or not, all i know is that one day at the point of your death, the perpetrator of these and many more evil will one day see its end in a blasing fire, then there wouldnt be any opportunity to retrace their way back to Islam.

        Or havent you seen conscious muslims the way they are subservient to their Lords call, avoiding every evil in all its totality. So you only see those isolated devilish individuals who has islamic name and generalised that has typical muslims.Be fair in your jugment about islam and muslim folk. The evil you sow one day shall entangled you.Please stop imposing your devilish religious ideology with any means. Stop before the wrath of God swallow you.

      11. You don’t know what you are saying. Nobody should discriminate on religion. I am a Christian. I don’t judge people based on Religion.

      12. You are a bloody illiterate, I am a Muslim and I attended a Christian Baptist school, I even did BK (bible knowledge) with the blessings of my parents who were staunch Muslims, whilst I studied Arabic. The trouble makers in our mist do not attend universities and are not proper Muslims or adherents to the tenents of Islam.. A person can not be denied admission in Nigeria based on their religion, it is unconstitutional… That aside, the bible says love your neighbor regardless of who or what he or she is. This kind of stories is not good for the school and the church…

      13. i sincerely dont know why the boy went there but pastor should not have done that.al-hikmah university in kwara is an islamic university.the first set are 299 muslims and 1 christian girl.they lived in peace.if religious leaders cant tolerate who else can.from write ups, nigeria might divide along religious line if this should continue.lastly,lets learn how to relate and use of words well.anyway,there is day of judgement.

      14. na u get ur mouthtalk anythin weh u like,they are d course of d problem,are there no muslim univers in this country? must it be that sameone,d father should not boarder taking d case 2 d court. Muslim should go to Muslim likewise others.

      15. You and your family members are the demonic beings…in fact God will punish you for that statement you made… It shall not be well with you!

    2. I think it is necessary that i mention this at the unset that am a muslim from southwest where the school is located. the boy’s parent made a graveous mistake by sending such a talented kid to covenant university. i don’t see any discrimination in what the authority did as they have right to protect their faith from any infiltration. don’t we have Al-hikmah university in Ilorin or fountain in Oshogbo or what an UN-serious muslims are we, upon the fact that our fore fathers were Christianized in the southwest just because of education, yet, I wonder I can see today, a reasonable and committed muslim sending his child to a christian schools. to God who made me, I mean not discriminate or insinuate, the fact remains that we are just two parallel lines that will never have a meeting point. why taken the school to the court instead of been thankful to Allah that they dind’nt sense of sending your son to Israel on scholarship.

    3. I am one of the Heads of the federal parastatals, in my recent recruitment i rejected any candidate from those Christian motivated Universities, and i will never employ anybody from such University till i retired. I have started collaborating with my colleagues heading other private and government establishments.

      1. You just confirmed the truth.Some muslims in place of authority, even organizations funded by our common resourses will discriminate against non muslim.This is very unfortunate. You and your friends will not employ graduate from Christian University because they graduate from University owned by non-moslem!!! The strength of a country is found in its diversity and tolerance. A religious war is never won by anyboby.Please sheld your sword.If you believe discrination on bases of Religion is wrong,then why are you doing the same thing?

        1. Having read the story and responses from everyone, it just points to me that this country may go up in flames one day as a reult of religious intolerance. That’s one.

          Secondly, we are all bunch of hypocrites in this country. Imagine the way muslims and christians are disparaging one another. And I suppose this are educated and enlightened people who are suppose to know enlighten others.

          I would suggest that the issue should have been discussed on the basis of the law establishiing private universities in this country and the constitution. I

      2. If this is your agenda, you’ll give way for the person that will not allow any form prejudice to becloud his reasoning. I wonder how in the world you got to where you claimed you are. Trust me, you won’t last so be warned, wa wa kawai!

      3. you are a basterd and i know you will die soon. boko haram will soon kill you and your stupid and senseless household. the money Nig spends is from the south south which are predominanatly christians and am sure by the time Nigeria split, you will die of hunger and ur family will not be able to travel to developed country cos you are muslims. you are a bastard, son of a bitch, idiot, mugun, mad man.

    4. The writer of this article did not actually know much on the subject he was writing about. Covenant University is a christian university and, in order to allow peace to reign in Nigeria, it must not be open to Muslim or other religion groups who can not abide by christian’s doctrine. Otherwise, little misunderstanding between 2 students will soon turn to religion conflict – like In Jos – that may subsequently leads to shedding of blood, burning of classroom etc. So to promote peace let each religion group starts its own University.

      1. Muslims and Christians in the north lived in peace from colonial to post colonial Nigeria when the catholic church and the rather orthodox ecwa and cocin churches were at the front line of evangelism, trouble started when profit desperate and money conscious churches like oyedepos and other southern headed pentacostal arrived to instigate and divide the people in order to secure customer base.

    5. A religion that was not guided by God pricples but a rational human thinking and all d decesion making organs are caught raping innocent girls in d church. as we all know dat if women are to stop attending party (church service) christianity will die natural death. what a shameless religion in deed.

      1. You must be one big fool. The evil called Islam centers around sexual perversion. Read your koran and the hadiths and you will discover that every other verse talks about sex. Mohammad said that he loved women and perfumes so much that he would go round his harem of 60 women in one night. He even went for prayers with semen stains on his clothes. Sucking on the tongues of young boys and girls was his past time. He left a legacy of promiscuity to his followers. Take out sex and violence and Islam ceases to exist. The movement and its founder are intellectually and morally bankrupt.

  1. Moslems, for me, i think admitting you guys into southern or westhern higher institutions in the country is a threat and should be taken into proper consideration.

    What stops this Moslems chap from schooling in the north? Abeg we nor want una trouble o. You guys are too violent.

    1. Young Man or Woman I wonder where u went to school How can you ascribe this to a Boko Haram Issue who in the south have u heard that subscribes to the Boko Haram doctrine I think you should stop eating sugar because most of the sugar we eat in Nigeria is from a Muslim company Dangote dont build house with dangote cement as well. Why the hell cant u see that the Boko Haram is a minority group that doesnt speak for muslims but I guess BIGOTS never look beyond their BIGOTRY.

        1. You guys should as well shut up. I don’t see anything wrong in allowing a Muslim into a christian institution. The Muslim also has equal right to education. If Bishop Oyedepo can’t see that, then I guess what he’s teaching or rather preaching is crap because you have no right to discriminate someone because he is a Muslim. I know christian schools that accept Muslims. This is a big disappointment, Bishop, no one expects this from you. It only boils down to one thing which means that you practice hypocrisy which is going to spoil your image. Good luck

          1. But shey na by force !!?? CU is Christian Versity, runned with christian practices . Muslims will go there and will want to start spreading mats everywhere as a guise for praying, giving room Boko boko gradual assembly.

            The only religious praying ground in the sch is the Chapel !! Now tell me how can this work !!?? There are muslim versity too abi ? Gafar can go and attend one. Period !!

          2. Good talk dear, men of God should leave judgement for God, if truely you are for God. Imams, Alfas, Bishops and Pastors shuld ask for God’s forgiveness in this country, they are the ones that made this country what it is today. Almighty Allah will deliver Nigeria from tribulation.

      1. 98% of the money in ciculation in Nigeria is from Niger Delta oil. Even the sugar emaniates from our oil money.

        Back to CU issue. Its was built by tithe payers money. Its a sacrifice by christians. Please go Abti-Abubakar University or get an Islmic Bank loan to go abroad. Welcome to reality.

        1. all this arguments wont get us anywhere-the pastor owns the university and he can do whatever he wants;but denying a Muslim admission is very bad of him after-all he knows that discrimination is not good-not all Muslims are bad and not all bad people are Muslims-we equally have bad people in the south and bad christians


        2. mumu, does it sounds like reality in your mouth. it is d boys parent dat made dat mistake of sending sch a brilliant boy to dat God forsaken school. where teenagers are exposed to pornography and sex. nonsense reality ko FOOOOL!!!

          1. Who pass muslim for pornography? im sure u just fiinished mastubating b4 u came to write that stupid comment. if e pain u go and open ur own school. Who knows sef that boy’s result is possible fake he probably paid someone to write for him idiot.


      2. stop it there. have you southern muslims disassociated youselves from the boko haram openly or from the religion of war? Esin Imole. foooooooooooooolss

    2. I wonder what the boy and his father are looking in that cultists University, left to me even my donkey will never pray for admission in any southern University, talkless of Cultist and christian school, because he will learn nothing than singing and dancing

      1. I agree with you, muslims should have nothing to do with christian institutoins.It’s time muslim political and economic gurus realise that killing islamic scholars like sheik jafar for telling them the bitter thruyh, instead of pulling their resources together to build institutions of higher learning is the way to make islam and muslims proud. indeed we have our ideology which we must uphold and this cannot be achieved in a christian institution

      2. It is clear you are a fool and i dont blame you cos you are trained and certified beggers. Hauseas cant match south in terms of good virtues. the whole world knows u are the ones giving us bad name. bastard

    3. This is a social injustice to this young muslim.it is unfortunate that the christians always preach one thing and acted otherwise. Are their no moral responsibility in your religion? Infact your race are one of this worst sect in world faith.
      I am not surprise your basis of your faithis on bedrock of lies.Check history.Adolf Hitler is a known a good christians.-

    4. Last time I checked a very large population of southern nigeria is Muslim, Muslims are not only in the north, I fact must Yoruba governors today are Muslims including the largest Yoruba states Lagos, oyo and ogun. Let’s not pretent that Muslims are only in the north. Only that the christians in the south typically are noisier than Muslims. Muslims in the south have leaned to tolerate their noise, that’s what the northern Muslims still need to learn, the noise and the insults on means nothing, it is because they have nothing to say about their religion, they concentrate energy in insulting Muslims and a Holy Prophet of God that died 1400 years ago. Muslims will never insult Jesus in return, because they respect their Prophet. The Yoruba saying that it he who has no respect for his parents that insults other people’s parents.

  2. Its an unfair move by the authorities not to admit the young lad. If the school does not admit muslims, this should be stated clearly in the school’s brochure so that muslims don’t apply. Why wait till the last minute to deny him admission after he has performed well? Many things are just wrong with the Nigerian educational system.

    Covenant University is not the only institution run by a Christian group worldwide. Conditions for admission are usually clearly stated and the school’s religious beliefs spelt out so that any person who wishes to study at that institution cannot deny that those conditions were clearly spelt out.

    I sympathize with the boy and his family. Its sad.

    1. Ugochi, Covenant University is not a secular institution and this fact is clearly spelled out in their publications. Don’t you think the school has a right to choose who to admit? Can you not envisage a situation where somebody sues the university tomorrow for infringing on his right of freedom of worship by asking that a mosque be allowed on that campus for muslims? Then it will become a more serious national issue. One has to look ahead of him. Failure to do so can be seriously detrimental.

    2. You are the only good Christian on this thread, the issue is admission, we go on and on insulting other people’s religion, Hightower of ignorance and intolerance, the bane of nigeria.

  3. i have mentioned that the owner of this news paper body should go and look for a job becus you are already failing by spreading bad news about men of God
    come to think of it why should covenant university admit any of these blood suckers? that says no to western education? i promise the sponsors of BOKO HARAM that you will all be smoked out of your hidings. you will all sleep and not wake-up

  4. This’s part of the chronic national problem besetting
    the people of nigeria.How could a man who claimed to be a bishop or cardinal whatever he calls himself be engaged in admission discrimination to his personal church-WINNERS- university on the basis of religious affiliation of a qualified prospective student into his church’s university.In civilized society,the license issued for the operation of WINNERS-Bishop Oyedepo’s private university would be withdrawn effective immediately by the nigerian Federal Government through the minister for education.But i doubt.That prospective student who was denied admission into WINNERS university must get a lawyer through any human rights organisation to sue WINNERS university for having denied him his fundamental right and his liberty to study and acquire highier education.Some kind of mushroom university for huge profit by Bishop Pyedepo.Very corrupt human being living expensive-luxury lifestyle with church-funds looted.Shame! Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,Canada.

    1. Dr Pat Kolawole Amusan, go and establish your own university and admit whoever you want. One has to weigh many factors before taking a decision. Abdul Mutalab did not weigh the label ‘UNDERWEAR BOMBER” on his forehead.The same constitution that bars discrimination also guarantees freedom of association. If the university has denied anybody admission it is acting within the organic law.There are other public and private universities in Nigeria for the chap to choose from. The same press now making an issue of this matter criticizes the university for charging exorbitant fees. Let those people be, please.

      1. I was denied admission into the Faculty of medicine and surgery in A.B.U zaria some years ago, despite meeting every admission requirement on the ground that I was from Benue state: the faculty dean said it to my face. Admissions were given to applicants with less points because they were from far northern states. That is a federal institution. So what are we saying. E don tey.

        1. Steven, I suffered the same fate after my HSC when I was denied admission to read Business Admin because of my state of origin. There was no pretense about it. Yet ABU is a federal institution. Even after my NYSC the state where I served refused me employment into the civil service. I was asked to take up a contract teaching job.

          1. Not with all this Boko Haram. The Bible says we should be as wise as serpent. It is only around the churches that you find moslem beggers. Can you find a christian near a mosque. Christains have tolerated very well.

        2. Maybe you do not know that there are so many brilliant muslim chap who have been ofer the choice of either losing your Job or taking up christian religion aa options in federal organisation. In fact with my little experience about christians majority are coersive faith enforcer on unbewared muslims.

    2. Dr Awosan,
      I do not know whether your title of ‘Dr’ is medical or philosophical. I had expected a better response from you. You live in Canada, I guess. A faith-based university is a faith-based institution. Perhaps you do not understand the word faith-based. Anybody who does not subscribe to the faith that informed that institution has no business applying for admission into it. Covenant University is a Christian university and not a secular one. It is for Christians. Any rantings to the contrary is illogical. CU does not discriminate when it refuses admission to any non-Christian. The mostly uninformed writing in this thread can go on with their bunkum. It changes nothing.

    3. God can strike you dead any moment from now. United states and other developed countries are reluctant to give muslims visa. ask ur muslims brothers in the US they ve changed their names. Also islamic religion is the world problem. look at pakistan and others. the only countries that enjoy peace are the ones without the stupid religion that believes in shedding blood of innocent citizens

  5. you cannot hear from one side and pass your judgment. After all, who made you a judge? The matter is best known to GOD and the Management of the School. Be careful of your utterances.

  6. Is that the only university? The mentality associated with boko haram exist even in poeple who call themselves godly but with a different connotation. Despite the years of Niger delta millitancy and kidnappings, no northern university has ever rejected a student based on his religious belief like what we are witnessing now. Please don’t waste your energy going to court because is NOT worth the trouble. Look else where and let’s see where Bishop will get to with his new found attitude.

    1. Lare,
      What do you mean by “Northern University”? IS there a privately owned islamic university in the north? The so called northern universities you are talking about are federal universities not private universities. I believe that if one establishes a company, he has a right to say who he wants to employ or not. In Convenant university, all students are required to attend church. Will the Muslims be forced to attend church? The owner of the school has a doctrine he follows/preaches. Why should he now do what his contrary to his beliefs? There is no big deal to this.

  7. Must he be admitted by CU? He should try one of the northern universities now. Abi na by force? We want peace here please.Thank you.

    1. Hear them scream! What are they saying? Nonsense! What is wrong with the admittance of a muslim in a CU? Are there guidelines/laws in this country that allows such? None that we know of!

      Why are we doubly mouthed? Now it is our turn to say Muslim don’t belong here. Where do they belong? What was your opinion about Islamic Banking? Weigh you responses and see how hypocritical you are.

      Why did CU collected the funds from the guy since they knew they won’t offer him admission just because he is Muslim? Why was he sold a “false hope” by a “sacred” institution?

      If you call from the flock astray to Christianity, where is the moral here? Oyedepo loses this. And it only goes to prove that he is afterall human!

  8. Must he be admitted by CU? I suggest muslims to also set up universities where they can also ‘disciminate’ if you see this as discrimination.

  9. I don’t know how old this Bishop Oyedepo is because if he is old enough, he would recall the situation in Ijebu-Ode more than 50 years ago when Muslims were not admitted into Ijebu-Ode Grammar School, and to counter this – the Muslims founded Muslim College for their children. Then came a sage in the form Adeola Odutola who founded Adeola Odutola College with the motto “Aitan o kole kile . . ” meaning any child is welcome. The student in question appears to be Yoruba, and we all know the Yorubas have both Muslims and Christians in their families – more or less depending on the family. Extremism in religion is foreign to the Yorubas, and that is why you see far more interfaith marriages among them compared to other Nigerian groups. However, whether the boy is a Yoruba, Igbo or Kanuri Muslim, he should not be discriminated against . It is against the law (when are we going to start respecting the rule of law?). And more importantly, the university is helping to implant enmity and intolerance in a young mind. This kind of things have a way in staying in people’s memory, and I hope the boy will not use it to close the university and lock up Bishop Oyedepo for good if 30 years from now, he becomes the new President “Goodluck”. Remember, Covenant didn’t abide by the law, so why should he???

    1. I understand with Yoruba and Southern Moslems. Not with Northern Moslems. If truely you are referring to the NIGERIAN LAW perhaps constitution, Yerima the child fucker and other hausa-fulani govts remember the country’s law and constitution when they set a parallel law “the Sharia Law”. If every Northern Moslem is not a terrorist, why did many Northern Moslems rejoice over 9/11 attack in the US? If Nigeria is one project, why are their leaders so openly biased against other tribes. Isn’t it funny for a politician in the National Rep National and Hausa/Fulani leaders to openly tell children of other religions and tribes that their only interests is the North. That the reason for wanting to rule is the Northern interst only. Dennish journalist made a cartoon, and people in Nigeria attack christians. Palestinians haveproblems with Israel, our Nigerians kill fellow Nigerians regardless of the Nigerian law. Rev. Reinhert Bunke’s posters for crusade pasted enraged the Hausa/Fulani Moslem and they kill many chrians. Are you sending this boy to The Bishop?

  10. Very dangerous admitting these jihadists. No matter how educated a moslem is, one will still see the traces of boko haram. There are moslem universities around, he should find one. Anyone wey vex, make em go establish em own university, shekena!

  11. I t hink Nigeria has changed since 60s when Muslims in the West have to change their names to christian names or be forcebly converrted to chritianity before before they could go to primary and secondaryschools I was once a victim of chritian victimisationof the mUslims in the West .

    I was punished in School of Nursing by my Principal when i refused to go to hospital to sing during christmas. I asked the then Principal of the school why christins were not sent to the hospitals to sing during Eid festival.
    I was made to wash and scrubed the practical room until the arrival of other students from hospitals where they went to sing
    Nigeria is a secular state and should be seen so. This is act of illegality against the Federal constitution of Nigeria.TheUniversity may be owned by the chritains but d it is nt showing Chritan ethos by this act. We are talking about religious tolerance in Nigeria and some people who should know better are dividing the nation on religion line.

    I also remember vividly how muslims students in christian school i attended were been forced in the hostel against their wishes to go to church on Sundays.
    I want christians to show me in the bible where it is written that you should be discriminating against muslims. Jesus Christ didn’t discriminate against the muslimss or Jew, why should christians in Nigeria discriminate against muslims?

    Christians should show good example for muslims to follow and not by discriminating against them.
    Prophet Mohammed(SAW) didn’t discriminate against the muslims. If muslims are discriminating against the christians, why should christians do the same?

    I wish Baba whom i held in high respect to read this comment and act to reverse the decision of the admission board.

    I wish to state categorically before christians start to curse me that i was once a muslim and i was a rebel with a course in all my days both at the Primary and secondry school, Nursing school and at the University of Ibadan.

    I am now a Chritian and living in London. I hate injustice and this is part of injustice that is not allowing the country to make progress. Baba should act and act fast and shouldn’t allow chritanity to be tarnished.

    Musa Olaiwon is a native of Ikire in Irewole Local Government in Osun State.

    1. For you to say that Mohammad did not discriminate against the Jews and Christians means that you did not bother to read the Koran before converting to Christianity. What does it mean to say that Muslims should not make friends with the Jews and Christians or that they should not prefer those two groups to fellow Muslims? Is dimmitude practiced on Muslims or non Muslims? Who is the jigzy tax imposed on in Muslim controlled territories? Read the hadiths and even the sira on Mohammad to get better acquainted with Islamic teachings and practices.

    2. If the law of the school says that all students must go to winners chapel to worship on sundays then should the Muslim student be forced to attend church? It is better to nip a problem in the bud than wait till it goes out of hand.

    3. Musa, balanced write-up. Unfortunately you and I don’t have any answer or magic wand to solve the myriads of problems facing our country… Nothing is beyond prayers. My love and regards to your family.

    4. Not admitting a person who does not subscribe to the faith that informed the bedrock of an institution is no discrimination. Faith-based means faith-based. How is it that people cannot understand that? Musa, you must have been an adult in nursery school to remember the “punishment’ meted out to you for failing to sing or dance to a Christian song. Wonders shall never end!

    5. thank God you feel their imposition even as a young man. i tell you they are still doing the same thing to you up till now,but in a more intelectual way by terrorising you with spiritual war. You beter check yourself,access your present life and read more about Islam rather than looking at christian-staged islamic terrorism. You will agree with me that when you carry and read your english Quran ,you are being talk to by your God but when you are reading Bible ,you are being workon by a psychologist. A quick intelectual assesment of some chapter ot the bible have shown and agreed that it was tutored and not Gods words.

      Please acept Gods revelation but not an inspiration.
      You can more fact about islam from neutral personality but not from christians.
      Hear what one of them has to say about Muhammed SWT”He was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without Pope’s pretensions, Caesar without the legions of Caesar: without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue; if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by the right divine, it was Mohammed, for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports.” Bosworth Smith, MOHAMMAD AND MOHAMMADANISM, London, 1874, p. 92.

      1. I have never seen a greater ignorance or outright falsehood. Mohammad preached for 13 years and had only 150 converts. It was after he had established a political and military base at Medina that the number of converts to Islam skyrocketed. From Medina Mohammad would lead or authorize his people to raid, plunder, kill and capture the women of harmless communities. One fifth of every booty went to him in addition to ‘safi’. The loot from a community which offered no resistance went 100% to him. The sword he used was Mohammad’s “divine authority”. How tolerant of non muslims are you?

  12. There is freedom of association even in Uk a catholic school only admits catholics so what is the heck why cant the young man apply to crescent university established by moslems for moslems .
    Must moslems violently impose themselves on other religions go and look at Lagos state 80% of elected ,appointed officers are muslims simply because the Duke is a muslin

  13. Boko Haram should go and bomb that muslim boy for seeking Western education. CU is an institution based on faith and chirstian teachings …our memory is so short of what happened in UI. admitting this Salami of a guy and his likes would later cause problem in the future i.e He would want to build his mosque in CU. Go to Boko Haram University.

  14. London made the mistake of allowing fanatics to enter their country, they regreted. US made the same mistake, they are licking the wounds.

    I think the school has made the right decision. It could be a sponsored future terrorist to the lives of the students in that school.

    Thank you

    1. Luckily we are in Nigeria and the young man is growing to realize the country he is in,am a Muslim from the north,i can see that there are people that are suffering from Nigerian deficiency syndrome ,as they don’t know what is happening in the north than what their bias media tells them. London or Ondo does’t matter. Boko haram is a product of Christian reactionaries. Who bail Mohammed Yusuf the leader of boko haram? is it not a Christian? Former minister. check it out before you start posting rubish. Moreover come to Seiara Leone that is the same thing Christians do change your name or you don’t study even with your money. Is that fair? When you discriminate against people you make them to push forward to destroy you. Remember IRA,South Africa. Palestine. etc

  15. Covenant University is a Church owned faith based University. All students are made to at least participate in what they beleieve, won’t it be a breach of the lad’s right to force him into what he does not believe. There are several gorvernment owned and Islamic Universities in Nigeria, he should go there.
    Global news and her flock of hypocritical commentators find it convinient to run their mouths without recourse to reasoning.
    Covenant University motto is: “Toward a total man”…spirit soul and body.
    Each monthly edition of your junk is not complete until you bring in the Church.

  16. I strongly believe that every institution has the right to decide on who to admit or not based on its own doctrine and belief most especially the private institutions. Come to think of it, what will happen if the muslim guy is admitted and later discovered that it is compulsory for every student there to attend church service, what will be his reaction? and how would people see it?. I heared of a graduation ceremony held last wkend by FOUNTAIN UNIVERSITY,Oshogbo, all the Honourary Awardees were muslim, why, it is bcos of the institution’s religious belief. I want to appeal to fellow Nigerians that we should not make a mountain out of this mole hill.

  17. @Global news,i hate when u dont verify ur story b4 publishing it.pls try and do cos u only heard from the parent,but have not gone to the admission officer or the school authority to verify and u claimed u have being calling but not picking there calls.
    well as for me ,i really dont know why the school will not admit Muslim?but i have muslim friends that graduated from CU.the truth is that for some times now i have had cause to asked myself.friends and the public what was the motive of establishing CU and other xtian universities? is it to make money,(profit) my thinking when they started was that it is to help reduced the burden of high school fees from Govt and other PLC owned versities and being a place for morals teaching and integration of the rich,poor,muslims and xtians to meet and have a better orientation of living together.
    when the Anglican,Catholics and baptist churches came into Nigeria then and establishes schools,they never discriminate on religion,church or profession but they admitted any one and gave all the opportunity to excel.
    one gospel truth is that if will look at the history of the fouder of CU,he went to this same schools established by the missionaries then and if i may say also,he never paid fees for his primary and secondary school education.so he should try and give to the public what he gained from them.
    another aspect that baffles me is that most congregations of the church that pay offering,tithe and other developmental church fees cant or are unable to send there children to these school just bcos they couldnt afford the fees.

  18. Good morning All,
    I think we should put things in perspective not to be seen as people commenting from ignorance and perceived misplace understanding.

    CU is a A CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY and for a MUSLIM to desire admission to the school is something that has to be treated with care. We all know how some of our Muslim brothers & sisters like overdoing things. There is no Mosque in the school, so how will the Muslim student conduct his religious activities without experiencing some challenges. Thereafter, it becomes an issue of letigation regarding “My freedom of religion”

    As a father, no matter the quality of education being offered by a Muslim University, I would not send my ward to such a school. My religious obligation as a father is to also protect my children’s spiritual warefare at any cost. It is simple common sense.

    So this news report is completely out of place and unnecessary in my honest opinion. There have been several attempts in the media to discredit Bishop David Oyedepo because of either his achievement or wealth. And I think, it is to be expected when you are that highly placed.

    I always believe that every man will be answerable to God and only where a proven evil has been committed that i will add my view or seek for appropriate justice. But to rubbish any man without proof is to shorten my own destiny and blessing.

    We have enough worries in our hands as a nation and politicians who steal billions of Naira have done nothing to improve the qulaity of life of Nigerias, yet men who have attempted to make a change are been attacked by lesser men in thoughts and potentials. This is rather unfortunate.

    News houses, you will sell and profit by God’s grace o; but please dont look for profit in the wrong quarters because you are only cutting short your posterity.

    Be adviced!

    1. @TED; if most of d ppl dat hav left a comment here wer as sensibl as u, Nigeria won’t b dis bad. U dnt use evil to pay bak evil, its vry easy for ppl to 4gt d past but go bak to history and see how bad muslims wer treatd in dose days esp in western countries. So pls if any1 wants to liv a comment its either u try to improve d condition of d nation or u jst kip mouth shut cos d so called Boko Haram ppl to me are nt evn fightn for Islam if we look at it frm d inside. And Kudos to d yoruba race dey r d true Nigerians. Also @ d press, pls at dis delicate tym ur nt suposd to b publishn dis sort of stories, r u tryn to improve d condition of d country or ur tryn to get Boko harams attentn or rather tryn to make muslims look bad cos any unreasonabl persn dat reads dis won’t see dat ders smtin missing, u guys r not sayn d whole tin, dey l just jump to conclusions. Nigerians pls let’s see pass dis unnecesry feuds, d ppl fueln dis problms are dos dat knw wat dey r gainin frm it. U dat ur suportn dem wat r u gainin.

      1. Can anyone of you answer this please?

        CU knew they weren’t going to admit muslims. Why did they collected their money for application?

  19. The simple reason is that the young boy’s result is a big threat to the christain students. Imagine a Muslim boy becoming the best student in a christain school. I advise him to look else where for admission.

  20. I don’t even think it is good for the boy to go to a christian University as he could be indoctrinated. Or he could become rebellious to the school authorithy cos as far as I know all students are required to go to the Chapel at particular times. The school has done him a favour with his faith in my opinion.

  21. 2 wrongs does not equal to 1 right . this is discrimination period !!!!!, Are they saying all muslims are boko haram ? this is a daft and stupid mentality and compounding the inter faith hatred

  22. Has this question been answered here, did Covenant University write in their brochure that Muslims should not apply to the University? If not, then a legal battle should be instituted against the school for wasting the boy’s money, time and energy. The school’s license should be withdrawn as a deterrent to others. Oyedepo is a Muslim descendant, if any of his siblings or acquaintances who chose to remain Muslims gets admission into that school, will he withdraw him or her because they are not Christians? With people like this in the society, there can never be unity.

  23. what the university had done is very wrong, it is discrimination of the highest order and such a thing should be discourage b4 it get worst. A pastor for that matter.

  24. Lets not mince words, The owners of the university has the right to determine who they will give admission to based on their own considerations; afterall they re not being funded in any way by the federal government. what stops these muslim guys from starting their own universities? why must they always look for trouble; For me, I will not admit any of them in my university, cos of violence and their beliefs….so as not to end up training suicide bombers….kudos to the authorities of Convenant University. Remain focused, and dont allow those fundamentalists to polute your school!

    1. As much as he has a right to determine who admissions are extended to, he should deploy, first his right not to collect the money accrue from the applications of muslims.

      He collected their money and now you are talking about right. What inconsistency?

    2. Is this not an act of christian fundamentalism. Why perverting truth. you this lying impostors.

      By there seed you shall know them.Nigeria is waxing stronger in christianinty yet messy in coruption

  25. From the write up, CU was admitting muslims before now probably the muslim students had started creating problems for the school by either refusing to follow the rules of the school like having fellowship with each other which I believe is compulsory for all students of the school, and which I am very sure that the muslims would never adhere to, no muslim fanatic can ever fit into such an institution so Bishop Oyedepo has all right to refuse any muslim student admission as what is happening in the country today is enough to reject any muslim in any christian institution. I am sure sooner or later muslims would be rejected employment in reputable organisation managed by christians as all they do is hate and kill the christians.

    1. It is already hapening in so many federal institutions, muslims being denied employment for his faith or coarsed to acepting their faith against their wish . i think a time will come when the christian might have to leave this country with all these social injustice they have been commiting just to keep muslims out of shows.no wonder the few muslims that are in government are not true representative of the muslims faithful.one of the worse are the Boko-haram. i do hope the worst sect of false representative of the muslim will not one day surface because this country are for all.

  26. I think this story is not well researched. If anybody on this thread can just spare a couple of minutes and visit the CU website and check out their current admission list. Lo and behold there are a handful of muslim names on that list. For example GAMBO SARATU ALHERI at no 564 was admitted for psychology. Our journalists should take time to do their work properly.

      1. Who told you she is a she? The writer too was assuming she/he is a moslem because of the name as you too is assuming gender because of the name.

  27. MUSA OLAIWON , pls go back and read your story, you are talking about discrimination, you said here that they always force you to go to church which you didn’t want to. For refusing to join christian in worship,what did you call that? still discrimination and why did you go to christian school when you know you cannot worship in church, probably if the admit this boy into the university he will prove stubborn the way you did,for refusing to go to church or do anything pertaining to Christianity, so is better for him to go to Muslem school to avoid problem.

  28. It seems as if no edition of your publication is complete until you have some nasty thing to write about the Christian Faith. Why?

  29. It seems as if no edition of your publication is complete until you have some nasty thing to write about the Christians. Why?

  30. Convenant isn’t the only university, besides itsmeant for christians not muslims so he should go to unimaid and give it a try.
    Today they want admission tomorrow who knows what they’ll want.
    Leave my bishop alone!!!!!!!

  31. This has nothing to do with Boko Haram or Terrorists. Covenant University is a core christian university with set rules. A moslem will feel caged in there and may encourage the breaking of rules. Best thing Ol Boy, go to ABU or UNILAG or other secular universities. Why are you insisting it is Covenant Universty you must attend? Mischief? Please see what happened in Rome, the moslems have a very huge Mosque almost or even bigger than St. Peter;s Basilica but will not allow any one to build even a hut church in Mecca.

  32. Thumbs up for Covenant University and their management.Islam is synonymous with violence,war and terrorism,they should not admit them otherwise they will replicate what they are doing in Northern Nigeria,Iraq,Somalia,Afghanistan,Pakistan to mention but a few.

  33. y cant dey go to moslem universities? Its a privately funded Uni and they can decide to close their doors on anyone deemed inappropriate

  34. one thing is for sure that whether they admit him or not, its not going to affect islam in anyway besides its not even the best in this country as there are better ones. let them keep their fucking university to themselves, who even wants to study with this sentimental people. Let him go to u.k or u.s cos they’ll admit him sharp sharp with that excellent result

  35. this issue is simple. let the poor boy find another school afterall no offer has been given. let his parents use the money for the proposed litigation to seek admision for him elsewhere. period

  36. What does a muslim want in a Christian University? Why should muslims go to school when they are agaist western education

    1. And who told you Muslims are against western education? What a parochial and hateful comment are you making?

      Does Boko Haram represent all muslims? Did you not hear that a week after the UN bombing more than 60 muslims were killed at the Eid? Did you not hear that an imam was killed for defending the christians?

      If Boko Haram was islamic, why would they kill muslims?

      Have you any knowledge of IRA? Find out about them and tell the world if the represent the entire Christian body.

      CU knew they won’t admit Muslims. Didn’t they? Why did they collect their application money? Do they have a right to that too? Muslim money in their pocket is fine but not muslim student on their campus. What grave injustice and violent discrimination?

  37. It is rather unfortunate people are reading all sorts of meanings into this article. In the UK, in the north-west area that I live in London, there are so many Jews. In order to protect their Jewish faith, they have their own Jewish Schools and in the Brochure provided for all residents within the Borough (or Local Government Area, as you call it in Nigeria) by the Education Authority, it is clearly specified that they are Jewish Schools. In other words, you have to be Jewish to apply to the Schools. This is known as POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION. They don’t want to admit students who will now start challenging their faith or values. Some of these schools are not even Independent (Private, as you call them in Nigeria). So, what is the problem here with this boy’s admission? Although, I must say I have a problem with the way some Christians schools are being managed. I am a born-again Christian and totally disillusioned with some Pastors who instead of helping other less-privileged Christians, are lining their pockets with the offerings they receive from them. Yet, these Christians cannot afford to send their Children to the born-again Schools, some of which incidentally are more expensive than other Private Schools. We are indeed facing the end times! We should continue to pray to live in unity and prosperity. God will judge everyone according to their deeds. With some, the Judgment will start from this earth!

    1. An addendum to my previous post – my parents raised my siblings and I as Catholics but one of us went to Babcock University that is a 7th Day Adventist. My brother initially refused to go because of the strict principles and preferred the ‘normal’ universities. In fact, he had to leave Unilag to go to Babcock because he misbehaved. My parents said obviously he had too much freedom. So, going to Babcock would be better for him because he would have to abide by their strict principles where no meat was served in the canteen. A host of other values had to be imbibed by all the students. Fast forward 10 years, he is man of himself and going to Babcock did not turn him into 7th Day Adventist but he learned some disciplines there. You could say both experiences are incomparable but my parents had a choice whether or not my brother would be sent to the University. He was probably not turned down for admission because they saw him as a Christian but if there was any indication that he was a fanatic (I am not saying this guy is), despite good results, he could have been turned down. It is better to avoid confusion than to engage in unnecessary and long-drawn court case. If the parents of this boy are willing to take an undertaking that he will not cause trouble in the school (if such system is already in place at Covenant University), then he should abide by their strict Christian teachings. When in ‘Rome, behave like the Romans’. Lack of willingness to integrate into any society is part of the problems in this world. An Arab person will want to force the western world into accepting their own principles on their own land. Yet, you HAVE TO abide by the principles of the Arab nation, irrespective of who you are. People need to change their mindsets.

      1. Nice Premise. Good start. Bad conclusion. Poor Landing.

        Lack of integration? which is integrating which? Where the right of that man that likes to stretch his hands ends, is where the right of than man who likes to protect his nose starts.

        When you talk about integration, break it down please. Should integration limit freedom? Should people become alike because of integration. In fact, integration is the ability to recognise and accept the differences but to function as a coherent whole. It is more like adapting; not adopting.

        CU collected the guy’s money and sold him false hopes by allowing him to sit for the exams. Why? If the muslim money is good for beautifying and improving the educational standards at CU, then Muslims have a right to be admitted on merits.

        How can you assume someone is a troublemaker after writing an exam? This is preposterous!

        They could have made it clear in their advertorial that “Muslims are not admitted this year”. In that case, the guy would have been wrong from the get go.

        In Catholic schools in the UK, don’t they indicate that it’s just for catholics? Why are we so blinded and sentimental to religious bigotry? Violence is not just bombs my dear. Words and ferocious actions like this are more damaging to the mind than bombs

        1. The news report says that CU would not admit Muslim students this year. You should ask the Northern politicians sponsoring Boko Haram, why not? Who wants a suicide bomber? Young Salami may not be. CU might not have sold him a false hope because there are Christians with Arabic names. CU might have found out during oral interview that Young Salami is a Muslim.

  38. muslims shld go to their own. a time in this country that the muslims will nolonger be given opportunity to work in any company owned by the christains. i know of a woman who will not any thing in the world employ a muslim person no matter what the person says he or she can offer. the school reserves the right to admit any student she chooses. My advice to the father of the boy is stop himself 4rm going court cos he will surely loose the case. The school in queastion is not gvt owned so he does not hav a caes. By the way , that was the one of the best result i hav ever seen.

  39. With the way things are going now in this country ,I am afraid we might be preparing for a terrible religious war which will ultimately consume us all.If religion is about brother discriminating against brother as we are now witnessing, is n t time we stop deceiving ourselves about doctrine of love and peace.

  40. It is very amazing to read how Nigerians, or should I say, Africans are fighing and disrespecting each other because of “foreign” religions. The Oyinbo came, brainwashed us, demonized our belief systems, and gave us their “God”. The Arabs came and did the same to us. Without our mythology and belief in your own ancestral God, where is our soul? What you read in the Bible is nothing more than Hebrew mythology. It’s okay for you to believe what a foreigner said that somebody parted the sea for his people to walk through, another walked on water, and turned water into wine but you find it difficult to believe your grandfathers and ancestors that Obatala came from heaven. The Japanese and Indians have had their religions long before Jesus was born. And you know, they are very proud and jealous of their cultures and heritage. How many Andrews, Richards, Johns, Lateefs, Kareems, and Habeebs do you see among them? But you Africans like to wallow in your inferiority and second-class citizenship. I do not believe in the story of Obatala any more than I believe in God talking to Moses, Jesus or Muhammed. Why couldn’t their God have choosen a black man to talk to? You know why? Because IT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!
    Back to Covenant – If it’s okay under the law for Covenant U to exclude the boy, they should refund his admission fee and compensate him for his troubles. The boy also have the right to seek redress in court. And for those of you who are still stuck in this religion thing, tell me how you are going to divide Yorubaland among Christians and Muslims without cutting right through the middle of some houses, villages, towns and states. MY LAST SAY ON THIS TOPIC.

  41. My kids go to a catholic school and they are required to know the sign of the cross, hail Mary etc. I am not catholic, but there is really nothing I can do about this. I sent my children there for the quality of education they offer.

    Why do I say this? If you’re going to a Christian, mission school, you have to be ready to submit yourself to their doctrines and mode of doing things as long as you’re there. If during your admission interview, it was determined that you are fanatically committed to your religious beliefs and this could potentially clash with the system of belief in the school and in turn cause problem, then I think the school took steps in the right direction. Perception is reality. They probably through some questions at him to exposed his fanaticism and he fell for it.

    Of course with what is happening around the country now with Boko Haram threatening to shut down universities, the last person you want on your campus is an Islamic extremist.

    And just in case you did not know; Bishop Oyedepo’s father was a Muslim named Ibrahim.

  42. I shake my head for this country called Nigerians, and i conclude its a followership and leadership problem, with the comments by people on this issue and to me i beleive Nigeria ‘s educational system is finished with so called educated people talking as if they bereft of knowledge and to make right reasoning

    If CU wouldnt admit Muslims it should be stated in their bronchure, they should refund his money back simple

  43. Nigerians are always full of hipocrisy when it comes to religion and poitics same goes for the CU, in the past there were many christian schools established by our colonial masters, and muslims were given free hand to operate, they has their own MSS in high schools, there were no trouble then. A lot of great men like MKO attended Baptist boys High school, Abeokuta with the likes of OBJ, the Kutis the Akinkugbes et al. No one raise dust over that. I myself also attended a christian school in Lagos where we studied together with muslims who had their mosques, there were no problems then, why is is now that a Nigeiran establish a government university, they are trying to play politics with an innocent and promising young muslim’s future ( the young lad wd be discouraged by all these non sense). Oyedepo shd step into this problem & fix it. I am a christian with a lot of muslim friends and there is no reason for one to force another to accept his or her own religion/faith. CU shd stop playing a double standard role with ‘tolerace’ preaching.

    1. Did you have Boko Haram, Maitetsine’ Jos crisis at that time? That is the difference. Did you hear how Abiola ridiculed the Christian faith by saying that Christ did not build a church? Rather, that He drove people away from worshiping in one. That was the thank you the Baptist Church got from educating Abiola. Many of the Muslims causing problems in the country today may just be products of mission schools. OLD habits die hard. Those who are advising the boy’s paernts to go to court should also know that CU has a right of defense.

  44. would the student be ready to attend fellowship meetings that are compulsory, would he be ready to attend services on Sunday mornings, would he be ready to attend other christian activities that are the cornerstone of CU? the next thing you would hear after his admission is that he wants to set up Muslim students fellowship of Covenant University…abeg let him go to another CU…Crescent University where he will be free to practice his religion. i think some guys are testing waters here.

  45. It is a must to attend CU,why going to court to challenge the decision of proprietor.I think Bishop is right because it is better to prevent evil than to try curing it.

  46. I believe that it is good for the Muslim boy not to go to Christian school as he will definitely be frustrated with Christian doctrine and practices being carried out in the School.If the boy is asked to worship in the School chapel which is mandatory, will he not feel that they are enforcing another faith on him?
    In order for him to be happy, he should seek admission in the moslem or public university.

    Finally, CU must refund the boy for not informing him earlier that they dont want to admit Muslim student.

  47. If this is the calibre of youths we have in this country I fear for this giant nation of Africa, Where is our patriotism; where is our love for our fatherland, where is the brotherliness in us. I plead with everyone on this page to please put the interest of the country above religious or sectional considerations. The government cannot do it alone, we have responsibilities as Nigerians to foster love among ourselves. In all this, I still respect people like Segun Adeniyi of Thisday Newspapers who has been consistent about his call on youths of this country to unite and take Nigeria to the desired level.

  48. l wonder what this news body stands to achieve publishing stories that would tare Nigeria apart. This agent of confusion should stop publishing all these trash and look for something good to achieve.

  49. Hmmmmm., when I read this type of head lines I always wonder if the news orgainsation have any thinking editors before they publish when they give us to read. I am not saying the editors should judge when the news is, but come on…, in this case it is quite simple, Covenant university is a Christian base school and they even have morning devotions every day or so.., and from my history knowledge of Islam, no true Muslim family will want to put their children in a place where they are not allowed to pray in the Islamic way. You see as humans, we need to know what we want to start in peoples emotions and what hidden agenda we have ( as this article writer has one), as yourself, when self respecting Muslim school in Saudi Arabia will let you have Christian student organization of any kind. Please stop pick on what you do not know and who you do not know…., if only you have ant idea when good the winners family is doing to this country and the rest of the world, if I were you and thank God am not, I will retract this mess before the vengeance of God fall upon me.

  50. Why should CU give admission to other religions when they cannot even offer admissions to the children of their poor members who cannot afford the outrageous fees being charged by the institution.

  51. Where there is luv of God there is liberty, so there must be freedom for everybody in respective of denomination. The luv of Christ must be shown to all and there must be no DISCRIMINATION! Baba u must act like jiffy!

  52. This same discrimination is happening in Usman Dan Fodio University in the North but no one cares to talk about it ditto Bayero University and even Unisok even though they are all federal universities. CU is faith based and as such must be allowed to practice on that basis. Though Yoruba and other Southern muslims behave like christians. They dont make trouble and they are not like their Northern Nigeria muslims that enjoy sucking and spilling blood. The univerity should make U turn and admit the student since he is well qualified and he will be a great asset to the CU in and Nigeria in future.

  53. CU operates in a country that has law and as such, the laws of the land must be obeyed! The boy is a Nigerian and education, at any place of his choice, is his right! Now christians are afraid. Are you not the salt of the world? Where were you when bad governance became the other of the day? How have you helped in making this country a place of peace and justice? You think it is only when a muslim is admited into CU that violence can occur? Wait until those poor people whose offering went into building universities their children cannot attend put on their thinking cap. I hope you all know that judgment will begin in the house of God? It is a question of time. The churches bombed in the north do not have to admit a non christian as members to get bombed. The army of unemployed and uneducated youths are raw material for suicide bombing – it is a question of time! You think we are very holy people by the number of churches we have and how our leaders pretend to be holy? See, when God was to destroy Sodom, a nation of ungodly people, He was looking for five righteous people. When He came to destroy Jerusalem (a nation of holy people as u may assume) in Jer. 5 vs 1-7, He was looking for only one righteous man to spare the land of Israel. That simply means there were more righteous people in Sodom than in Jerusalem! The Boko Haram we think we are avoiding is right in front of our door! Your neighbor and his children that do not know where the next meal will come from are potential Boko Haram, They are being deceived presently by church leaders that a miracle will happen somehow when, in this people’s very eyes the pastors are flying in jet, evangelising Europe and America that brought free education and salvation to them in the first place. We are sitting on a keg of gunpowder – it is a question of time!

  54. I heard one muslim myopic guy sayin we shud stop eatin sugar, n stop usin cement. Before dangote came on board were pple not drinkin tea n sugar, were houses not built? Covenanat university was not build by a muslim or Arabs. So if dey say no to muslim students, respect it n walk away. We av a lot of muslim owned university in North.
    We ar two different pple livin in nigeria, we can neva be one, we re only pretendin to be one n united. Lastly covenanat was built by church not by d mosque.pls stay off.brace ur selves

  55. I heard one muslim myopic guy sayin we shud stop eatin sugar, n stop usin cement. Before dangote came on board were pple not drinkin tea n sugar, were houses not built? Covenanat university was not build by a muslim or Arabs. So if dey say no to muslim students, respect it n walk away. We av a lot of muslim owned university in North.
    We ar two different pple livin in nigeria, we can neva be one, we re only pretendin to be one n united. Lastly covenanat was built by church not by d mosque.pls stay off.brace ur selves. If u want to sch, go to ABU ZARIA.

  56. Lets assume that it is true that Cu decline taking muslim students. … Then waht are the reasons advanced byt the school? did any one care to find out.? I think each school has a policy thrust that governs its operations….. There is a shift in the paradigm! Someone intelligently commented that christian universities all over the world has laid down policies as touching students of other faith…. If the Young man in question feels that he can conviniently accomodate the policy enucioated by the school it is fine , let him go to the authority of the school and tell them same … If he thinks that the policy will inadvertently affect and undermine his spiritual beliefs well he choose to jettison the idea of going to CU…. taking the case to the court is abig waste of time. A quasi- legislative body have voiced out their standpoint , Me think that is final. To the diserning reader, the platform upon which christian policies are formed and framed is distinct from the platform wherein secular policies are made. If Revelation birthed it it can only Take Revelation to sustain it…selah

  57. Bishop that l know does not respond to media chat and comments.All comments passed are still based on speculation.Why cant the media house intensify effort to find out the truth from the school authority? It is without sense to be decisive on a matter withouf facts.

  58. i have no one to blame but the muslim parents. why will i ever think of sending my kids to covenant university? even if there are no muslim universities, the federal universities still remain the best despite the ASUU Factor. but then, muslims are always the ones with the large heart. they made sunday a public holiday in nigeria to enable the christians worship and the muslims accepted in good faith. they adopt the gregorian calendar for national activities in a secular state and muslims did not object, the oil they always talk about abound more in the muslim world, i wonder why christians think oil is their inheritance. if the Arab world produces the largest quantity of the world oil resources and God, in his infinite mercy decide to bless niger delta with a little of it, He is only being fair. tomorrow may bring more discoveries of oil from other parts of the country. we’ve got to broaden our minds and stop being myopic about religious issues. it won’t do us any good.

  59. please open admission to Muslim student at the covenant university. Isa Al-masi came to the world and die for all not only Christians.

    1. mind u muslim believe is this Jesus christ did not die for us and even u xristian he did not die for u,u are only decieving urself.and to hell with ur admission and why cant u change ur fine name Musa to a xristian name.Remember that name is an arabic muslim name not jews/xristian name. How i wish it was a muslim school that does that by nw u pple might have written unprintable things. MUMUS.

  60. @Babagba & @Ken:PDP-president Jonathan who’s from your region may be stealing and embezzling as well as his illitrate-wife-Dame patience who can’t express herself in fluent english may be looting public oil/gas funds.
    But mind you not all Nigerians are benefitting from your regio’s oil/gas funds as your son-president Jonathan’s doing nothing to lift any part of Nigeria up or constructing new roads,nor healthcare facilities nor revamping the deteriorating jobs-creation as well as regularising power supply.All your son president Jonathan intends to build for power supply’s nuclear-power instead of coal,turban-wind-power,water base-power station.Get it into your brain that Yoruba region’s been developing since 50s and chief Obafemi Awolowo established the first television station in Africa-WNTV same year Canada had its first Television station.Yoruba region does not need to survive on Niger Delta oil/gas as there’s nothing interm of infrastrucutures been built or new roads been built nor teaching hospitals upgrading neither did Jonathan from Otuoke,Bayelsa State lift up Nigerian people lives up since he became president,except impoverishment,darkness,corruption-galore,in governance with polical tormenting and prosecution of opposition,bribery and denting of judiciary image and lies upon lies by Jonathan with his money-laundery attemptant-Patience Jonathan-S13.5 millions dollars caught at MMIA,Lagos years ago under Rbadu-EFCC.C.U.represents a religious-discriminatory institution as by a religious extreemist-Bishop Oyedepo who stole from the innocent church members with Almighty Jehovah God’s name.And shall face God’s judgement at end time.The war’s between Jehovah God Almighty and people like Bishop Oyedepo! Dr Pat Kolawole Awosa,Canada.

    1. The adage goes that the physician should first heal himself before healing others. He should also remove the plank from his face before seeing the speck in his brother’s eye. These apply to you. When saying that Dane Patience Jonathan cannot express herself have you done any evaluation to see how you come across in your communication skills? Iam sure many have told you how deficient you are in this area. Chief Awolowo used cocoa money to develop the West. That was revenue from natural resource. But that from oil/gas is being used to develop the entire country. Get it right.

  61. covenant is a privately owned university, so the owner can do things at his discretion. In that school, church service and other christian activities is a must attend. Its better not to admit him than to force him to attend christian activities, which in any case will still generate this kind of issues. So in my opinion the university authority has d right to take decisions in thier own best interest, to forestall future headaches.

  62. It’s unfortunate that most xtians see Islam in Nigeria as a ‘northern’ religion.There are more Muslims in south western Nigeria
    than some Muslim countries.There are two very good muslim private universities-Crescent University Abeokuta and Fountain University Oshogbo
    -in the south west.The young man can go to any of these if he is interested in faith based university education.This does not mean that it is right for CU or indeed any university to reject a student on the basis of religion.NUC should look into this.

  63. @Soladola. Yes we have the laws but remember that even CU have their own laws, and apart from the laws on ground we have what we call emergengies. So if CU said they cannot admit a muslim they right. CU is profit oriented institution not a service oriented.
    Coming to the type of youth we have in this country is a digrace to see a leaned person talking like this. What I know and I believe in is whenever you insult somebody’s father indirectly you don’t know the value of your own father, likewise if you abuse his religion meaning you don’t know what your religion is all about. What is left for us is to sit, think and comeout with a solution to this menance.
    God bless all.

  64. CU is a Christian University and up till this moment, they admit muslim Students (at least as of last session). The father of this child whose child is not admitted and is generating this much troulble would have done worse things if his child is admitted and has to live by the school rules and regulation. Obviously rejecting this candidate (if true) would have been divine.

    There are other Universities( afterall if there is no CU your child will still go to school) Abba is it a sin to run a school?

  65. Please you guys need to stop all these because , if our forefather that fought for Nigeria were not united ,there would not be anything called Nigeria. Issue of religion is something we can’t do anything about ,nobody in this world or a group of body can stop Muslim or Christian from existence, so why should’t we allow the peace to reign in our society ”Two mistakes can never make a right” if some people are doing wrong thing others should not follow instead we shoud all work together as a single entity and move our country forward.

  66. There is no end to this spin.
    CU is a xtian school so muslims stay off,
    Sokoto state is a muslim state xtian stay off,
    Imo state is a xtian state muslim stay off,
    GEJ government is a xtian one, muslim stay off,
    Ilorin is a muslim city, xtian stay off and so on………
    America’s 2015 prediction here we come LOLLLLLL!!!!!

  67. let d muslim answer my question
    how ll the boy perform his obligation by praying bcs in the muslim university in kwara state Xtian are not allow to fellowship…so the boy ll not b allow to pray @ CU also…ll ds not course trouble…

  68. it is unbelievable, how ignorant people like Dees’ are and if not for educating you idiots. I would suggest your comments are not worth dignifying

  69. I was a Muslim and later converted by the Holy Spirit to be a Christain. And my life has never been the same ever since.

    I am also a parent of three ex students of CU. So I know what it takes to be a student. The poor boy in question did not qualify to be a student of CU even in spite of his so called academic excellence.

    First he failed to read the prospectus of CU before he purchased of CU admission form. If he had studied it the poor boy would have discovered that its fruitless for him and his father to have applied. Your form must be certifified by a Minister of Gospel who should be from the Winner’s chapel or Living faith worldwide. Did he complete this form or did he give it to his Imam to sign?

    Second what was his answer to the question are you born again? Did he say yes or no? What about total submission to the doctrines of the church?
    Before you can be admitted into the CU your spiritual temparament must be determine to be good and very fertile for winner’s faith doctrine to grow. I think in the case of this boy all the ingredients are not there so he was denied admission. It is not easy to gain admission inot the CU because the rules are sttictly applied and followed tom the letter. CU had made it clear its a mission univeristy!!!!

    Some muslim students have gotten adminssion into the CU by geneniuely declaring for JESUS Chrsit and become born again. So if you are not ready to become a christian before your admission in Cu forget it.

    As for casting aspersion of the person of the Bishop who ever does that has heap curses on his head. Because the Bible says torch not my annoited and do my prophet no evil. Anybody who abuse Bishop will get spritual leprossy . Do not be decived it will not manifest immediately but by and by in future when thing becomes though for such one the person should look no further it is the bad mouthing of the man of God that has come back.

    The way forward is for the boy to become a christian immediately and be spirit filled and then his ways shall become prosperous and he shall have a good success.

    The boy’s father knows there are no good Islamic univeristy around that is why he is heaven bent on getting his son to CU. However there is always a price to pay. If he too is ready he should convert from muslim to christain.

    It is written every muslim must belief all prophets of God. And if jesus is a prophet then the and his father should belief in the doctrines of the CU a christain private university.

    1. It is not proper to say there are no good Muslim universities. Let us say good things about Muslims. If u take some of your time and do some researches about Islam, you will see that Islam is a religion of peace. And attending christian university does not mean that one has to become a christian. But if the part of the requirements to get admission into the school indicates that one has to become a christian, that mean it should be made public so that Muslims do not at the first instance seek admission into a such school. I am a muslim and I am proud to be because I understand my religion. I thank Almighty God who has chosen and guided me to be one.

  70. Antecedents of muslims in Nigeria in the recent past creates fears and apprehension among Christians. Even here in the South-East and South-South, people look at them with ‘one kind eye’. Truth must be told, this muslim boy would end up asking for space to erect his mosque in a purely Christian school. His father would still go to court if this demand is not met by the school. I believe it makes more sense to nip this in the bud now by asking him to go school somewhere else. There is a muslim university by obasanjo’s justice minister. Muslims have proved to be too violent-prone.

  71. It is indeed a pity that this kind of ugly issue has finally raised its head. First, let me say I am a Christian from Yoruba land. I have great friends that are of the Christian faith as well as the Muslim faith. It is understandable that proprietors of private institutions have the right to determine admission criteria. I sympathise with Abdul-Gafar and his parents, but will advise him to take heart and look for another university. Although I am not a legal practitioner, but from my limited knowledge of the 1999 constitution, chapter 4 of the constitution dealing with fundamental human rights of Nigerians offers them no respite in this particular scenario as section 42 (a) & (b) that deals with discriminations only address discrimination by government and not by individual citizens. It is sad that we do not have lawmakers that are sensitive to the feeling of the people, as this would have in decent clime, kick-start the amendment of that constitutional provision to include prohibition of discrimination by individual citizens. As a Christian that does not attend Winners chapel, I felt discriminated against by the same university when I went for a job interview there for the position of a Technologist despite putting up a brilliant performance at the interview. It may interest you though to learn that my brother attends the church. That is the main reason Nigeria is in a mess. We sacrifice merit on the altar of mediocrity and bigotry, and at the government level on the altar of federal character and zoning. Therefore, my dear brother, get over it and move on with your life. Truth is the government of Nigeria also discriminate base on ethnicity in their admission policy-using catchment area. Hence, JAMB candidates scoring over 200 are rejected while those with 180 or less are accepted based on catchment area. These are the injustices in our land. This Muslim- Christian issue should stop in Nigeria. The people that have destroyed our country over the years and looted us dry are the Matthews, the James, the Ibrahim’s, the Atikus, the Abdusalams and the Peters. Religion and ethnicity has only serve as there tool to deceive the citizenry. May God save Nigeria from religious and ethnic intolerance.

  72. So much as been said so far on this but to add the least here is to say that the writer is just mischievous. He knows too well even better than all the contributors here that a muslim will not submit himself to the school’s Christian operating philosophy. We know too well what is happening in public establishments where we pretend to co-exist. Let us stop inciting the public. I am a Christian, and very honestly, I cant send my children to islamic schools for obvious reasons so muslims can also do well not sending their wards to Christian schools.

  73. If this report is true, that means CU don’t need the likes of Abdul-Mutalab. The boy’s father should not hestitate to take him to Islamic University. Or can’t Islamic university offer qualitative education for his ward?
    He better stop wasting his time and resources on court case or na court build CU. Government does not have a stake there. Find another school for ur child.

  74. Full of Serious and Unserious People Around here. Why would the Bishop refuse to admit Muslim students this year only? What has he got in mind? And the remaining Muslim students that were admitted b4, what will there faith be? Or will they be feeling comfortable with this new “Theory?” If we the Christians do not want Sharia, then why should we deviate from the constitution?? This is very embarrassing to every well educated Christian. 2ndly, those commenting about Muslim’s & Christian’s University please if you have not been to the North then stop pasting rubbish because there are even a much number of competing students between Muslims & Christians. Thank God there are some Christians who spoke the truth in this fora. Think and Do not let them laugh at you.

  75. It serves him(I dont care muslim) right! Tell me what they are doing at Convenant University? Can’t they find admission into any other University? The university says they don’t want muslims patronage and money and they reserve the right to reject or accept anybody they want period!.

  76. You guys should visit this site and see a related issue “http://americanvision.org/1969/muslim-students-want-take-over-christian-college/” I will also do the same thing that the CU administration did.Let him go to a muslim university.

  77. May god have mercy on us all in Jesus name. I just have to say that this is not the way of the God at all. i really dissapointed @ this, that is if the story is anything to go by. it makes no sense that an organization that is established to furnish the society with upstanding, loving, God fearing individuals will create this Disparity based on religion … It is such a shame and i know that this is not what the Lord asks of us. where is the love in this? I am a christian and I believe that we are called to serve God in love… If we do not have love then we are nothing. i really hope that this is so not true… I know that this is not an act of love… To all those who have made comments that have the Bigotry undertones, i pray you find God and you walk in His truth. If you are a christian and you follow in christ’s footsteps you will surely condemn this act by the Covenant University… Let your Religion be a verb. God cannot and will not be mocked…. I feel sorry for the boy in Question cos’ he is the victim in all these. whatever we do today has got repercussions for tomorrow.

    1. If the institution made such a decision, don’t you think it may be due to some traits exhibited by the muslim brothers already admitted in the past. Don’t mix up issues pls. If Abdul-Gafar Salami goes to Winners chapel to worship I’m sure he would be accepted with love.Seeking admission into such an institution is a different thing.

  78. for crying out loud that is so unfair!!!!! even in my school dat is a xtian(catholic) university…MADONNA UNIVERSITY..IN THE EAST..we do av muslims, they practice their faith n even my chancellor REV. FR. (PROf) E.M.P EDEH encourages them n we do gv them their rights till tomorrow….we all live very happily n safely…so if dis is actually true…then wat they did is so so bad!!!! on second thot if they dont want him…then take him to anoda university……

  79. It strikes me in the first instance as to why he should apply considering the fact that ideologically speaking he doesn’t belong. It was quite hypocritical and mischievous. He is not strictly of Muslim background. Perhaps a Yoruba who combines religion and custom and who finds it difficult to separate the two.

  80. Its a shame that the boko haram sec have made non muslims have ill felins about the religion,some times i woder what these people in the mosque,the problem we havre is from muslims from the north i dnt blame them they acepted islam by force,thats why they are so voilent,unlike those in the south who acepted it by choice and that is why they dont pose much threat.

  81. Islam is nt a religion since dey are nt peace setter.in addition,is a voilent disgustin religion wit demonic doctrine dat cannt be trace in d kingdom of light nd ds is y violence in d north is alway perpertrated by dese sect.u cn quote me wrong,if u as a yuoraba muslim cn be spared by ur fellow so called hausa muslim during religious crises?defyin d future boko haram an admissn is good,since christian life nd property are save 4rm blood suckin demon.

  82. We are talking about a privately funded university here. There is no public money involved. Religion aside, I am guessing that the university being privately funded will have right of refusal. For example, a privately funded eatery can refuse to serve an individual no matter how rich or good looking you are,
    That aside, there are shed loads of faith schools in the world, Majority of them if not all would prefer students from that particular faith. I am not saying it is fair or not, But then again life is not fair. I really do not see what the fuss is about here. In my opinion, this is just about generating controversy. If covenant University do not want to offer my child a place, I will try another one you are ready to take my hard earned money.

  83. It is a private University for crying out loud, what is more it is a Christian University. A private institution anywhere in the world reserved the rights to accept or deny admission to whom ever they chose, based on set criteria. Plus, Nigeria Muslims especially those from the north are a very lazy bunch of people. They consistently hide behind the “mask” of religion to destroy properties that others have worked hard to acquire over many years without reason other than reasons which jealousy feeds.

  84. If ur a muslim and ur angry that dey refused him admission, simply go and build your own university with ur money and refuse christians admission… and that stupid alhaji up there that wont emply christians, ur retirement is coming now…. me too go enta there block ur children from gaining employment… Big fools…

  85. Just last week, I was in the subway in NY, it was the rush hour and the train was jampacked. There was this guy who would shove me each time my leg touched his. He had done it about 3x. On the 3rd occasion, I had to turn round to see what his problem was. What did I see? He was reading an Arabic book. I quickly moved away to the next coach. The Nigerian Xmas aircraft bomber didn’t carry a signboard he wanted to bomb the Aircraft. It is better to be proactive than be caught on the wrong foot.
    I am sure the man of God had a vision and he is acting as such. It is better to nip such problems at its infancy rather than wait for it to be full blown. I can’t see any discrimination here. I hope there are better Universities around where this guy can school.

  86. I commend and enjoy some of your stories. But, I truely feel you guyz should come up with productive and educative news items. Rather than raising topics that are so sensitive and a treat to our managed and painted ”Peace and unity” slogan

  87. For God’s sake what is a Muslim student doing in Covenant University? How can a Christian University admit a student that will oppose it’s Christian and Bible based policy? Am not against unity, but seeing the present struggle going on between the Muslims and the Christians it will not be ideal to allow the Muslim students attend a School where they will not be allowed to build their Mosque by the time they will start making their request in the nearest future.
    Let’s let the sleeping dog lie, the Christians has suffered so much in the hands of their fellow citizens who are of Islamic religions, they should go to other places where they will be allowed to practice their belief without hindrance.

  88. Nobody has answered my question yet o, Islam practitioners, will his father allow him to attend chapel services and believe and study the Bible during his stay in the university? Because that’s what the school was built for. To promote the good news of Jesus Christ. You don’t believe in Jesus Christ, u want to attend his school?……why is this an issue sef? From reports stated, the boy is good! He can go anywhere…am sure UNILAG would gladly accept him with open arms…crazy people!

  89. @Khristen, the answer to your question is this, l will never allow my child to observe any christian ideology. Education is good, it is a form of freedom and liberty, but, l will advice the guy concerned should find an alternative and study somewhere. This is a wake-up call for all moslem, we should appraise the fact and find solution to our problem. The gap between the two religion is massive, Christianity has moved on, we should find a way of addressing academic problem in lslam world.

    1. You are right though. But seriously, a practising muslim cannot attend CU and be the same because they not only teach academics they try to bring them up in a christain way which a practing muslim cannot cope with. That is the bitter truth. I cannot seek admission for my children in Crescent University because i know it is a muslim school. All the same i dont think this can happen in CU i have kids that applied and were not admitted yet am a christain and the child performed execellently well.

    2. Excellent! A possibility is that Abdul-Gafar comes home after his first semester for the parent to discover he has changed his name to Paul Matthew. Another possility is that he gets tired of hearing “in Jesus name” and “Amen” and decides to go the Abdul Mutalab’s way!

  90. Are you a Nigerian. Stupid man what would have been your reaction if the story is in other way round. I said Christians are the most dubious people in the world. They are selfish because they want to own everything to the detriment of others. Examine yourselves, your actions and what you idiots are saying and then compare it with your preaching. If your preaching and what you learn from the Bible are apart may God not forgive all of you idiots. This Bishop is an ingrate. He forgot that Muslims gave him the best when he was a young man.Ask him if what said is not true.


  91. religion is a disease.just imagine people of the same race hating each bcos of religion.instead of having libraries and research centres to promote science and technology,we have churches and islamic terrorist groups promoting ill gotten riches and wahbaddism respectively.

  92. From the very beginning, the basis of war has been FAITH. People fight for what they believe in. To think that a muslim and christian will live harmoniously, probably pray together and do things in common is a lie from the devil. The bible says “Come out from among them and be ye separate..” The true and only God, Jehovah, is a jealous God and he really does not want his people mixing with any other people. Real followers of Jesus live in this world but they are not of this world. Princess Diana wanted to come up with an “ear-sore”, an aberration, an insult to anything good called Chrislam i.e. the blending of christianity and Islam. This matter died and so did she.
    God is not our mate. He was not voted into office. He’s not the people’s mandate. He was before time began and will be after time ends. He does not grow old nor weak. He does not change. He cannot be a better God. His ways are past finding out. He’s sovereign, He’s the almighty, the creator of the heavens and earth, the good and the bad, life and death, etc. He said ” As much as its possible, live at peace with all men…” But we know that its not always possible as some people have the trouble-making as a hubby. In this case, take the matter to God and he’ll do what He alone knows to do: Separate the Light from the Darkness.
    For this case scenario, the school has made it clear they dont want Muslim students. Its not a public school and they have a right to admit who they want to admit. Infact they have a right not to admit at all. Why should a muslim consider this an insult if its not a calculated attempt to create trouble. How many christians have gone to Islamic schools? I’ll be surprised if any has but their ways (Christians & Muslims) of life are so different, their beliefs different and views different. The School has also done well not to reply this issue as the matter is not worthy of response.
    If the muslim is ready to repent and renounce all false gods by whatever name they are called. Receive Jesus, the Son of God as his/her only Lord and Savior, walk with him and do his bidding, then and only then can he walk free.
    I must also state here that not all who call themselves christians are actually christians or Jesus followers. Many are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing and are of their father the devil. They could have titles like Pastors, Bishops, Reverend, Apostle, etc. but they blind guides and need the saving grace of God. This is what Jesus says ” Walk out your own salvation with fear and trembling…” We are going to stand someday before the judgement throne of God and believe me, its not going to be a jolly ride. There will be no excuses. There will be no cover-ups and we cannot blame anybody for our sins because we made the choices.
    Finally, God made man in his own image right? Thats to say we are actually going to live forever like God. Also we are not this flesh we have on our bodies. The flesh only allows us to live on this earth. We are actually spirits dwelling in earthly bodies. When our time on earth is over, we’ll return to our maker and we will spend eternity (forever) in one of two places – “With God (HEAVEN) OR Away from God (HELL)” depending on the choices we make. I encourage you to make the right choice today whoever you may be reading this article while you still have life in you as there is no repentance after death. Its God’s desire that you be saved. He really wants the best for you. God says ” I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and your seed may live:” The Choice is yours. I rest my case

  93. Sure the Bishop and his admin can decide they do not want Moslems in their institution because they are no a public body bound to uphold certain tenets of the law.
    However, their action is a moral failure of the basic tenets of Christianity which is open to all comers.
    By this myopic decision, if it is indeed true, the Bishop and his colleagues have brought themselves to the same low level they would have us see Boko Haram and lost the opportunity to show a Moslem family that the God of Christianity shows love and does not discriminate!

  94. I am not surprise by the school action! CU action is traceable to the colonial/missionary era in Yorubaland.
    In Ibadan many notable men were forced to change their name to Christianity before they were allowed chance to western education. People like Late Akinloye (From Muslim home) and host of others converted to Christianity in exchange for western education. Like I always advise people to learn about what happen in the past, so that they can understand why Nigeria is so divided along religion/ethnic line. In the early 80s during the time of Bola Ige tenure in Oyo state, similar thing happened! when Muslim students were deliberately denied the chance to learn Islamic studies based on the fact that many of the schools were missionary established school (But managed with state fund). Bola Ige response then was; No IRK teachers, so student irrespective of their background must complied with judeo-christian set-up in school then.
    Christianity was forceful, segregationist and was use to enslave our great grand fathers. Ever before the advent of Islam in western Nigeria. It’s a fact today that many so called Islamists terrorist are frustrated people, who acted based on their fraustrations rather than Islamic principle.
    So my advise to Gafar parent is to let find alternative for their son. It’s always good to school where ones mind is at rest free from religious impostors and fanatics that pretend to be the best when discussing people of other faiths.

  95. May god almighty forgive and blessed all of you for keepin busy reading your arguments.but as for me ONE NATION ONE DESTINY.Thank you ALL and remain BLESSED and don‘t forget to shun VIOLENCE,CORRUPTION,ETHNICITY,DESCRINIMATING AND EMBRACE PEACE within and outside your environs.thank you all

  96. You are on your own. You have a right to your views. but no reasonable person is going to take a risks of admitting a mutallab or a boko Haram. If this sect could even kill Babakura, their own ,b/C he dares to speaks with OBJ on the way forward to peace. then is time everybody should be wise. Not only Convenat university, but as many that want to sleep well. I sympathise with Abdul-Gafar and his parents, You may not be a die hard muslim, but were may never know when you will be converted to carry bombs, like mutallab carried the fail bomb to US .

  97. This is not a surprise to me, discrimination against muslims happens a lot in the private sector, especially when seeking to get a job. Muslims are openly discriminated against in christian owned businesses. Worse still, if you happen to be employed you are forced to join in the morning devotion prayers. The intolerance is high.But this is a wake up call for muslims too.

    1. Mr Reality, you are either not truthful or very ignorant of the facts, Christians are those who bear the brunt of discrimination in this country. They are the last to be considered for employment in the public service and when employed. they are usually placed behind their Muslim counterparts who enjoy rapid promotion. A brother of mine worked in a bank and when he refused to convert to Islam he was persecuted and forced to leave. His friend who stupidly converted was highly favoured. Public funds are used to build mosques in public establishments, even at the federal level, where muslims can leave work to go and pray. Can you dispute this?

  98. May be I should add, there are a lot of intellectually inept people on Nigerian forum, they can’t even make any objective comments. Everything is based on sentiment and emotions. It is unimaginable that people are bringing up Boko-Haram and Mutallab issues in this discussion, it is obvious most people are more interested in making a mockery of Muslims and Islam rather than talking about the real issue. Fashola is a Muslim, Abiola is a Muslim, Jimoh Ibrahim is a Muslim, Aliko Dangote is a Muslim, Fola Adeola is a Muslim have that in anyway made them a Boko-Haram???

  99. this sch is for everyone ok……..it doesnt have to be muslim or christain rite. can i ask u a 1 good question did anyone of u went to only muslim or christain sch my big ans is CAPITAL NO. pls leave the man of god alone. what u shld be doing is to criticize govt own sch not private sch… they invested a lot of money to provide better education for the ppl of this country.

  100. We have read the various comments on this issue and wish to state the following:-
    1. No candidate has been refused on the basis of religion
    2. The Candidate in question did not have the results stated in the report.
    3. He did not pass the schools screening process.
    4. The school reserves they right to accept or reject any candidate based on condition present in it’s Brochure which all prospective candidate has a copy.
    5. kindly visit the Schools website for information on admission, placement etc.

  101. If Ifa priest or Obatala priest found their universities I will rather apply for admission instead of the Universities (whether christian or muslims) funded university, ‘because they have no time trading words neither do they demonstrate hatred to other people just because of differences in faith and believe. There are christians and Moslems alike in Nigerian Governance, see what they have turned the country to. It is high time will try our traditional religion and see the positive change. It take God patience to take vengeance but Sango, Ogun, Oya and Obatala will instantly kill the wrong doers or what do you people suggest?

  102. Thank you Covenant. Matter settled. The young muslim man was simply not qualified. He did not have the required results and could not pass the school’s screening process. What then is all this hullabaloo?

  103. It is highly unfortunate for Supposed Intellectuals to descend so low in thought, leaving the major ISSUE while scrapping the unnecessary part all in the name of religion and ethnicity. From the comments i have read so far, I HAVE GREAT FEAR FOR THE SURVIVAL of this forced marriage called Nigeria. We have resorted to name calling FOOLS, IDIOTS all aimed at fighting a forgotten course. We really need to wake up and smell the coffee. Both Christians and Muslims alike, need to make constructive suggestions and stop this MADNESS for God’s sake. We TALK too much assuming we know but many at times lack the basic ingredient for the growth and development of our dear NATION. All in All, every institution is built on a principle…probably, we haven’t heard the complete stories yet.

  104. u guys are here talking about CU. i want to use this opportunity to call on global news to run a story on my own university.. Caleb uni. on the injustice done on students. a school where you pay N505,000 and still you have no water to bath with in the morning and no light to sleep with at night. A school where the authorities are only concerned with YOU WEARING SUITS WITHOUT PROVIDING A CONDUSIVE ENVIRON FOR IT AND FOR THE GIRLS how long your skirt is and that you have no make- up on instead of bothering on the academic performances of the student. A school where we pay more than a hundred thousand naira on accomodation each and they squeeze five people into a room like sardine. A school where even the main lecture hall has no ventilation. A school where the insects are like those seen on jurasic Park/ zoo. A school where lies are told by the university officials to the students like bed time stories. A school where the university is not concerned about student development. A school where the thot of forming a student union will lead to suspension. i could go on and on and on.
    i know thaT my fellow students that just graduated with me will be angry that i put this on the net but i am doing this for those are still there. i am telling this story so that the university authorities will step up and do their jobs.
    i am calling on global news to check my story out and be a voice to the students of the university that are still there.
    thank you…. Prince

  105. Is a shame,though the matter has been ended. but the reactions from the audience baffles me becos i see hatred to the core, is this how we are going to build our future Nigeria?

  106. This 1 thing i hate 2 talk abt.using religion as a tool 2 decriminate people irrespective of their ethnicity,tribe,language n religion(as mentioned).it’s a big shame that the academic mgt of covenant univ. will stoop so low 2 use religion sentiment as an excuse nt 2 give this young n bright ume applicant this admission.irrespective of his religion n where he comes 4rm.Are we nt 1 nigeria?what if the boy was was a pagan or an atheist?….GOD will surely judge 4 all our evil deeds….n its same pple will go the 2 d pulpit(every clergy men whether xtin or muslim)preaching abt GOD n 2 love n embrace our denomination(xtianity or islam).
    We need stop all these socio_political non-sense using religion as an excuse.

  107. They are purposely looking for something, can he abide by the principles of the institution, I don’t see anything discriminating here, for the father to take the matter to the court he is definitely taking the wrong step CU is plainly university owned, financed and managed by Living Faith Church Of God not any mosque or islamic institution, why the argument, afterall there aren alot ofmuslim universities up there.

  108. @beauty, mehn i luv u. seems we share de same ideology. nawa 4 this muslim fellows oh. re U GUYS FOOLS? PLS NEED AN ANSWER FOOLS………Beauty teach them a lesson. want to go nd bomb CU. thunder burn all ur black asses dat u will use too go nd meet 100 virgins in paradise.

  109. the question is some muslims believe that the christian is an unbeliver so why and what is he doing there? At the same time we will not because of this few bad muslims who take advantage of their religion to punish the few good one. my opinion is for the guy to be allowed to school there and if he is found going against their rules, he should be sanction properly and expelled if that is the right punishment for the offense committed without fear or favour.

  110. I don’t think the boy was denied because of religion as i can prove to you two Muslims who got admission this same year please lets verify before we publish stories just to make money….haba na wahooo

  111. Who said muslim go to catholic school? My friend do you know what you are talking about at all? What even took then there knowing fully well that a mosque will never be allowd there. We didn’t start the discrimination, they did. Management, abeg u na do well. Before they go come dey slaughter our christian brothers and sister. My husband to be told me his experience during his secondary school as an exchange student in the north, he couldn’t contiune with his JSS2 over there. Just because he was a christian. Please my friends, beware of where you send your children to school.

  112. It is very unfortunate that we have dragged ourselves to hell in Nigeria with comments like muslims are blood thirsty bastards and so on.

    May God help us to help ourselves, Boko Haram is a result of our so called leaders at caring for the populace. You say muslims are intolerant? do me a favour, tell yourselves the truth in the corners of your minds and tell me how tolerant of muslims you are.

    I don’t blame you, I blame the muslim that wants his highly intelligent son to mingle with air-heads.

  113. We christian shld behave like christ wich we are known to be. Discremination attitude shld not be had among us rather we shld use dis medium (ie given admission to moslem)to enlighting dem dat christ still love dem no matter de religion or tribe they belong and also teach dem de word of God becos most of dem are cage at home to avoid 4m de word.

  114. I think this issue is being over flogged, we hav only heard from one source(boy”s parents) u will be shocked if u hear the other side of the story from the school, its not just an issue of the boy being a Muslim or qualified, if the school says no, it must be for a reason,even federal universities do reject candidate for one reason or the other. becos this is a xtian uni and the candidate is a Muslim is not enough reason, but i honestly thing that against the back drop of security issues in our country and even campus rape, extra measure must be put in place to secure such an esteemed community like CU,Mutalab went to a good school in the Uk but ended up with bomb as pampers, u do not even know if the boy in question have this long beard like the Taliban, even planes in the USA sometimes refuses to fly when they are not sure on the identity of some of these Muslims passengers….it is not discrimination but just being security conscious….But we should be proud of what CU is doing, that school is putting Nigeria on the world map educationally, if u say u cant send ur child there, it is becos u cant afford it period not becos its not about the best in Nigeria today

  115. i am not a religeous person but a free thinker who knows that you dont need an organised doctrine to reach to god but to simply do his will as given to us by our lord jesus an take example from his life sytle . from this truth premesis a truth question ensues what will jesus do if he is to addmit a moslem in his fold. he i think will love those that hate him, he willlove others as himself he will not be afraid of the safty of other student for he knows that security belongs to God.God alone he knows can determine our end. he will not also be afraid that the muslim man will contaminate some of his affiliate for he knows that not all the seed planted by the sower will bear fruit.He will also know that god can make sinners saints and that his best tools are at the last resorts stones. so the bishop if he is in tune with this policy has done wrong in allowing this policy of hate, discrimination, faithlessness, fearfulness, wrong judgement to sail through in his institution. and to some church goers hear who make coments of discrimination that jesus will not make beware for your soul was warn by jesus without your help let him be he can still convert other and dont scare them away for he has his way or for the sake of the gospel can we not even addmit a boko haram and even die from his act are we no longer confident of where we are going. lets share the love that is the masters whish

  116. You can accept moslim students in xtian schls but dont make mistake of allowing a mosque built.. It will end up been a big bone in the throat. they can pray in their rooms

  117. Listen my people i think the problem is not to allow the Muslims to school with the covenant Uni, but the problems tomorrow will be many. (1) They Muslim student will start asking for praying ground tomorrow (2) the Bokos may gain ground from one of the student’s to wear bomb to destroys the Christians .

    Nowadays it appears that little children are members of the Islamic set so to avoid any loss of innocent life and property belonging to Christians and for security reason the should stop them for now. however many of my friends from the north use to be good student of the then Missionary schools majority of them can quote the bible very well, But todays Muslims are no longer what we use to know as. if you admitted a Yoruba Muslim and refused that of his Muslim brother from the north is will still be a problem so the best thing is to say no to all Muslim for now case close

  118. I am not sure the Muslims got it right on this occasion. What are muslims looking for in a christian university ? CU have strict doctrines and it is pre-requisite for admission. All what these muslims are looking for is troubles so that when admitted, and he is disciplined for not adhering to the rules and regulations of the schools, he can call his fellow BOKO-HARAM to come and throw bombs and would accuse the school authority of forcing their son to convert to christian.

    Why can’t all these so called muslims find something profitable to do with their lives. If you too like what is happening in CU, why not go and start your own model university with all the money you were given from Saudi Arabia to come build mosques here and to foment troubles here and stop any christian who wants to come and join. All over the world, mission schools are built based on the doctrines/beliefs of the founders and not on sentiments. So stop all these discrimination cries.

    I am really surprised at the press. So this is an issue you make so much noises about ? This is no issue. it is private university, built with offerings and tithes of the worshippers. Who told you that all members have got admission for their children ? Talk less of allowing one BOKO-HARAM family to destroy what we have laboured for. I have being a member of the church since 2007. I will like all my children to attend here and even invite my relatives, I mean non-muslims anyway, so if you are angry, go and report in United Nation, lazy people, go and look for work to do and stop crying fouls all the time. We Xtians are busy giving quality educations to our children and you own children are in YEMEN learning the act of suicide bombing !!!!!! Not our fault so keep quite.

  119. stop disturbing ur self. most of you do not even undrstand the teaching of jesus christ’ . c u is a bussiness enterprise and not a christain university . how many poor children of the members can afford to attend c u ?. is the fee s affordable by members of the church ? .is scholarship being given to the poor adherent of the faith ?

  120. Am not talking for the church, I think as a media house you should put the common interest of the the whole nation first. If CU is doing this to protect the remaining student the guy should go to another school. The father should go to court and fight it out. As a media house, I expect you to wait and get feedback from the university or the church before publishing this story so that u can have balance story for your readers not this one sided story. Send your correspondence to the place, book an appointment and get the truth out. Boko Haram has sent d church letter to attack on several occasions and if CU have been admitting Muslim student in the past and the management of the school feel that they are not taking Muslim this day of Boko Haram to me it make a whole lot of sense. Afterall, Govt school discriminate when they notice a particular school have too much of cultism activity. For instance, there was a time Yaba Tech would not take Offa Poly ND graduate for HND because of their cultism activities but they are taking them now.

  121. The school is a holy ground, it belongs to God. Admitting the muslin will not be right. Who knows his intention ? Let us think twice.

  122. I’m just done looking at your write-up and I rather enjoyed it. Global News » Bishop Oyedepo’s Covenant University Denies Muslim Students Admission is good! I had one or two doubts in the starting of the article though, but I held on reading and I’m pleased I did. Good interesting article, website owner! Continue publishing and I am going to surely be back soon. Thanks and take care.

  123. they should tell boko haram and thoes greddy northern politician to stop the boomings and respect the rule of law before they can b granted addmision.SMIPLE AND SHORT!!!!!!!

  124. I read with dismay the misplaced ranting of some untutored individuals responding to the allegation that Pastor Oyedepo denied a muslim student admission. If I may ask, what was the student thinking when he decided to seek admission into Covenant University? I suppose it was a calculated attempt to fan the embers of religious hate that has become a plague in our beloved country. He should have known that there would be no place for a person like him in an atmosphere where strict Christian values and statues are promoted. Or was he of the opinion that a mosque could be constructed for him to practice his religion? And for those who have been consumed by the destructive hate for men of God in Nigeria, your piece and responses have confirmed my suspicion that most of those who leave their comments on this blog are either without a clear reasoning ability or they have just decided to walk the dangerous path of being consumed by the anger of God by their uncontrolled attacks and unfounded allegations against anointed men of God. If it is Oyedepo today, it is Adeboye tomorrow; why can’t people find constructive things to write without casting aspersions on Christianity? Parents of the boy in question could as well have gone to request to buy a land to build in Canaan Land or Redemption Camp and demand that a mosque be built for them to worship; while I should also be free to ask for land to build a church close to the Kaaba in Mecca. Arrant nonsense!

  125. I was a christian before but I am now a real muslim. I am proud Islam, religion of peace.It is better to go to your pastors and ask them which spiritual power they use.They will tell you come to Immams to buy power or to go to Babalawos to use sanponna.All in christianity is fake,forgery and deceiving people

  126. How can a group of religions fanatics, who calls their non believers infidel seek for knowledge within the parameters’ of the Christian, that is absurd

  127. what the pastor did was wrong.al-hikmah university an islamic institution admits both muslims and christian so what s d big deal in applyin to a xtian univ.

  128. Going to court for what? Federal government have not by 5 % fulfilled fundamental human right actions to her citizens. Why can’t the father sue the federal government for not providing his son with free education.
    Secondly covenant university has a mission and part of the ways to achieve their mission is to make policies which say non christian are not allowed.
    Thirdly, their are many federal, state, muslim, and non religion based university, why choosing christian school, I think the boy result stands to be query,
    Finally, buy next Jamb form for your son and feel university of Lagos or Obafemi Awolowo university and let him prove his brilliancy.
    My question : how many parents sue federal government for the lifes wasted by Boko Haram islamic sect in the north, here you are suing a private company because they cannot break their company policies just because of future Boko Haram leader.

  129. kennydee,i totally support ur comment,d school as in d publication has been admitting muslims & there must be reason why they are no more admitting them,u know they are problems themselves,may be they are now asking much like oliver twist,b4 u know they will ask 4 mosque or praying ground & even more as i dey fear them reach they fit commit suicide boombing inside d skul and kill xtians there,no be one of there idiot carry bomb board flight wey put Nigeria for terrorist involvement,how i wish d management will come out n tell us d reason cause i know it must be gud reason. Dis magazine i’m beginning to suspect them may be it is a moslim organisation if not why only xtians?they will not tell us d one moslims did:may be them dey fear bomb cause they know they will talk n xtians will do nothing not even to respond on dailies,if not let them start publishing d one moslims did or THUNDER GO FIRE THEM IDIOTS…

  130. I don’t think Global News mean well because this is not balanced reporting. The school authority has not even responded yet! Why create so much hoola ba loo about an issue that has not been well investigated and has the tendency of flaring tempers? Can you establish if there are no muslims in the history of the church? Let’s make
    Nigeria a better place for all irrespective of class or creed.

  131. The Moslems or whatever they are called should know that we do not share in their mentality. The Christians have tried accommodating them but to no avail. They should go to hell and burn. Have you ever asked whether the Bishop was obeying his caller (GOD). Who are we to say such. Men of God are not Carnal but work on inspiration. It is possible the applicant has been bought to bomb CU and the bishop saw it in a vision. This paper has been published to cause querrels. Even the way it sounds.

  132. If the Boy is admitted will he be worshiping at the University Church, why cant Muslim Umma build their own University since they want to go to school, where in any Arabic school they teach u christian doctrines.
    Christians are Jewish and u want to eat with the Jewish people, it is not possible .
    Please there is vast land in Maiduguri and Yobe State where they can build their own University.
    or what is the Meaning of BOKO HARAM.

  133. with all intent and purpose, i dont see any reason the school should come under fire 4 refusing to offer admission to anybody be it a christian or a muslim. The school reserves the right to offer or deny admission to anybody including this muslim in question because its obvious this guy will not abide by the schools rules.Worshiping in the church)a muslim school will do worse than this and defend it. so all of those kicking against the school should shut up.

  134. Hmmmm! Dis some gud shit i’ve been reading, all ur comments can make the dailies or even make a series Movie☻

  135. even pap oyedepo was born into a Muslim family, pls check ur fact sir for i put it to you that it is wrong. i know for a fact that muslim were admitted. one requirement for cu is as a faith base sch u must follow the way of a christian for the few years u stay i.e u must go to church and follow the rules by heart .at interview all student are ask if they would not use fone wear jean or are will 2 follow the christian doctrin those with favorable answers and gud performance are admitted.landmark university owned by the same church admitted quit a no of Muslims. So pls check ur story again.

  136. even papa oyedepo was born into a Muslim family, pls check ur fact sir for i put it to you that it is wrong. i know for a fact that muslim were admitted. one requirement for cu is as a faith base sch u must follow the way of a christian for the few years u stay i.e u must go to church and follow the rules by heart .at interview, all student are ask if they would not use fone wear jean or are willing 2 follow the christian doctrin those with favorable answers and gud performance are admitted.landmark university owned by the same church admitted quit a no of Muslims. So pls check ur story again. AND morover oyedepo is not in charge of admission

  137. Many muslim students have graduated from Covenant University for meeting the admission requiremtn and many Christians students have been denied admission for failing to meet up with their admission requirements. If this muslim guy is denied, there are other universities he can apply to. Covenant University have the right to admit only those who scale through her screening process.

  138. I think the school got it right. What would a christian go and do in a muslim university and what would a muslim be doing in a christian university. The school has nothing to lose admitting muslim students as long as they pay their fees but it would be a burden on these students due to the hectic participation in christian activities unless they would be considered and exempted which would create a discrimination and loophole for all who claim to be muslims and deferring from the original vision of the institution. To all who mentioned logically or rationally, you already know that the best solution is to apply to schools that you meet their core criteria.

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