October 1, 2023

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Bishop Oyedepo Abandons Muslim Sister …Says convert or die poor

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The presiding bishop and founder of the Living Faith Christian Church International, better known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Eniola Oyedepo is not new to controversy. He was recently dragged to court for slapping a young lady who claimed to be a witch. The bishop was at a time said to have drafted his younger brother to the church security and many more of such incidents and he is the type that will not hide his dislike for Islamic religion.

Though he is seen as a man that can tolerate others which is obvious in his teachings and doctrine that we should not discriminate against one another as it is against the Bible which wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves, it is surprising that the man cannot hide his disdain for the Islamic religion which was evident when little Abdul-Gafar Ayomide Salami, a young Nigerian student seeking admission to Oyedepo church owned Covenant University was denied admission despite having all required qualifications, just because he is a Muslim.

If what he did to little Abdul-Gafar is thought to be anything serious, his disposition towards his half-sister, Alhaja Saratu Bello who refuses to become a Christian after every method implored by Oyedepo to convert her failed, the man called Papa by his congregation swore not to have anything to do with her until she changes her religion to Christianity, the sister in question we learnt is being treated like the black sheep of the family and the bishop has forbidden everybody from helping her.

The sister who lives in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos is living in abject poverty and finds it difficult to feed while her other siblings are living in affluence. Those who know her doubt her story of being related to the man who can be said to be the richest pastor even in Africa.

The man of God who is the surviving one of a set of twins after a prolonged delay in having a fruit of the womb by the late mother was born into a Muslim family of Pa Oyedepo in Omu-Aran. David Oyedepo was instrumental in the conversion of his father to becoming a Christian, a thing the father agreed to when he was very old after which he was baptized by his own son before death.

David Oyedapo has successfully influenced the lives of everyone in his family on both sides to become Christians, holding high positions in churches even outside his own Living Faith Church worldwide, but what baffles most is his stiff stance against the sister’s decision to practise her religion.

To many outside his fold, the prosperity preacher, who owns homes in London and the United States, and has been owner of four private jets so far, is seen as a role model to other pastors. In 2011, Forbes, the respected American business magazine which keeps a tab on the world’s rich, listed Oyedepo as Nigeria’s wealthiest pastor, with an estimated net worth of $150 million (about N23 billion). With all this wealth it will be hard to believe the man of God can be so cruel to his own blood as he is presently doing to Alhaja Saratu Bello.

9 thoughts on “Bishop Oyedepo Abandons Muslim Sister …Says convert or die poor

  1. The so called Bishop led his father astray at the old age of 104. I advise his sister not to be swayed by the superfluos wealth of Oyedepo; those are monies stolen by stealth from innocent, mostly ignorant congregants. As a muslim, I strayed into christianity finding myself worshipping at the money conscious winnners chapel but it was not long that I discovered the huge deceit that is pentescostalism in Nigeria. God led me back to Ilslam, Oyedepo is nothing but a fraud

    1. Tayo u are lost, u mean u became a christian then change back to Islam, I don’t think u really encounter Christ. Seek Jesus and be saved or else ur own case will be different in hell burning with brimstone.

  2. @sam and ogbeni naija,dat is d truth….i also had same experience….as a christian as i used to,it came to me some thouht which i will like u 2 also reason along with…at a point,i looked at some of dese men of god dat u called role model and deir preaching.nothin keeps me movin in spirit bcos wat u called spiritual realm is nothin but xhbitin our emotional inbalance trends.is it spiritualism as been preached on a plater of materialism,suckin out d last of d congregratn to become wealthy while d holy bible made u realised dat it is easy 4 a camel to pass tru d eye of a needle dan 4 a rich man 2 enter d kingdom of God…i’ll ask,who are d rich men?are dey not d men of god…pls…spear me…we are still under enslavry.dese people use dis religion called christianity 2 enslaves us….dat is why dey keep tellin u stories and lies of different testimonies and d congregation will believ it.convincin gullible ur minds wit fake miracles,while d bible had also warmed dat it is d lost generation dat seeketh after miracle….dogmatically,now adays,d best entertainment pace to visit is d church not d cinema or d theatre,there u’ll sing ,dance,listen to comedy stage a play and all sort of fun and jokes…do u want to tell me dat d God dat created u did dat for fun and jokes?have u ever read or came across where christ dat u refer to as God ever dance,sings,crack jokes or comedy…?quitely NO!sometimes,i do asked my self some questions wen i was a xtian dat,which one among dese churches or congregations will christ attend wen he comes bak?so many congregation at d expence of gettin u enslave….so open ur eyes,don’t be enslaved,seek knowledge,not blind followin…cos d bible says;my people perished bcos dey lacked knowledge…remove sentiment and bigotry,realy who are d real anti-christ,are dey dose dat follow christ in behaviour,deeds,characters,appearance or dose dat go against his doin like all dese fake pastors or men of go do….?

  3. This is not how to convert people to Christianity. Jesus will not do this. This posture will only harden the woman the more and cannot lure her to this beautiful religion, Christianity

  4. Bishop should take care of his muslim sister and let Jesus do the conversion. God so loved the world that He gave us Jesus whle we did not know Him or have not accepted Him and today, the whole world is undergoing graduall conversion! Love is what sets the ttemplate for true conversion of people who do not believe in Christianity. What would a muslim be looking for in a Christian University? Let us be objective here. Bishop is not wrong for denylng a muslim admission because if admitted she would want to promote islam in a Christian environment! This will be unhealthy.

  5. Look.. Islam is a world of deception.
    Look at the father, after 100+ years he realises how he had so much been deceived and accepts Jesus.
    Don’t the muslims reading this think that he, in all his age and experience as a muslim, realised his GREATEST MISTAKE (joining islam)?

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