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The Bible once said, “It is not all that call me Lord that will enter into my kingdom,” and if the teaching of the presiding bishop and the leader of the Living Faith Tabernacle also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Eniola Oyedepo is anything to go by, then his younger brother who is also a pastor under his ministry may be on his way to hell.

Oyedepo who sees it as enough sin to be a muslim, is seen as a man that has principles about what he believes to be wrong from right. He had denied a very brilliant boy an admission into his Covenant University after he had passed all the requirements for admission because of his religion and had also abandoned a family in poverty because they would not convert into Christianity. It is therefore surprising that the same would turn a blind eye to the fact that his younger brother, Pastor Kunle Oyedepo popularly called Pastor Gideon by the congregation is keeping two wives.

When the story broke that the younger Oyedepo impregnated a society lady in Funmi Orija, some years back, some papers carried it that he was expelled from the church, a report we gathered was far from the truth as he was never expelled and neither was it confirmed that he was suspended, and that has encouraged him to continue in his frolicking unabated. Now he has more children from the same lady despite the fact that he has a wife and children from an earlier marriage.

Some years back the social media was agog that the cool-looking pastor in his brother’s church is in grieve over the loss of one of the kids that was the result of the illicit affair he had with Funmi. Though it is the belief of many that the relationship had since died down, we reliably gathered that the dark-skinned pastor is still a popular face in Funmi’s Omole residence as he visits on regular basis.

According to a friend of Funmi who spoke to Global News on condition of anonymity, the man is spoiling Funmi silly and this informed the reason Funmi is finding it easy to remain a single mother as she has even gone ahead to tell whoever cares to listen that she’s in a relationship.

If it could be recollected, it is Pastor Oyedepo popularly called Pastor Gideon by the church members who was put in charge of the construction of the church-owned second university, Landmark which was sited in their Omu-Aran home town, a development which seems like compensating him for his polygamous lifestyle rather than punishing him.

It was during the execution of this multi-billion naira project that he was said to have made more money with which he invested in the hospitality business. He was said to have invested a large chunk of the money he generated on acquisition of a property somewhere in Dubai, where he hopes to start his own hospitality business which will serve as an extension to the one he already has very close to the Idi-Iroko road location of the church. The hotel which is somewhere close to his pharmacy is equipped with state-of-the-arts facilities.

Despite all his short comings he is still holding one important position or the other in the church which put him in control of huge resources and to those who know him with the Funmi Orija’s story and who still see him being addressed as pastor in the church, the presiding bishop of the ministry may have decided that having more than one wife is after all not a sin and the members who are interested in having more than one wife can do so since his brother also enjoys the privilege.

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